Anderson Silva Signs New 10-Fight UFC Deal

December 30, 2012
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Anderson Silva UFC 90It appears Anderson Silva‘s future is set with plenty more fights left inside the UFC Octagon after his latest contract negotiation.

Following his win over Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153, Silva and his management confirmed that the longtime champion had two fights left on his current deal, but they were going to begin dialoging with the UFC soon about an extension.

Now, according to UFC president Dana White, those terms have been reached and it’s a big deal.

White confirmed that Anderson Silva will sign a new 10-fight deal with the UFC that will take him up until the day he likely decides to retire, closing the book on one of the most storied careers in all of fighting.

“Ten. He signed a 10-fight deal. I don’t think we’ve ever done a 10-fight deal. Maybe we did one with Forrest once, I don’t remember, but Anderson said, ‘I want a 10-fight deal, not an eight-fight deal.’ I’ll give him a 100-fight deal if he wants one,” White said on Saturday night.

Already the most dominant champion in UFC history, Silva probably received the most lucrative deal the company has ever offered, and it stands to reason why.

Silva is undefeated in his UFC career with more title defenses than any fighter that has ever stepped foot in the Octagon, and even at 37 years of age he doesn’t appear to be slowing down whatsoever.

“Ten more fights, realistically, is three more years. I mean, the guy is (almost) 38, but he doesn’t look it,” White said about his champion.

It’s likely Silva’s next trip to the Octagon will be defending his UFC middleweight title for an 11th time, likely facing Michael Bisping, should the brash Brit defeat Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 7.

There are still potential superfights looming overhead as well with Silva possibly facing UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre or light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

Whatever he chooses to do, Silva will be doing it in the UFC, and that’s just fine by Dana White.

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  • Denny Swain

    It really doesn’t make sense cause the ufc protects him from his number one contender weidman

    • And Weidman brings what to the table? His striking is pedestrian, strictly mid-level, he is a powerful wrestler but not nearly as skilled as Sonnen is at MMA wrestling. HE has a heavy top game and good ground and pound but he just hasn’t proven he is really a credible threat yet. A 9 fight undefeated streak is nice. I will definitely give him that.

      He’ll probably get the next shot if he wins his next fight, or if he heals from his injury after Silva has faced another opponent and no one else makes sense.

      Weidman is still young and still developing. He is a fun fighter to watch and as he learns more and gathers more fans he’ll have more people demanding for him to get a title shot or Silva will have gone through the other top guys in the division. Then the fight will happen and it will bring a nice payday… but right now Silva would be doing Chris and his fanbase and his bank account a big favor by taking that fight.

      I don’t think he is likely to lose soon, and he needs the extra seasoning before he faces the best that weight division has ever seen.

  • Denny Swain

    Dana has said silva is his favorite fighter, therefore dana being the mother figure protects silva from weidman

    • rolando mota

      Wow..u can now go spoon with weidman now….he’s definitely turd burglaring u….poor.fella. ur denial is amazing..

      • GoNoles

        i aint taking sides cuz i honestly think silva would womp weidman but what yall are saying hes doing with weidman like the nut hugging yall are doing the same thing with silva.talking like you can send a few dudes in there with katanas and silva would still ko all of em or something i honestly think he wont stay on his feet if he fights jones and onces jones puts those bows on em its done dealing.hell im not even a jones fan i was hoping rampage or vitor woulda ko him.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Are you Weidmans brother or something? Honestly, Weidman is far from beating anyone of Silvas class. Start off by Beating Sonnen or Okami first

  • mwalter

    You are a idiot

  • London

    protects Silva from weidman…do you smoke crack?

  • Darin

    One of those ten better be Bones. And Denny, Silva is not scared of Weidman. I’m sure that one will be coming soon.

    • $19500761

      Silva would be put to the ultimate test against Bones. Would love to see that go down!

    • Anthony Kang

      Agreed. I’ll concede “scared” might not be the exact right word, but Silva is very veeery unwanting of the Bones superfight. Which is why he did a complete 180 on GSP overnight.

  • $19500761

    Silva’s not getting any younger so they need to get these 10 fights rolling!

  • Steven2791

    43….no big deal. For the kind of money her was offered, he will ne on TRT and HGH. He’s already a youthful 38 with good genetics. All this combined makes 10 mode fights easy. And why you see the sort of money Nike is throwing at him he would be foolish not to jump on the pharmaceutical band wagon to cash in.

  • uncle

    Matt Hamill knocked out Munoz so when Weidman beats
    him its a big deal lets be honest Weidman needs a couple
    of more fights before he gets a title shot because if he
    beat a couple of more notable fighters then he can’t be denied

    • jbroce

      I don’t usually like when fighters have excuses why they lost, and Mark never gave one, but i will for him since I trained with him when he was going into that fight. he had suffered a concussion less than 2 weeks before that fight and was still having dizzy spells in the locker room before that. That’s why he was backing up the whole time, and looked so weird. He told us all he was fine, but it was obvious watching him out there that something was wrong. The only reason we ever found out he was still not fully recovered is because his corner men told us later. I’m not saying he would have won the fight, just letting you know that’s a horrible fight to base your argument on. Beating Munoz is a legit win.

      • uncle

        My point is Weidman should not get a title
        shot with 1 legit win you trained with him
        bathed with him hey that doesn’t matter
        at the end of the day he stepped into the
        octagon and underestimated Hamill and paid
        the price beacuse if your a professional fighter
        and you can’t perform at your best why take
        the fight

  • adsdfhfghjk

    So Silva is too big for GSP, Bones is too big for Silva and about everyone else at 205. How about Jones Vs. Someone at heavyweight for a superfight. He has about the same frame as JDS and is taller than Cain. i think it would be a more even match up. Jon would probably just have to build up a little more muscle.

  • justin_e

    Though I read he signed Rousey to a ten fight deal.

  • KillerKneez

    What a stud, super pumped for Silvia’s final chapter! 10 fights hell yeah, I wish he’d fight shogun tho.