Anderson Silva Says BJ Penn is the Greatest Mixed Martial Artist of All Time

June 26, 2013
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BJ Penn 478x270UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is widely considered the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.  But who does Silva consider the best?

He was asked that very question on a UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman media conference call on Tuesday and his answer may surprise some.

“In my opinion, BJ Penn is No. 1,” said Silva.

Penn (16-9-2) is one of only two multi-division champions in UFC history. The former lightweight and welterweight titleholder routinely accepted fights outside of his weight class.  He’s competed as high as the heavyweight division against former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida, and fought him to a decision.  Penn defeated Renzo and Rodrigo Gracie in the middleweight division.  Penn is currently contemplating a return to fighting in the 155-pound weight class.

Silva gave his top four mixed martial artists.  Following Penn came “Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Royce Gracie,” said Silva.

Couture (19-11) is the other multi-division champion in UFC history and the first to accomplish the feat.  The former three-time heavyweight champion and two-time light heavyweight titleholder competed in a record 15 UFC title fights.

Liddell (21-8) was known for his one-punch knockout power.  The former UFC light heavyweight champion holds the record for the most knockouts in the light heavyweight division and is second behind Silva in most knockouts in UFC history.

Gracie (14-2-3) is the godfather of the UFC.  The jiu-jitsu specialist won the UFC 1, 2, and 4 tournaments.  He holds the record for most submission wins in UFC history with 11, and was the first face of mixed martial arts.

Couture, Liddell and Gracie are all UFC Hall of Famers.  Penn is no doubt a future inductee.

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  • Kris-tyahn


  • Uncle Uffda

    In many ways Silva is a mixture of all those fighters. Hard question to answer, when you are in fact the best of all time.

    My top 5:
    1. Anderson Silva
    2. Fedor
    3. GSP
    4. Sakuraba
    5. Royce Gracie

    • The Best Eva

      I’ll go with Spider, GSP, BJ then Fedor after that it’s up in the air.

      Sakuraba is a decent fighter but his best wins are against Gracies and none of the Gracies are in the top 20 all time.

      • Werdoomb

        Yeah but wins against Belfort, Rampage, and Randleman were impressive as well. Mind you, Saku is a natural welterweight.

        • The Best Eva

          It’s pretty much said and done that rampage threw the fight, Randleman is awful but big and Vitor I guess, but what Vitor was that he’s been through alot of changes.

    • Muay Thai

      GSP, really? GSP was an exciting fighter back then, but now he’s just like Floyd Mayweather, he plays it safe, puts on boring fights and wins by points. Not considered a great fighter in my view.

      • juniorbra

        I complete agree with you. He is the #1 boring fighter.

        • Kris-tyahn

          That’s bc I and MT aren’t educated enough in MMA. His fights are boring!?! Only to those who have no clue about MMA. He puts on clinics in every fight & dominates world class guys and makes them look avg. after 25 mins. It would be diff if he didnt dominate like he does, like Ben Henderson. But a guy who set a UFC record for 30+ straight rounds without losing a round, which spans 8-9 fights, that’s how dominant. Why don’t you check and see how many times BJ and Hughes were finished, yet GSP finished both! How many times was Fitch, Alves, Hardy, Shields, Condit ad Diaz were finished before they fought GSP, you’ll be surprise how little there was. But GSP owning guys who noone could beat for 3,4,5,6,7 years isn’t enough?! He not only needs to embaress them but he needs to finish them as well?!? Okay noob’s whatever u say. Should he have finished Koscheck and Hardy?!? Absolutely, but it wasnt from lack if trying. Unlike Silvas fights vs. Cote, Leites and Maia, but I guess those fights were incredible right?! Bahahahaha

          • Baller31

            Silva was clowning them, he could have finished them at any point. Since being ko’d, GSP is an overly cautious fighter who has become the king of decisions. No matter how dominant, if you can not finish top fighters, then you are not in the same league as Jones or Silva. He has the ability he just doesn’t have the killer instinct.

          • Werdoomb

            yeah, GSP wasn’t like that in the beginning. Then after that Serra incident and his fetish with improving his athleticism through gymnastics, he just became this point fighter.

            Pretty much GSP exploits the scoring system to get the UD, although not as badly as someone like Rashad.

          • Chris M

            yea how boring is gsp at least houghes and bj penn come out to finish not bore ppl in wasting money!

