Anderson Silva Super Fight with Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones Coming This Year

February 22, 2013
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Anderson Silva Gangsta 478x270UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has a superfight on the horizon against either UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre or light heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones.

UFC president Dana White declared as much during a UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche question and answer session prior to the official weigh-ins on Friday.

“GSP is going to defend his title against Nick Diaz.  Anderson Silva will defend his title this summer, and before the end of this year we will soon see a superfight with either GSP and Anderson Silva, or Anderson Silva and Jon Jones,” said White. “One of them is coming.”

Asked about where the event would take place, White could only confirm that it will be in an arena.

“If we end up doing a superfight with Anderson and GSP, it will be in a big arena somewhere.  It will either be in Vegas, out here in L.A.  It could be Texas.  It could be Canada.  It could be Brazil,” said White.

The UFC president has been hoping that, after years of trying, they can finally get the green light to operate in New York this year. He has targeted New York City for his promotion’s 20th anniversary event in November. An Anderson Silva superfight would certainly fit the bill for such an affair, but White gave no indication that those are his plans.

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  • Please god! make Silva vs Jones happen!!!!

  • bajafox

    Before Diaz came back to fight GSP he was asking for Anderson Silva. I wonder if Diaz beats GSP will he then take his place and get the same offer to fight Silva?

    • Rory

      Probably not. I say this because the winner of condit/hendricks would likely get a shot at Diaz

      • bajafox

        Good point!


    I don’t believe it anymore. How many times did we hear this before? There gonna fight this and that en it never happens. Just a another lie.

    • Mike Long

      I’m with you. UFC cant even get the Diaz boys in line, AS is a whole other ballgame

      • Jamie McDonald

        True man, White is only good for saying s*** behind people’s back’s

  • adam1848

    Why talk about this when it is so far away and all three guys have fights they need to win to even make it a possibility? Why doesn’t Dana just say “I understand people want to see some of our champions in a super fight, our job is to try and make that happen.” End of story. Until a contract is signed, just stop.

    • Cuntlick

      Yea I’m tired of hearing this for over 2 yrs (GSP vs Silva) I don’t even think about it

  • Tonsaker

    Too early to make a bone head comment like that Dana, cause even though they are both favored to win their next fight, theres a good chance both of them won”t

    • mike

      There’s always a chance, but no there’s not a good chance. Jon Jones fighting a guy with no tools to beat him, Anderson fighting yet another grappler as if it’s 2005 and he’s still susceptible to BJJ guys.

  • Luis

    Dana is just getting everyone hipped n up,this supper fight is just not going to happen because Dana’s super heros is st pierre,silva,and bones,so he ain’t going to make them fight each other

    • kktris

      Luis, how about a lunch fight?? lol

  • Kris-tyahn

    It doesn’t matter who Silva fights, b he beats GSP at MW and lose to Jones at LHW! There’s a reason why they have weight classes people, ask BJ Penn! Unless Silva makes it down to WW, GSP wins that bc Silva will barely be alive enough to last 2-3 rounds, and if he gets taken down for any period of time, he’d probably die from exhaustion. Same goes for Jones, if people really think he can cut below 200lbs and even semi compete for 2 rounds vs. Silva you are dilusional. Enough with the super fights, unless its Jones vs Silva at LHW! I’d like to see Cormier vs Silva at LHW, but we all know Silva wouldn’t want anything to do with Cormier at LHW or any weight!

    • 777

      you seriously think 5 lbs is going to decide the outcome of a matchup between Jones or GSP? Your sadly mistaken! “IF” Anderson takes on GSP he will TOY with him (remember it). I dont care if its 150 or 200 lbs. Silva will break his soul!…As for Bones; Johny better hope to god be can get Silva down consistently. If not; that fight is over in 2 rds. Even if he does, that does not guarantee a win for him. But Bones is the guy with the biggest chance to dethrone Master Silva

    • control

      Dont get too high on Cormier. Remember: Cormier strength against anderson is wrestling. He is like Hendo. He uses his wrestling as defense to set up his preffered striking. And when it comes to striking; Cormier is giving up 4 in. in height and 7 in reach. Also, Anderson is light years away in striking compared to Cormier. Cormier would find himself in a situation to try and grab anderson and get closer. Not a smart idea with the best counter striker of all time.

