Anderson Silva “There’s No Way” a Super Fight with Jon Jones Happens

October 11, 2012
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Anderson Silva UFC 90Anderson Silva may have a lot on his mind in terms of future fights, but Jon Jones isn’t one of them.

The UFC’s reigning and defending middleweight champion will next fight at UFC 153 on Saturday night against Stephan Bonnar, but that doesn’t mean he can’t talk about the future.

Right now, it appears Silva’s focus is on a superfight with welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, assuming all goes well against Bonnar this weekend.

But no matter how much Silva vs. St-Pierre might be the fight that will happen, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to ask about another potential bout between champions.

In the last year, while St-Pierre has been on the shelf due to injury, Jon Jones has been tearing through the UFC light heavyweight division at an astronomical rate. He’s beaten five former world champions in less than two years’ time, and he’s finished four of them in fairly dramatic fashion.

With Jones on his current run, there now seems to be a lot of interest in a superfight pitting the UFC’s light heavyweight champion against Anderson Silva.

But while Silva has gone up to 205 pounds for a few bouts when the UFC has asked him to, it’s not a longterm plan for him, and he has no plans of staying there to challenge Jon Jones at any point in time.

“Well, there are many possibilities, but fighting Jon Jones is one of them that I don’t think is possible,” Silva said on Thursday. “There’s no way.”

Silva has never been shy in saying that he’s not comfortable going up to 205 pounds outside of the times the UFC has asked him to make the move, and his goal is to finally face St-Pierre if he ever does a superfight.

There is also a burgeoning list of middleweight contenders that would love the chance to face Silva before he retires, so for now a Silva vs. Jones superfight appears dead in the water.

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  • rhombus

    Its for his own safety. Jon Jones would give Anderson the beating of his life and he knows it.

    • shakejunt

      jones is a beast, but anderson is the most precisde striker in the game and pretty slick off his back if it goes there. i think it’d more of a fight than people make it out to be.

      • JohnnyJitsu

        I’m with you on this one!!! I think these two would be a true test for each other. Jones is a great fighter, no doubt about that. However, those people saying he is unbeatable need to get off the Jones nut hugging wagon and realize that anyone can be beaten on any given day. That goes for Jones, Silva, and anyone else who steps inside the cage. Honestly, I do see Silva outstriking Jones, but if Jones gets Silva on the ground and starts landing those infamous elbows, (which he most likely would), I don’t see Silva reacting well. Anything could happen. Lets toss a coin to see who wins this one! Too bad it’ll never happen.. 🙁

    • silvia is the pound for pound chicken

  • Danny

    Of course not, he rather take a super fight with the much smaller gsp. Why would he risk his unbeaten ufc streak when he can take a way easier fight

  • lol all of these fake fans talk trash about Silva b/c he’s not into the Bones fight; as if he was actually offered it and turned it down. GSP deserves to fight Silva. He’s been in the UFC since 04′. The only thing that sets him back is that loss to Serra. He deserves a shot to go up in weight and challenge Silva. Just b/c he’s a lighter weight means he doesn’t have a chance? But it’s okay for Silva to go up and fight Jones? Silva has 10 title defenses and 15 consecutive victories and went up in weight twice for a challenge. Let Jones dominate for that long. Jones is young and maybe it’s his time. Anderson is finishing his career and has earned the right to finish it how he wants. You can’t seriously say if he doesn’t fight the young up and coming dominate Jones he’s not the p4p king. Silva has already done it, Jones still has to do it. I’m not saying he won’t I’am a Jones fan.

    • rdd08

      Anderson said making 205 is way easier then cutting down to 185 he just has less power then he said he is way more agile at 205 as well. Dude Anderson is a HUGE middleweight and GSP has been outta the game for a long time, his striking isn’t anywhere near Anderson’s and the ground could be a toss up. HALF of Anderson’s wins are against mediocre athletes anyhow so he’s prolly the most overrated fighter out there

      • rodrigo

        send jones up to meet our friend dos santos…. fair?

        • Nobama

          i think if jones moved up he would have to throw some weight on to hang with jds, cain, overeem, and the big boys. hell i think struve would give em all he could handle if he moved up and i think browne and big foot would prolly beat em to.

      • Osiris

        And Jones is a huge 205. Jones has no striking (Outside of elbows) and Jones has also said no to this fight. Check the records and performances. Silva befuddles opponents, jones is awkward (in stature and style). His 5 former champs – Rua, Rampage, Machida, Evans, Vitor are all well over 30 and how have they performed after fighting Jones? Silva G.O.A.T!

      • I just can’t see down talking Anderson Silva. The point is he hasn’t been beaten in the UFC. Mediocre? That’s your opinion. But the guys he fought are still professional fighters who went through training camps and are veterans of the sport. I just won’t ever bad mouth a fighter of that caliber that’s all.

    • Nobama

      fake fan because people wanna see the jones silva fight? the f outta here, jones has dominated his past 5 fights all of which against former ufc champs and legends of the sport so i think he deserves a super fight to, i mean the guy hasnt even been challenged yet. as i keep saying ima silva fan but he wont win that fight.