    • natpaukar7

      Personally, I don’t believe Sakuraba to be on any top 20 list. I will have to re watch his fights…any suggestions as to which ones? I have yet to be impressed with an Asian fighter.

      • Werdoomb

        It’s really difficult for one to judge his greatness based on re-runs of his 10+ year old clips.

        Sorry but you had to have been there to know his greatness.

        Go watch Saku vs Rampage Jackson. Saku vs Randleman, and Saku vs Conan Silvera (the UFC fight), and Saku vs Gracies, in that order.

        You are right, I personally am never impressed by Japanese fighters either.

        Here is the breakdown of the Asian fighers.

        GOAT Asian: Saku
        Top Asian: Prime Gomi, Okami, and Shinya
        Decent: Sakurai, Yoshida
        Overrated: Akiyama, Denis Kang

      • Troll Killer

        why, b/c you only watch UFC?

        How about BJ Penn & Lyoto Machida?

        You realize that BJ Penn is of Korean descent and Machida is Japanese.

        Korean Zombie is a title contender,

        Gomi was the king of LW division for a decade.

        How about Mazakazu Imanari? Nobody has nastier leg locks.

        Genki Sudo, Hayato Sakurai, Shinya Aoki…

        Quit trolling.

        • Kris-tyahn

          I’ll give the nastiest leg locks to Paul Harris/palaharis!!! He literally took ur leg home with him. I’d like to know how many of his opponents had to get ACL or MCL surgery after they fought him.

        • natpaukar7

          living, training eating sleeping and shitting asian…BJ penn may be or korean descent but he is from Hawaii, he grew up in the culture of Hawaii fighting as a Hawaiian not as a Korean…Lyoto Machida same thing, he is half Japanese and yes his karate style is specific to his family but look at who he trains with…for all practical matters he is Brazillian…Korean Zombie is okay….but after a title contention fight in two years no one will remember anything terrific about him because hes he is good but not great, Gomi I will give it to you actually is impressive and a hell of a warrior…however, call it post prime or whatever but he is a mediocre fighter in UFC, he is good but could not hang with the greats….Imanari? have not heard of him probably because he is not that great…brandon vera has teriffic leg kicks…pedro rizzo has teriffic leg kicks….that does not make a teriffic fighter….None of the other fighters mentioned have done anything to impress me…not to say they are not good fighters they are just not memorable in the sense that Fedor, Silva, GSP, Wanderlei Silva in pride, SHogun in pride, ..enough said I believe.

          • Werdoomb

            I agree with everything you said.

            But what about Saku?? You need to watch Saku vs Rampage, Randleman, Belfort, Royce.

            You will see his greatness. or you may not….but in those days, Saku was the shiiiit!!!

  • Paula_d33n

    he’s right. BJ [had the] best [marketing machine behind him to make ppl think he is a lot better than he is]…

    • Chris M

      ur crazy maybe him now but in his prime he was a monster! look how many weight classes he fought in!

      • Tom Breppin

        *lost in lol

        • Chris M

          well at least he tested his lmits unlike alot of fighters now days!

          • Kris-tyahn

            Are you really comparing when BJ fought back in the day vs. today’s fighters?! Sure BJ was “tough” to fight outside his weight class, but that was only bc people back then weren’t half as good as te fighters now. Look at his fight vs. Lyoto, Lyoto was garbage in that fight bc he haven’t evolved like he has in the past 3-4 yrs. what do u think would happen to BJ vs. Lyoto today?! He’d get murdered, why don’t you think he’ll never fight at WW, let alone MW or LHW? BC he got murdered at WW 3 of his last 4 WW fights! To ask any fighter today to give up the size, weight and height advantage like BJ did yrs ago, would be suicide and not sanctioned! BJ is the PERFECT example of what would happen if you fought in one weight class above your own, he got HUMILIATED, let alone two weight classes.

          • Chris M

            you clearly dont know what your talkking about when at the time bj penn was one of the only fighters whoo had a good stand up and ground before mma evolved i think your forgetting how long hes been around for by the way you sound he was fighting before you knew what mma was!

          • Baller31

            BJ didn’t need to evolve he was so far ahead of the game. Among todays lightweights, he is still one of the best and has the potential to again be champion. His cardio is the only thing that has held him back. As far as him getting murdered 3 of his last 4 ww fights?? He lost 2 by decision, had a win and a draw. And that was going against the top fighters at a higher weight class. some people talk about mma evolving so much the last few years..well, the evolution happened well before that. Anderson Silva and GSP, who have been fighting 16 and 11 years, respectively, are champs. Vitor is still one of the top fighters in the world. I think if BJ was a new fighter on the scene today, he would still become champ.

