Anderson Silva Says He Wont’ Fight in 2014: “This Year is Over for Me”

March 20, 2014
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Anderson-Silva-UFC-148-Workout-9169Although many, including his management and UFC president Dana White, have speculated that we might see Anderson Silva return to the Octagon by the end of 2014, that doesn’t appear to be on the docket for “the Spider.”

Silva, in an interview with Brazilian website, said, “This year is over for me. It may be that I fight in the middle of next year.”

That’s a much later timeline than White had been hoping for.

“What’s crazy about (Silva’s) injury is he will be walking without crutches in a few weeks, he will be training in less than six months, and he will be fighting by the end of the year,” White said on SportsNation on ESPN2 in late January.

Silva has been releasing video snippets of his recovery progress. Those videos have already shown him walking without crutches, and more recently show him doing some light training.

Despite his progress, Silva’s comments to indicate he isn’t overly eager to rush his return.

He added that his family has been after him to quit fighting for quite some time, but Silva indicated he’s not ready to stop. He does want to return. He’s not rushing it, and he’s also not likely to fulfill his current UFC contract, which calls for 10 bouts.

“I don’t see myself stopping,” said Silva. “But I don’t know if I’m going to fulfill the contract for ten fights.”

It’s nearing three months since Silva’s gruesome injury at UFC 168 on Dec. 28, but that’s really not all that much time considering the nature of his injury; he broke both bones in his left leg.

So for now, we’ll all just have to sit back and wait to see how he heals, and what Silva decides is best for his future, both in and out of the Octagon.

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  • BigG

    Whatever he decides, I wish him the best!

  • Seth

    On one hand – its understandable, looking at his injury. On other – he likes to change his mind fairly quickly, so we don’t have to lose hope to see real GOAT later this year in the cage 🙂

    • Austin, TX

      He’s not the real GOAT. He’s fought second tier fighters and over the hill fighters his entire career. He likes to challenge St. Pierre (much, much, smaller human being) and boxer who are 45 years old. Fedor is 2 inches smaller and fought the greatest heavyweights on the planet undefeated for 10 years and 27 fight wine streak at a time when the greatest HW’s were in Pride. He then ko’d Arlovski and Time Sylvia in 39 seconds or something. Silva was never the GOat. That was just something invented by Dana to make the UFC more interesting back in the day. (Hats off to him though.) In reality words like GOAT are completely subjective. If there is one though, its Fedor.

      • David

        Any person who thinks fedor is goat is either a fedor nut hugger or not a real fan.

        • RubeKegal

          I’m a real fan and think Fedor is GOAT, see my post above yours for reasoning.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Lol, Silvia and Arlovski! Those two were on a career ending downfall. The HW division has always been the weakest and that was MMA in it’s infancy still. Saying he “fought the greatest heavyweights on the planet” isn’t saying much back then. That’s why he lost 3 in a row and dodged the UFC as soon as fighters got more skilled in the HW.

        • RubeKegal

          I actually have to agree that Fedor is GOAT but it’s close. A year before Fedor fought Sylvia, Sylvia was the UFC HW Champ. Also to beat him in 36 seconds, that is what started the end of Tim’s career. Fedor was also the start of the end for Andrei’s career. Andrei was on a 5 fight win streak after losing to Sylvia for the title, then ran into Fedor who made him VERY unconscious.
          Fedor also dominated Arona, Babalu, Mark Coleman twice, Nogueira twice when Nog was Nog, Mirko and crushed Lindland when he was still No 2 ranked overall MW in the world. Heath Herring was highly ranked back then as well and Fedor cut through him like a knife through butter. All this as an undersized heavyweight.
          Fedor had harder competition than Anderson did.
          Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen and Belfort are good fighters and he beat them so I will give credit where it’s due.
          But if you are going to get all gaga over Anderson knocking out James Irvin or Chris Leben, you’re nuts.
          He defeated the great Thales Leites(Sarcasm), the incredible Patrick Cote(Sarcasm again), Stephan Bonnar who should have never gotten a shot vs him.
          Don’t get me wrong, Fedor fought his share of cans too, but overall fought tougher competition.

        • Austin, TX

          He actually didn’t dodge the UFC. He wanted in. Dana wouldn’t let him fight one very small Russian event per year in his home town (non UFC) event. else he would have been on. He was all on board. (Do you honestly think someone who plowed through Pride heavyweights like Nog and Cro Cop and all the big boys when they were the shit …ducks things? Then he ko’d the ex UFC champs after another when they were considered the best and had just been champs etc recently.) Dana was just hard headed and wouldn’t bend and Fedor’s management said forget it.
          Many people and many journalists pick him as the GOAT. Aldo, Cain, other people,etc think he’s the GOAT. A lot of people do who’ve studied him and studied his matches think he is/was. He just got old finally. And he was always undersized as a heavyweight. Dana just likes to be number one and have “his guy” as the “goat”. It’s a marketing thing on his part.

  • He doesn’t have to fight, but he wants to.

