Anderson Silva Talks About His Legacy: “I Changed the Life of Chris Weidman” (UFC 162 Video)

July 3, 2013
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Anderson SilvaUFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has inspired up and coming fighters all over the world, including his UFC 162 opponent Chris Weidman.  Having accomplished all there is to accomplish in mixed martial arts, Silva’s legacy is now being a role model.

Weidman has stated that he admires Silva and his desire to fight the champion has fueled him throughout his undefeated career.

“I changed the life of Chris Weidman because Weidman fights for the belt Saturday.  This is good.  This is my legacy.  This is more important for me,” said Silva during the UFC 162 open workouts on Wenesday.  “This is very important.  Weidman has a big chance on Saturday.  This is very important.  This is the sport.  This is the UFC.  It’s the best sport in the world.”

Many feel Weidman may be the guy to dethrone the greatest fighter of all time and that Chael Sonnen provided a blueprint on how to do it.

“Chael is Chael, Weidman is Weidman,” said Silva.   “The UFC has the best fighters in the world.   Not me, all of us.”

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  • fsunoles10

    i honestly dont think he has the same ability as chael when it comes to take downs and silva is gonna prove how overrated his wrestling is saturday night, honestly chaels power double is f****** nasty so do yall honestly believe weidmans wrestling is better than chaels? i highly doubt it, but for weidmans sake he better hope it is cuz if he cant get it to the ground its prolly gonna be a brutal beat down prolly along the lines of what he did to franklin in the 2nd fight when he knew the clinch was coming and still ate knees to the noggin.

    • jeff

      Wow you were dead on!!! You got the lottery numbers????

  • silvas daddy

    Weidman will change silvas life come saturday when weidman leaves with belt

    • weidmans daddy

      Silva will change weidmans life come Saturday when Silva leaves with belt

      • jeff

        So hows that workin out for ya?

    • Chris M

      ur dreaming and its bc ppl like you why there is soo much hype there is more hype to this then when silva fought dan henderson which is way better the weidman