          • Kris-tyahn

            BJs also the perfect example of what happens when you think you’re better than everyone else and you decide not to evolve while everyone else is, BJ stayed the same, in a time fighters were getting to his skill and better bc of the training and evolution of MMA. But BJ being BJ thought his natural talent (which is very impressive) was good enough vs. the new evolved fighters, and he also thought he could do what he did 10 yrs ago, which was fight these much bigger fighters on half a gas tank and win. Well he learned the hard way vs. GSP, Diaz and Rory! Too bad it took him that long to learn what the majority of the MMA community knew years ago ….. It can’t be done. The only reason Silcs can fight at LHW is bc he walks around as a HW 230-235lbs, it will be the same for Jones when he moves up to HW, he walks around at HW and fights at LHW. BJs heaviest weight should have been LW and then fight at FW and BW. But that involved way too much hard work and dedication.

        • Jeremy Lester

          Penn was a complete fighter back in the days of the early evolution of MMA. Penn was a head of his time and was undoubtedly great. If Penn was a modern fighter, he would definitely be a top 5 contender in LW, WW or MW. If you doubt his skills- striking, submissions and ground control, then you are new to the sport or are dumb.

          • Timothy Malone

            Why are you talking though like he’s so old. At the time he lost to Edgar, seen as the beginning of his “decline,” he was 32. The same age GSP is now. More than 5 years younger than Silva is now.

          • Milosc

            Relative subject. All men are different

            Fighting came easy for BJ Penn, and youth really greases your wheels

            Not everyone has the same drive for the same things. Penn was good when he was good

          • Werdoomb

            u doomb fooock!!!

            The heavier the fighter, the greater the longevity!!!!

            LW’s burn out way quicker than MWs or HWs for that matter.

            LWs have to be agile and have excellent cardio. As soon as the cardio goes away or your agility decreases, you are foocked.

            HWs fight well into their 30’s and even 40’s.

            U r soooo dooooommmbb!!!!!!!!!!

          • Real

            No, this isn’t necessarily true. You’re generalizing way too much.

            Longevity is determined by several factors.

            Major factor is INJURIES (many fighters have recurring injuries that never fully heal and prevent them from fighting again or fighting to their fullest abilities).

            -injuries can come either during training or if the fighter accumulates alot of damage over their career (fighters like Fedor & Big Nog accumulated ALOT of damage over their prime years, which is why they aged so fast). ** also, having so many fights and taking so much damage over the years decreases chin, and more prone to KOs **

            As you touched on… it may depend on FIGHTING STYLE or STRENGTHS. More of the larger fighters tend to rely more on power… which tends to fade more slowly than speed. But the biggest reason why you see some older guys hang on, is that they rely alot on wrestling: (Couture, Matyushenko, Hendo). Effective wrestling limits the damage being taken. Case in point: Matt Hughes was fighting till old, Sherk is still a top contender and he’s almost 40.

          • Jeremy Lester

            What are you talking about? Who ever said he was old? You’re just looking for a bitch-fest obviously. Back in 2001, when BJ started his streak, he was ahead of everyone else. How do you not understand that? Damn book readers think they know MMA.

          • Baller31


        • Koa Fonseca

          have you seen any onther fighter have the balls to step up? Any? Bj also holds the record of never being dropped in ANY FIGHT. “ANY”. I guess you can look at it as if Jose Aldo fought, Nick Diaz or GSP. Because BJ has fought all the way up to heavy weight as its stated in the article above. As well as two other weight classes above his 155 class

          • Kris-tyahn

            BJ never fought HW, maybe do some research first. If u had read what I wrote, you would have seen that I’m talking about BJ from 3 yrs ago, not when he was dominant. He fought anyone 10 yrs ago bc he was that good and bc everyone else wasnt. But when they evolved, BJ didn’t he stayed at the same level he was 10 yrs ago. Like I said, BJ would get murdered now if he fought MW, let alone Lyoto at LHW. Why would BJ get finished by Lyito today, when he went to a decision with him years ago?! Exactly bc he stayed the same, while everyone got better. Quit living in the past like BJ, time to wake up in today’s MMA world. BJ proved he couldn’t even move up in 1 weight division bc he got humiliated. So bc BJ went to a decision in two of his last 4 fights, means he didnt get OWNED?!? Bahahahaha okay maybe u should check out the pics and the hospital report that BJ received. BJ retired after Diaz landed the most strikes in a fight in UFC history and rearranged his face, but BJ wasn’t owned in that fight. LOL – Rory broke BJs ribs and rearranged his face, but BJ never got destroyed in that fight either right, bc he went to a decision?!? Bahahahahaha