      • bobby549

        Agreed Control!!!! Dont forget Anderson has absurd footwork compared to Cormier. Cormier better hope to grab Anderson; if not? its going to be bad!!!

  • Jones Silva is all we want

  • Maddawgmar

    If Hendricks beats Condit then GSP will fight Hendricks next(can’t dog him twice). If Condit wins then GSP can fight Silva while Condit waits. Assuming GSP beats Diaz. If Jones beats Sonnen he is booked with the Hendo/Machida winner, then Gustaffson assuming he beats Mousasi.

    So IF this has a chance of happening I feel it hinges on Condit winning or Gustaffson losing. Clearing the others for a fight w/ Silva late this year.

  • Jason Koehler

    I think y’all are wrong, these superfights will happen this year.. Dana White wants to see these fights just as much as we do and he’s the one that can make it happen. All three of these guys are down to fight each other. They want to fight the best in the game and they are definitely the top 3. First we will see AS drop to 170 and fight GSP, Silva already said he can drop down that much, he used to fight at that weight and then we will see him jump up to 205 and fight JBJ. I’m calling it now, AS wins both fights. They’ll go to the judges but he will win both.

  • Omar

    F*** you Dana White for giving me hope.

  • Eric81

    So is it still called a super fight after weidman kicks silvas ass ?

    • Rick Jenkins

      You think weidman has a chance against silva? Have you not been paying attention the last 15 title defenses? A roided sonnen couldn’t close the deal, what makes you think chris weedhead has a chance? You could put Anderson Silva in the octagon with 20 ninjas. My condolences to the families of those ninjas.

      • tyrone

        All that typing and you will be proven wrong.

    • Lucas Freire

      haha you must be using some pretty sick stuff.
      You guys talk like AS never faced a top wrestler/grappler. I won’t even mention strikers,because they look like nothing when compared to Silva,

    • Zander Cage

      hahahaha I cant wait for weidman to get picked up off the mat with a shovel from the beat down he is about to get

  • Mr wormy

    Silva vs Jones NEEDS to happen for history’s sake. Preferably before Silva is over the hill!

  • justin_e

    Not likely. I give Jones Silva a 2 percent chance just because machida is talking about dripping to 185.

  • Fuzzmaster9

    I believe this as much as Dr. Dre saying he’s coming out with Detox this year.

  • tyrone

    As long as silva ducked weidman, I dont think he will ever fight jon jones. Im sure silva will go after the little guy “Gsp “

  • tyrone

    Silva will never fight jones and will probably weasel his way out of weidman fight due to fear. Im sure silvas punkboys are sure to respond to this statement. Lets hear it punkboys

  • Would love to see Jon Jones vs Silva would be epic!!!

  • George Brown

    I don’t know if it’s gonna happen…….A lot of people doubt it since this has been promised over and over again. But I think still could. I’m pretty sure that’s why Dana’s cutting about 100 fighters off of the roster, mainly because the Spider, Jones and GSP, have come to realize their earning potential and they’re pretty much sending out the message that if Dana really wants the most anticipated and possibly greatest fight in MMA history to happen, he’s gonna have to fork up some big bucks.Its like Method Man said,”Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M get the money, dolla dolla bills yall”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i bet it will happen gsp vs silva before bones jones

    • Zander Cage

      gsp is null and void cause hes going down to diaz

  • Jackson

    Lol silva vs jones? Did you see what machida did to jones striking? rocked em eazy, jones only won becuase a lucky elbo….
    Anderson silva will fukin clown this little kid. Garentee anderson silva would knock jones out cold, garentee. Jones isnt an agressive wrestler, hes a defensive wrestler meaning hes not a bad match up for anderson. Chaels a better wrestler then jones also, not even close. Dont even compairt the 2. gsp is more of a challenge for silva.

  • 2000Chael

    Jones has never agree’d to fight silva, hes too scared. Chael will most likely own jones anyway.

  • dana black


  • marcel jaremko

    gsp and silva just doesnt sound good
    but jones and silva would really be fantastic fight it really couldnt get any better it would be a challenge for both dont have a dog in the fight it be sad to see one of them loose