Anderson Silva Talks Rematch With Chris Weidman; How Does it End? “Bang”

December 20, 2013
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Considered one of the greatest fighters of all time, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is preparing for a rematch with current champion Chris Weidman, the man who took the belt he held for years.

Leading up to the fight, Silva met with and other media outlets in Los Angeles to discuss what he felt went wrong in their first fight and how he has prepared for the rematch.

Silva also weighed in on who feels is the best fighter in the UFC right now, and Silva’s son gave his prediction for how his father’s fight will go on December 28.

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  • Boxing Judges Gave Him The Win

    I Luv this man so much class

    • BRAD

      whoever voted this down: explain… I met the man and yes he’s all class. Have you met him? Probably not

      • Austin, TX

        He’s not all class else he wouldn’t act like an *ss clown in the octagon and give idiotic answers to basic questions frequently. When he’s forced he “pretends”. He’s not class. He pretends frequently. Class doesn’t act like that in the octagon. He’s an overated triple *ss clown. p.s. nobody cares whether you met an *ss clown or not. He’s fought nobodies, has beens and also rans his entire career. He also uses an ax kick frequently that is designed to cripple peoples legs if it connects properly. He’s all class dude.

        • Esihcoc Rhone

          Hendo is a nobody. Rich was a nobody when they fought. So wouldn’t Weidman be a paper champ then?

          • Gary Fredericks

            I agree. I will add that Silva has mostly fought the best available UFC contenders at the time. One could accurately say that about his fights at light heavyweight but not middleweight. Silva cleaned out his division as champ better than anyone if you ask me.

          • fsunoles10

            you’re an idiot, if hendo would have gotten that ufc shot and won he have been extremely hard to deny that man as the greatest of all time, rich a nobody? again you’re an idiot. dont be butt hurt cuz your boy got put to sleep bud.

          • fsunoles10

            sorry didnt read ol boys comment, dont read rambling comments on here.

        • Gary Fredericks

          The kick you referred to as an “ax kick” is actually the front kick in Wing Chun and in Muay Thai, which I am unsure the name of it in either style. Brandon Vera, Jon Jones, and others use the same kick from time to time. It is incredibly effective at intercepting your opponent’s offense, disrupting his base so you can launch your own offense. It’s just as crippling as a roundhouse to the leg too.

          As far as Silva “pretending”, no. He is just that relaxed during a fight. He has shown a mean streak against Maia but I dont recall him being that fired up at somebody before or since….not even Sonnen. Wasn’t that fight in Abu Dhabi? The look on his face coming to the cage looked like he was worked up over something behind the scenes and during a time when he and Dana White were having a beef. His pretending was also miscalculated against Weidman too and he paid for it. I don’t see the rematch going the same way.

          • breezer


            That bitching about a oblique kick ax-kick is so hypocritical

            it,s a old school kick used by so many disceplines like you said wing chun muay thai kung fu krav maga systema and the list goes on and on ..

            but dont even go there lots of people on these sites only know UFC mma ..

            Wing chun kung fu and most old school styles are seen as styles that DONT WORK in REAL LIFE ..(lol)

            if they only knew how many fighters use loose techniques
            from those styles in theire own
            mma training

            It just lots of fighters dont know how to defend of such a kick ..

            Thats why they BITCH about it LoL ..

            As for anderson silva either you like him or you not ..

            To me he is a classy fighter and a great ambassador for the sport .

            He dus a lott of crasy shit in the cage it worked against him in the first fight with weidman

            Silva just makes sure people wil remember him …

            Just like ALI did back in the days with all the dancing shit talking acting liek he was hurt ectra ..

            Its called HYPING a fight ..

            Talking BS and being disrespectfull is a other story
            anderson never gets personal

      • drgreenthumb

        best reply of all time!

  • Chase Brian Beebe

    he hates doing media you can tell by his answers

  • macarrech

    He is such a respectful an classy fighter. This is how every champion should act

    • erik

      Have you seen him fight Maia or Leites? Not so classy or respectful. There are definitely more classy champions than Silva.

      • Milosc


        • John Bunch

          Fedor and GSP right off the top of my head. If it wasn’t for the cha-cha dancing in the ring, then yeah, he’d definitely be as classy as those two imo.

          • Milosc

            Keep in mind… Fedor’s “f**cked in the mouth, f*ggot” comments, while his brother was getting handled by Cro Cop. Then, there was his underage anal sex scandal with Japanese prostitutes…

            GSP once hired a transvestite to kiss BJ Penn on the face (as he was walking to the cage)… and that’s not even mentioning the grease

            I can forgive a cha-cha..

          • fsunoles10

            spoken like somebody with an extreme bias.

          • Milosc

            For forgiving the cha-cha?

            (…because the rest is relatively common knowledge for anyone following Pride or UFC late 00’s)

            Things just are what they are, Sparky; the truth belongs to no one

          • fsunoles10

            no for bashing fedor and bj to somehow put silva in a better light for disrespecting so much. i like silva but he definitely isnt as humble as he likes to think.

          • John Bunch

            If I was familiar with either one of those events, I would respond. I’m not though, so I can’t. If you want to link credible sources, I will check them out.

          • Milosc

            Welcome to MMA, buddy (but I’m not your mother)

            use Google