Anderson Silva Video: Sets a Return Date, Predicts Lyoto Machida vs. Chris Weidman

May 7, 2014
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(Courtesy of video partner MMA Heat)

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva recently spoke with content partner MMA Heat about when he will return to fighting, what he’s doing in the meantime, and gave his prediction for the upcoming Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida fight.

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  • Denny Swain

    Weidman will destroy lyoto easier than he destroyed silva

    • dave

      hehe wouldn’t count on it if i where you, Lyoto has always done very well against wrestlers and he is faster than Silva…

    • johnnywrong

      Lyoto has an amazing ground game. If Weidman can even get him there, which remains to be seen.

      • Baller31

        Lyoto was almost submitted by Tito Ortiz, and he was submitted by jones. He has good takedown defense, but I wouldn’t brag about his ground game

    • Ian Price

      Yeah I don’t know where you’re getting this. Lyoto will be a tough fight for Weidman. I still think Chris is a 2:1 favorite, but it ain’t gonna be a “hit me here” or a “I broke my leg in 2” kind of thing. It will be a war.

      • deepgrim

        most people would believe that anderson is better than machida, but machida looks so strong at 185. machida will be harder to take down but if he can take him down he can cause machida problems. obviously machidas stand up is very good, but then so is wiedmans, it should be extremely interesting

        • LegendsMustRetire

          yeah would slightly disagree with the takedowns, Silva’s fight weight and natural weight is light heavy so machida cuts are probably the same! wouldn’t say his stronger. Weidman win via wrestling or ground and pound

        • Ian Price

          I agree with that. I think Lyoto has the better standup, but he won’t be able to fully utilize it because of fear of takedowns.

          • Lucas Freire

            I don’t think so. Why? Machida’s stance is so elusive there’s really no “fear” to fight on the standup as he only closes the distance when the enemy is trying to set a combination. In my opinion Weidman will only be able to take down Machida if he hits him with a hard shot like Jones.

          • Ian Price

            You might be right on that one. Can’t wait till the fight!

    • xuan pham

      You can say anything you want but Lyoto will TKO weidman, may be in first round. let’s wait!

  • brad king

    Weidman will run outta answers; Machida by head kick ko

  • Denny Swain

    Before silva got destroyed by weidman, everyone agreed he was the greatest ufc fighter. After weidman mauled silva, now everyone has jumped to lyotos band wagon, saying he is greater. Just because you hate weidman.


      Agree, also what fans don’t seem to understand is that Weidman will not rush in throwing bombs etc. like some of the other wrestlers did. That is where the dragon has caught em boom ko. CW will fight with more patience & possibly catch Lyoto coming in, then transition to the take down, game over.

    • kw

      Destroyed? Mauled? What fight were you watching. He beat him, yes… caught with a lucky hook. By no means is that a “mauling” or “destroying” of Silva. The second fight ended in injury. Get off the Weidman bandwagon.

  • natpaukar7

    This is a fight I’m pretty excited for cause I have no real idea of what will happen…I have a notion that Machida will win but I also believe this could be Chris’ real coming out party…so to speak, seeing as his Silva wins are riddled with controversy. Should be a good fight, a bit of a chess match perhaps.

  • Imaginable

    Both of ’em are great, no matter what. I’m rooting for Chris though,
    I think we haven’t seen the best of him yet as a champ. The fight
    is going to be great, can’t wait!