Anderson Silva Says No Thanks on New 8-Fight UFC Deal…He Wants 10-Fights

December 10, 2012
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Anderson Silva UFC 90Despite being 38-years of age, Anderson Silva‘s best days are still ahead.

At least you’d have to imagine that after his current negotiations with the UFC on a new contract landed at way more than three or four more fights.

Silva currently has two fights left on his UFC contract, but it’s no secret the promotion will break the bank to ensure they keep their reigning and defending middleweight champion happy with a new deal.

On Saturday in the midst of UFC on Fox 5, UFC President Dana White confirmed that negotiations are underway, and they tried to lock Silva down on a new 8-fight contract, but he turned them down.

Not because it wasn’t enough money or because he only wanted to fight a few more times before he ended his career. No, it’s because Anderson Silva wanted more fights.

“We tried to do an 8-fight deal with him and he said (expletive) that, I want a 10-fight deal. So we’ll see what happens,” White revealed.

Silva’s next fight in the UFC has not been determined yet. He was rumored for months to face UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in a super fight, but now all signs are pointing to that fight not happening with St-Pierre likely to face Nick Diaz next.

There are still plenty of options for Silva, but the most likely scenario is if Michael Bisping gets past Vitor Belfort in January, then he would almost assuredly be the next candidate in line for the UFC middleweight title.

  • This deal worries me. No disrespect to Silva. He is the greatest of all time and has looked nothing but perfect in his fights from Leben to Bonnar but eventually in this game he will meet his match. I’m not saying for sure, but it is likely and it worries me as a fan who wants to see him retire undefeated with all of these incredible records that he has broken. He also stated they he didn’t want to fight Weidman b/c Weidman only has 9 total fight but if he comes back form injury looking sharp I’m sure that kid will have earned his right for a title shot with a win or two.

    • Kbesq

      Totally agree with this. I’m all for Silva fighting more than two more times, but ten times? He should do his best to get out on top, and I don’t think that’s possible if he has ten more fights.

      Who knows – maybe I’m wrong and he’s just that good. Maybe he doesn’t care about losing.

      • 10 fights is so many lol …. Best of luck to him of course. But after a superfight or two, what’s there really left to do except keep beating some young prospect that everyone thinks is the next big thing? Idk…

  • scooby

    hard to imagine him remaining undefeated if he fights for a few more years, but then again, he’s really not taken any damage besides pillow fist Chael, and with Strikeforce merging, he’ll have plenty of fights, i can easily see him getting Boetsch, Bisping, Weidman, Lombard, Lockhold, Belcher, etc. The MW division is stacked at the moment..who knows, he may even get a superfight with Jon Jones?? Wonder if his new contract will pay him more than Bisping (which is nearly $500k per fight)…

    • Just Me

      I do not see AS getting past all those guys and really doubt he will choose to engage them all.

  • Milos Rackovic

    Maybe he wants to be beaten so he gets famous,people like great fighters getting beat down and all the sad stuff happening after their carriers

  • bajafox

    10 fights at maybe 2 fights a year, he’ll be 42-43 by the time his contract is up.

    I’m just glad he’s going to finish his career in the UFC

  • Weids

    Dana make it happen….el magico will only be around once! Make whatever he wants happen as long as it means he is putting Jon jones to sleep 🙂

    • Alessandro Salvatore

      you gotta be dreaming? Jon jones would eat up silva so easy. hhahaa

      • Guest

        If you think Jon Jones would easily beat Anderson Silva, you’re sadly mistaken. He may win but it would never be easy.

  • King

    Anderson will never complete 8 fights
    He wants 10 fights contract just for more deposit

  • Trevor

    He is just an idiot …likes to argue….a little while back he had planned to stop fighting. Anderson will never make another 10 fights

  • Bryan

    Ten lol

  • UFCfightblogger

    If Silva wants to stick around, more power to him. That just gives us a bigger window for the UFC to set up superfights with GSP and Jon Jones.

  • Fighting once a yer, we’re gonna see him with 50 years on the octagon.

  • George Sperry

    If the UFC doesn’t sign him, which group would AND who would he fight?

  • trupert

    Ok, let’s not just throw names out. Let’s think of the ten he should fight, given that he fights more often, like 3 times a year and doesn’t get pissy about who the opponent is.

    1) Spring 2013 – If GSP fights Diaz then Spider’s first fight should be Weidman (when back from injury)

    2) Fall 2013 – winner of Diaz-GSP

    3) Year-end 2013 back up to fight Bisping-Belfort winner (winner of Bisping-Belfort will undoubtedly wait until year end to fight Spider….maybe they’d take another fight in the meantime.)

    4) Spring 2014 – by now loser of Diaz-GSP got another win just to make the Spider vs GSP/Diaz loser fight more marketable now

    5) Fall 2014 – Rockhold (after Rockhold gets a ‘warm-up fight’ against someone like Herman or Carmont or Camozzi who called him out and another gatekeeper like Leben/Vemola winner)

    6) Year-end 2014 – By now Bones Jones dispatches of Sonnen and of Machida/Hendo winner to setup super fight. Yeah Alex. Gustaf. is getting impatient but proving himself taking out the ‘old guard’.

    7) Spring 2015 – Hmmm, I see Lombard/Palhares winner fighting Munoz/Stann winner and and maybe that winner fights Spider here? or Boetsch/Philippou winner fighting Belcher/Okami winner and that winner fighting Spider here? depends on who each is. Actually looking at the time frame, they’d probably have time to fight each other to create a legitimate #1 contender.

    8) Fall 2015 – By now, he’s not going to drop weight. Also by now I’m thinking some new blood in on top of UFC LHW so a fight with Gustaf, Jimmo, Phil Davis or even Manuwa. By now one of those guys has proven himself.

    9) Year-end 2015 – He’s not fighting Souza or any of his Brazilian friends, but like above, he might come down for one last fight at MW against the next guy to rise up, most likely Craig/Markes winner or Larkin of someone else. Figure these guys will have to go threw the Lebens, Rings, Tim Kenndeys around and whomever else is there.

    10) Super Bowl 2016 or Spring 2016 UFC show – Spider’s last fight. Who knows here. Wild card. hmmm, maybe Jones will come down from HW and/or Spider will go up to meet him.


      you still haven’t understood how the UFC works, have you?

  • Superman

    Imagine if he was in his prime

    • Arne Weise Weise

      Imho anderson silva is in his prime, old or not he looks as good now as ever before to me. Perhaps he might still learn and getting better, it´s obviously just my opinion but I think he never looked this good before and since he went to UFC it has been magic

  • Even if he spends his last 5 fights as a gatekeeper, I believe he earned it more than any other fighter in the UFC! Go Spider!

  • Sneakyfoot

    Bisping is interesting just to see what kind of game plan he will come up with, other than that, a very predictable outcome.