          • Koa Fonseca

            whoa buddy! actually he fought Lyoto at heavy weight! Lyoto weighed in at 225 and bj 183lbs. research? I’ve known Bj since I was 14 years old and am very close with the family, even lived with him. you saying that everyone was not good at Bj time is silly. That’s like saying everyone is not good because Anderson and Jon Jones beat everyone. it’s an era! Each era is different and better than the last. BUT PERSONALLY, I WILL DEFINITELY LET BJ KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. I have your name MAHALO!

  • julian moran

    I don’t know about Couture.

    • Jeremy Lester

      Yeah, Couture was great during the early evolution of MMA, but he was like Sylvia. Just good during that era. As for a top 5 all-time badass, he still lacks a lot.

      • Lawdog1521

        People love to give Couture **** over his record. Show me another fighter who had almost every fight of their career be a title fight. He didn’t get the opportunity to pad his stats with cans like other fighters did.

        • Werdoomb

          Randy lost to Brandon Vera.

          • Lawdog1521

            I suppose with Brandon’s balls in your mouth you missed the official judges decision were it was announced Randy won.

          • Herb Dean

            bad decision.

            Randy just held him against cage, but Vera did all damage, even had knockdown.

          • Werdoomb

            Umm..dude…you noob…everyone that saw the fight was shocked.

            Every noob, including yourself, that didn’t see the fight but read the results on wikipedia say stuff like that.

            brandon’s balls???

            dude, you know that that comment was dissing both randy and vera. Vera is one of the biggest failures in the UFC.

    • Supaman

      Couture is too inconsistent. He has great fame b/c he’s won some huge fights as a major underdog (Liddell, Vitor, Tito, Sylvia).

      Excellent wrestler, nasty dirty boxing, great submission defense, good chin… but could be more well-rounded.

      but to have him as a top 5 ever? No. Too many guys ahead of him.

    • Milosc

      I would mostly agree, although greatness means more than just ‘the best’ competitor in a man vs man sense. He was never a AS or even GSP, skill/P4P-wise, but no one has been able to accomplish what he’s done, either. 5 World championships in 2 different weight classes really carries a lot of weight with me

  • Truth

    1) Anderson Silva

    2) Fedor Emelienenko

    3) GSP

    4) BJ Penn

    5) Jon Jones

    1 & 2: Anderson and Fedor are the only real options to put at 1 & 2. Should be self-explanatory for anyone who truly knows MMA

    3: GSP close to getting in top 2

    4) BJ is arguably most talented MMA fighter who always likes to fight at bigger weight classes (even at 155, he hardly cuts any weight) – one of best in MMA at BJJ & boxing, w/ power in both hands, has good kicks and wrestling (despite hardly using them), excellent takedown defense, but poor cardio

    5) Jon Jones – could become the GOAT when all said and done but has already cracked the top 5 evidenced by beating Machida & Shogun.

    • Truth

      people like Hughes, Chuck Liddell, Sakuraba, Sakurai, Big Nog are all honorable mentions.

      • Werdoomb

        I dunno about Sakurai. I would put Shinya and Gomi ahead of him.

        Hughes is top 10 for sure. So is Big Nog.

      • Rick Schneider

        Hughes should be top 5.

    • solo

      i coudnt agree more

    • JDMMA

      and 6 times UFC Champ Randy Couture ? and Chuck who made the UFC ?

      • Werdoomb

        dude, Royce won like 3 or 4 tourneys consecutively.

        Are we talking about the same Randy that lost to Nog?

        Chuck made the UFC huh? Well, Wanderlei made PRIDE. Does that mean they should be ranked?

        • Supaman

          true. Randy is a true pioneer of the sport, but is NOT the top 5 greatest MMA fighter, probably not even top 10.

