Anderson Silva Thinks Fight Against Nick Diaz Could Be One of the Greatest Fights Ever

August 4, 2014
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Anderson SilvaOn July 24, the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced that it had reached agreement on a three-fight contract extension for Nick Diaz, drawing the former welterweight contender out of retirement.

Five days later, the organization announced Diaz would face former middleweight champion Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 183 on Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas.

“I never thought in my career that I would face Nick Diaz. He’s a guy that I’ve watched all of his fights. He’s got great jiu-jitsu, and this fight has all the ingredients to be one of the best fights of all time,” said Silva during a recent media conference call.

“This fight is going to be excellent for the fans. This is going to be excellent for myself, and for Nick Diaz as well. We both haven’t stepped in the Octagon for quite a while,” added the former middleweight titleholder.

“Nick Diaz is a guy that walks forward. He’s got great boxing skills, and he’s going to come to fight. I believe it’s going to be one of the best stand-up battles in the UFC.”

Silva and Diaz are known for their in-Octagon antics. They taunt their opponents, showboat, and regularly can be seen talking during bouts. But Silva is hoping Diaz keeps it professional in the lead-up to the fight and inside the cage.

“I don’t know him as a person. He doesn’t know me as a person. I’ve had a chance to talk to him a few times. He’s never been disrespectful. I hope it keeps this way. The day of the fight, we just get together, get in the Octagon, and put on a great show for the fans,” said the 39-year-old Brazilian.

“I just want to put on a great show for myself and the fans.”

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  • Texas Beast

    Is he on crack? I’m going to stream this fight. No worth of a headline main event fight. Two fighters are past their prime. One can’t beat top 10 wreslters in WW, the other is already out of his prime. Chris Weidman almost KOd him again in the second fight. Anderson Silva is heading into the later years of the Chuck Liddell era.

    • drew

      It is a young man’s sport, however both are excellent fighters and it should be an exciting fight to watch.

    • Are you on crack?? Two of the most interesting fighters to ever set foot in the octagon, from two different weight classes, and both are about the same age and at a similar point in their careers.. Granted none of them is in their prime, but they are STILL great fighters, whom many would love to see fight again.. Against each other, this could get epic.. Just imagine those two in there fighting, how does that not end up in 1000 different but all interesting scenarios in your imagination?
      Arh well, you don’t seem like a bright kind of a person anyway

  • Mark McDowall

    I think they are trying to hype a fight that honestly is very difficult to hype…you’ve got a WW who is fighting his FIRST top 10 opponent in a non title fight. And it’s not even in his weight class…I think this fight will be a good co main at best…or maybe a FOX main…but I would never buy a PPV with this as the main.

    • drew

      Well Silva is coming off that nasty injury. It should be a good tune up fight for him as well as for Diaz who is coming off a long layoff.
      But you’re probably right about it being PPV main event

    • Dude, Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva is difficult to hype? lol… “Tune-up fight”…?? Come on guys.. Anybody walking in to face Diaz with the mind-set of it being a “tune-up fight” might just get destroyed.. Anderson has that KO power, but Nick is relentless! Have you seen him in there? No matter who he’s up against, and how bad its going, he just keeps coming forward.. I kinda think Silva will win by TKO, but yall should show some respect and education at least

  • CrossFit Denver Randy

    despite what i have read so far i would absolutely pay (per view) to watch this fight. there are so many story lines to build hype but who cares. should be a stand up war. not sure if nick has the power to hurt anderson with a single punch, but we know the reverse is not true. should absolutely be an exciting fight to watch as both guys have lots of pride and lots to lose.

    • Lucas Freire

      What Nick Diaz has to lose? He’s retired, who was the last top10 guy he defeated? He’s exciting but is also ruthless, Strikeforce-champion material, but has no space on the big league with the smart guys

  • Seth

    That’s so nice thing to do, Anderson. You said so many good things, about a guy that has no interest in being with you in that cage 🙂 But hey, I don’t blame Anderson. I know that each fighter coming off a injury needs a easy fight to get back to the cage slowly, so we couldn’t expect Anderson to get someone tough and hard to beat 🙂

    • Retarded comment 🙂 I don’t think that anybody who ever fought Nick Diaz, would call it an “easy fight”.. But whatever

      • Seth

        You fight sory loser, who spent last 2 years smoking weed. That’s not my definition of “tough fight”. And Nick came back only for money, so I don’t expect him to be 100% himself in this fight. He will come in, tape his fists, do this fight, walk out and go on with his life. At this point, he has to be legit idiot to think he can make a run for a title again. Don’t forget – he’s 0-2 in his last 2 when he fought top-notch competition. That also says something…

        Of course, if you ask Carlos Condit – back then it wasn’t easy fight. But that was Nick Diaz, who was still fighting a few times a year, staying in shape and training all the time for real. Now? I highly doubt he has same drive and motivation to do this. So todays Nick Diaz is prolly one of the easiest fights you can pick at 170/185.

        • badlad

          i dont like the guy but diaz has only lost once by legitimate tko and that was in 2003, hes a tough fight for anyone around his weight, easy fight? errrr no

          • Seth

            His last win was sloopy, fat and lazy 170lbs version of BJ Penn. In 2011. Since then he fought twice and LOST. Then he went on weed-smoking-retirement and comes back. TODAY he is easy fight for anybody. In 2003? Hell yeah, he was legit guy. I would say he was legit when he was fighting GSP. But now today. Let’s be serious here….

  • I think it will be interesting.. Diaz’ boxing is superior to Silva’s, but both are excellent at controlling the distance and not getting hit, Silva has the potential to flash-KO Nick like he did Belford, but I think Nick is to good and tuff to go out like that.. In my mind, what wins this fight, will be the knees in the clinch for Silva or the nonstop Boxing pressure of Diaz, if he has any luck finding his range..
    I don’t see how some guys seem to think that Nick doesn’t have a chance though, I watched all their fights, and none of these two fighters are “easy” for anybody, not even coming of of a layoff or fighting younger guys way past their pride.. But whatever.. 😉

  • Silva and Diaz could both be out of their prime and still be a more exciting watch than any younger fighters.. It’s just their styles man, nobody comes close to Diaz and Silva in my mind, not in skill per ce, but in how interesting and colorful they are as fighters.. And come on guys; the boxing of diaz? the clinch of silva? the BJJ of both men? the taunting? the speaking in the ring? this could get insanely awesome…

  • eddie eagle

    Silva destroys Nick Satan Diaz. way too big for little Nicky. Diaz is way overhyped. couldn’t be Condit. unfair fight.

  • jack

    should be a tough fight for both guys. i worry about silvas body and not his mind. hes like kobe pushing his body right now, dunno how its going to hold up or how quick he will be. but i worry about diaz mind and not his body. i would assume he smoked a ton, never really wanted to come back so it looks like it was for the money, and if he cant beat condit and gsp, how can he beat another legend? think silva finds a way to pull this out but diaz boxing and other skills wont make it easy… think diaz is buddy buddy with rowdy rhonda ao not sure if that plays any factor