      • Fake only to disrespect everything SIlva has done and act like he’s nothing if he doesn’t fight Jones. So a guy who has dominated 5 fights and hasn’t even been challenged yet deserves a shot at a guy who’s been undefeated for 6 years and has gone up in weight twice? And I’m not opposed to Jones/Silva. I just think GSP deserves that shot b/c he’s been in the UFC since 04 and him going up in weight for a challenge would make sense. Most people say Jones should fight at HW anyway. Let Jones take on a HW in a superfight and let GSP go up against Silva.

        • Nathaniel Pettey

          Ok explain this to me. Because he has entertained us throughout his career he’s somehow earned the right to coast? He gets paid to entertain. Jones v. Silva in my opinion is the most exciting super fight. When you turn down fights that you have a surplus of time to prepare for it time to hang it up.

          • He somewhat hinted of turning it down but that doesn’t mean if the fight were offered to him for the LHW Title on the line that he would turn it down. He’s saying no right now but I bet if the UFC sent him the contract in writing he would not turn it down. I do agree Silva/Jones is exciting I would just hate for GSP not to get a shot just b/c he’s a lighter weight going up. And he’s been around since 04.

  • shakejunt

    gsp and anderson have had their eye on each other for some time now, i say let it happen if they’re finally down to work it out. gsp has work to do at ww, assuming he beats condit, so it won’t go down for a while if it does happen.

  • Mike

    Silva actually fought at 170 before entering the ufc, so that match actually makes sense. I would love to see silva fight either jones or gsp. it would be a great fight either way.

  • DAn

    What is Anderson acting like Mayweather? The UFC is not boxing, it’s about matching the best fighters in the world without the politics. Forget about protecting records and reputations. Nothing against GSP, but he is too small for Anderson. GSP would be at a significant disadvantage. It makes more sense to match Anderson and Jones. It’s the fight the fans really want to see. Anderson and Jones can arrange to meet at a catch weight. If Anderson is not willing, then he should retire now and get out.

    • rdd08

      Anderson just wants to surf on easy street man, Chael caught him sleeping in the first fight and should have lost which would have been hilarious. GSP sadly would take the fight for just the money and prolly retire

  • jim

    He refuses to fight contenders at 185 so i dont get it. If hes willing to fight lesser level opponents at 205 but not the best then he is obviously scared. probably not of getting hurt but of losing.

    • drkdisciple

      Refuses to fight contenders at 185? Besides Weidman who has he refused to fight? Anderson has destroyed everyone at 185! At no point has Anderson talked about challenging Bones. On the other hand GSP has talked about moving up and challenging its a big money fight so obviously Anderson will take it.

  • Triggerman99

    When Jones has been in the UFC as long as GSP or Silva and has reigned as champion as long as GSP or Silva, then I’ll be interested in seeing him in a superfight. Until then, allow GSP and Silva to move forward with a fight that is years in the making, and let Jones continue to build his lagacy at 205. He’s beat a lot of former champions, so why not let other guys come up a little bit and build a case to fight Jones? That’s what happended in all of the other divisions, and we ended up with some great fights because of it. Did anyone ever imagine 3 years ago that Chael Sonnen would do as well as he did against Silva, back when Silva cleaned out division the first time? I’d rather see how Jones holds up over the next few years before putting him in a superfight.

    • Finally an intelligent comment. Please be sure to follow me on fbook and twitter.

  • feere21

    Silva knows he would get pounded jones… That is why there will never be a fight

  • Joe

    Let’s see what happens. I remember when we all wanted to see Couture and Tito, and everyone said it will never happen. After Couture dropped a couple at heavy and everyone said he was through, he dropped down and took out Liddell in the interim title bout, and then led to the epic and literal spanking of Ortiz in the unification bout. If one of them drop a few we may see a weight class change that lets us have that epic match up. In the mean time lets not down anyone for not taking a fight that has not been offered. I’m sure if enough fans wanted the fight, Dana could make an offer to both fighters that would make it happen. But until we hear Dana bitching about one of them turning down seven digits for the fight lets stay off both men’s back.

  • Brandon

    Wat a freakin punk! Both of them are

  • stevemcz11

    I think old school MMA fans need to be more understanding during this transition where MMA is becoming mainstream. A lot of the newer fans dont understand what a fight with GSP and Anderson Silva really means. But the fact that they are such hardcore Jon Jones fans makes me believe they will know one day 🙂

  • Nobama

    i aint saying silva is scared but he prolly doesnt wanna take the chances he would have of winning against jones. if sonnen can take silva down then im sure jones would have no problem in that department if he is getting picked apart, and at that point its pretty much over cuz once jones starts raining elbows he pretty much takes the fight out of you. and ima silva fan so i hold no bias towards jones at all.

  • Drew Nathan

    I don’t know if Silva is afraid of Jones per se, but it definitely appears he’s in “legacy building mode” at this point in his career. He definitely seems like he’s “picking” fights that can keep his undefeated Octagon streak in tact and Jones is a serious threat to that. The GSP-Anderson fight just doesn’t make sense. Either put Jones and Silva in there together or stop all the superfight talk altogether.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Same article you wrote last week isn’t it. Write about something that matters. We already know this fight isn’t happen. Quit trolling for comments.

    • MuayThaiFood


  • sofhanson

    All you clowns, I don’t see you asking Jones to fight Dos Santos? Why not? They have closer dimensions in height, weight and length. Maybe it’s because Jones would get knocked the eff out…Silva is closer to weight and and reach with gsp than jones, Silva has never been that lean when weighing 185