          If Randy is on the list, it’s hard to rank him above Lyoto Machida, Josh Barnett, or Big Nog. (not just b/c he lost to those guys, but if you compare their resumes as well). Randy’s huge claim to fame was his giant underdog victories against guys like Chuck, Vitor, and Tito.

          Not saying Randy wasn’t great, b/c he was, but not in top 10 all time… there is more to MMA than just UFC fighters.

          Truth had Chuck on his honorable mention list, which is about right where he should be.

    • Kris-tyahn

      The funny thing is GSP has the highest win % of Silva & Fedor. GSP is the only fighter to have over 25 fights and has beaten everyone he’s fought! I’d also bet that most people will say he has fought much tougher opponents than Fedor and especially Silva.

      I guess it all depends on what u take into consideration for the P4P list. In regards to finishes/entertaining fights, Fedor would be #1, bc Silva had some pretty embarrassing fights, vs. Cote, Maia and Leites. If you look at competition GSP would be #1 hands down. If you look at the way they finish, then Silva would take the cake, over Fedor. I think the fact GSP is an avg sized WW and Fedor was an avg sized HW at the time of his dominance, they usually fought bigger opponents, while Silva was always the bigger, stronger fighter with the reach advantage.

      If we went by the true definition of P4P, I think Edgar would win that title hands down. He should only have 2 losses, and that 2nd loss was a close one to Aldo. Not bad for his first ever fight at 145lbs.

      • Real

        how in the hell does GSP have the toughtest competition? He w/out question has the least toughest competition of the top 3 (GSP, Anderson, Fedor).

        GSP’s top 2 opponents were Hughes & BJ. He was 2-1 over Hughes and that first fight w/ BJ was very iffy split decision (GSP was the one who was all busted up and BJ had no damage). BJ is also much smaller than GSP.

        Frankie best p4p? wtf? what is your “true definition?”

    • Rick Schneider

      Fedor beat a bunch of no namers and never fought the BEST in the UFC. He got beat once he got bigger competition like Hendo and Big Foot and Werdum tapped him out in a minute. Silva also beat a bunch of old past their prime fighters or a bunch of no namers. It hasn’t been since the past 4-5 fights that he has been challenged and he got whooped around by Sonnen, then barely snuck away with the win, then he got caught by Weidman being cocky. I wouldn’t put these two fighters in the top 2. Maybe top 5, top 10 but the challenges they had came too late in their careers.

  • Timothy Malone

    Definitely dont agree with his list but at least he was smart enough to not pick Fedor too.

  • Rob

    When you consider Penn and Couture in the context of the UFC as it was when they were in their prime I think Silva’s choice’s make sense.

    The advantage that the young guys have now is they get to learn from guys like the ones above and the current greats so their conceptual starting point of what a great MMA fighter is much higher. Thus what they can model is much higher. And, that is why this relatively new sport will have tremendous growth in athletes for some time to come. It is also the reason why you need to consider greatness in the time they were great.

    Can you imagine the work ethic and strategic fight skill development of some kid that is inspired by GSP? What if that kid also has knock-out power?! – good lord! But without the existence of a GSP – that kid may not be the same fighter. So respect is important here.

    • natpaukar7

      Beautifully said my man

  • Stephen Quadros

    BJ is definitely one of the most talented ever but he never reached his full potential because of laziness.

    • Lawdog1521

      That and ego. And I say that as a huge Penn fan… but come on. He’s got one of the best BJJ pedigrees in the world and won’t shoot for the takedown because his ego says he can outstrike the guy.

  • Muay Thai

    My top 5

    1). Anderson Silva
    2) . Fedor
    3). BJ Penn
    4). John Jones
    5). Sakuraba

    I intentionally left out GSP as he is a boring fighter who is satisfied by winning by points. The top 5 names i mentioned are true warriors who leaves it all in the ringcage, which i truly respect. They are all finishers (well Jones is kinda half ass, but blame Greg Jackson’s coaching)

    Sakuraba made the Gracies look like clowns with regards to grappling. Miss the good ole PRIDE days.

    • shakejunt

      jones is a half ass finisher? …really?
      3 decisions in his entire career

      • Werdoomb

        I think he of late…he’s been utilizing his wrestling too much. He wants to see JBJ give guys a beating like how he beat Vera.

        JBJ fights are never boring. It’s just that he fought two tools (chael belfort) that he shouldn’t have fought.