  • DamianCross

    This career is over for him too he just doesn’t know it yet.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    true legend, understandable but would like to se him fight again..

    • Gary Fredericks

      That’s how I feel too. He deserves a proper final fight with an Octagon goodbye at the end.

  • Me

    I was laughing at all the stupid “Silva is back in training BS” when anyone with half a brain could see that it was just rehab. As far as being off crutches nothing about that was ahead of any of the projected target dates set by doctors either. From the very beginning it was “maybe you’ll see him fighting by the end of 2014 but maybe later.” People like to think that as soon as the leg is healed he can just jump right in the cage when in reality even after he finishes all the rehab and the leg is back in proper condition the rest of his body is going to have to be pulled back into proper shape as well after such a long lay off (a tedious and painful chore for a 40 yr old – especially a 40 yr old who’s body has over a decade of combat sports wear and tear – this isn’t his 1st surgery). So, breaking news – Anderson Silva is human!!

    And what exactly is it going take for all the zuffa chumps to stop believing everything (anything) that comes out of Dana White’s mouth?

  • Truthcore

    Michael Bisping would be a good return bout.

  • jojo

    Does anyone at mmaweekly proof-read? If I had a dollar for every grammatical error i’ve found over the last year, I’d have some pretty fat stacks!

    • Sean Bigley

      maybe you should join a english teachers thread then bro? I doubt anyone is proofreading here… you are making yourself look lame! SMH

  • TheCerealKiller

    PLEASE, come back next year and fight Bisping! He needs to know he could never beat Silva.

    • RubeKegal


  • InTheColosseumTonight

    I wonder if his time away from the sport has more to do with actually enjoying his time away from the sport than it does with his injury. When you look at the middleweight division it is so incredibly stacked with top talent that I hope we see Silva in the mix. Lyoto Machida is now knocking at the gate of a championship against a man who’s potential is at this point limitless. What a division, what a sport, and I expect Silva to return by years end(nobody says no to money).

  • lowlb

    There is just no way..
    I had a similar break.. I broke my tibia just above the boot, skiing. Same thing for me, rod down my tibia with two screws top and bottom.
    The screws become painful and the rod sucks, it doesn’t flex like bone. eventually they will take his screws out but to regain the confidence to stand ( and kick and fight) takes time. I lost muscle while I healed.
    I bet Anderson has the best ( I had Kaiser) Eventually his tibia will be stronger than it was before but everything else suffers..
    I am certainly barely comparing myself to AS but I bet he will always remember his break when he throws a kick. And it takes a while to get you leg strength back.

    • Kris-tyahn

      His Tibia will not get stronger, according to the Dr. who did his surgery. B/C that was a question he was asked & he did a video explaining what he did & he had displays of the bones/tibia, the screws, the rod etc., and he stated that this type of surgery would not strengthen his bone b/c of how the surgery was performed, b/c it was two bones, basically at the same level & not at diff places of the bone (meaning one break at the bottom, while the other was in the middle), both of Silva’s breaks were at the same location.
      Like most, I assumed his leg/bone would have strengthened/got stronger b/c that’s what usually occurs when someone breaks a bone. But everything elese you say I completely agree. Silva will never be the same, how could he?!? Especially when he throws a kick, and especially if people check it.
      Kevin Ware the NCAA basketball player who shattered his leg last year during March Madness (March 31st/2013), had to sit out this season b/c he wasn’t physically & especially wasn’t mentally ready. He actually sat himself out earlier in the Basketball season b/c he would always be so worried his leg wasn’t completely healed & he would try & compensate on his other leg after he jumped & land, which was not necessary, b/c his leg was medically “healed.”
      If you google Kevin Ware, add Anderson’s name or try a few different searches & you will read an interview he did, which he spoke about Anderson & his rehab etc.. B/c Anderson stated that he would fight again, and that it would be at the end of 2014. When Ware heard that he was pretty much saying to himself “not a chance, not a chance in hell” b/c he knew what he went through & how long & painful his rehab was. Like he said, a MMA fighter, especially someone who uses kicks as much as Silva does, he can’t even imagine the stress & punishment a fighter like that puts his legs through, then there’s the mental aspect…… Like Silva said middle of 2015, says alot!

    • Sean Bigley

      and youre a professional athlete not only that but world class but not only that best in the world ? LOL drift, your injury is nothing like his. You are funny


    Good decision, I hope the ufc eases him back in with a tune up fight or two. Like Cung Le, then maybe someone like Rockhold or Mousasi, If he wins then a shot at the title. By that time the MW championship will have been sorted out Weidman, Machida, Belfort, Souza ??? Whoever it will be… Anyway a lot of fun fights for us fans!!!

  • ASLegBreak

    I don’t care if you say I’m not a true MMA fan. I don’t think A.S should come back after an injury like that. He wont be the same. He was the long reigning champ and was considered the best in the world for almost a decade. Coming back and losing another fight will just ruin his legacy, Open a school and bring in some new fighters.