        • shakejunt

          he has always used his wrestling. the front chancery choke he put lyoto to sleep with was a wrestling move. his wrestling is what allows him to open up with his striking and to deliver vicious gnp when he decides to take it down.

          the point was that he said jones is a half assed finisher… and that’s just a ridiculous statement.

          • Werdoomb

            Oh yeah, let me clarify.

            JBJ was never a KO artist. And I would say he relies on his wrestling slightly less than GSP.

            In any case, JBJ is not a half-assed finisher. He’s been finishing top guys left and right.

        • Deep Shooto

          how is Belfort a tool? he was also the closest to beating Jon Jones so far w/ that armbar.

          • Werdoomb

            I am kidding. Belfort is a legend.

            But he can’t crack top 10 at LHW or 15. You have to admit that.

  • Kalei Kealoha

    Naming a “Greatest of all time” in a sport like MMA is kind of hard. IMHO you name the Best in their respective divisions. Also am I the only one to notice that he only mentions guys who have fought in the UFC?

    • natpaukar7

      That is pretty interesting to consider but I do believe teh UFC is the best of all…many a fighter have been made to look mediocre if UFC after impressive runs elsewhere…but then again…chuck looked pretty mediocre in Pride haha….did anyone hear Joe Rogan’s theory on steroids in Pride? it is a pretty interesting notion

      • Kalei Kealoha

        Yeah but understand that UFC is just a step in the evolution of MMA as a sport. Like American football you cannot expect a team that payed in the 1960’s to compete with a current team. The level of training and specialization and training is much more now than it was then. MMA is the same back in the days of K1 and Pride and even before that, before MMA was a SERIOUS sport there were good fighters. But now there are far more options and training available for fighters. The level of competition then and now are different, but it doesn’t me that those other fighters were any less dangerous, talented, dominant, or great. Just that the era they fought in had a different level of competition than it does now.

  • Darin

    Anderson is better than Penn, Couture, Liddell, and Gracie. He knows this, he’s just being humble.

    • Werdoomb

      naw. While I wouldn’t say Anderson is arrogant, I wouldn’t call him humble either.

      He knows that Penn, Couture and Liddell are below him. He is “somewhat” confident that he is above GSP and JBJ. He is “not” confident that he is above Fedor.

      Even his own people think Fedor is better than him. The Brazil poll showed that majority of people in Brazil see Fedor as GOAT, followed by Anderson.

      Spider has always done this kind of joke in the past. Go see some of the youtube interviews. He said a similar thing when Fedor was in his prime.

  • Koa Fonseca

    Have you seen any onther fighter have the stomach to take the challenge other than Fedor? Any? I would say arguably Fedor has the number #1 spot because he fought such variety. Both Bj and Fedor also fought those “variety” of fighters when they were majority, if not all, in their prime.
    Bj also holds the record of never being dropped in ANY FIGHT. “NEVER!”. I guess you can look at it as if Jose Aldo fought, Nick Diaz or GSP. Because BJ has fought all the way up to heavy weight as its stated in the article above. As well as two other weight classes above his 155 class.

    • Sbmystiso

      Well, there’s a reason no one asked for your opinion.

  • Cereal Killer

    Anderson has a translator that is paid by Dana.

  • Big boss

    Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver!

  • Truth my ass

    1 Anderson
    2 Fedor
    3 Bj
    4 GSP and Jones are fags

    • Werdoomb

      I laughed at #4.

    • shakejunt

      someone’s favorite fighter was on the wrong end of a slaughter…

      (or dry humping in gsp’s case)

    • James Kane

      Anderson silva was never the GOAT. He always fought scrubs. What happened when he was forced to fight Weidman? He brutally lost. Twice!

  • Baller31

    Any list without Fedor is incomplete. The guy walked around a few pounds heavier than Silva and fought all his fights at heavyweight. And was undefeated in his prime, taking on all comers and not picking his fights.

    • Werdoomb

      I agree for the first time.

      Silva is kissing Dana’s arse here a bit. Chuck, Randy, and Royce Gracie but not Fedor?

      Come on. Chuck, Randy and Royce are not on Fedor’s level when it comes to achievements.

      Also, BJ Penn’s GOAT is Fedor. So Slva’s GOAT is BJ and BJ’s GOAT is Fedor, and obviously Fedor would say GOAT doesn’t exist (being the reserved guy that he is).

      I think MMAweekly is straddling on the fence here. They wrote a pro-Fedor article (Ronda Rousey). Now they have to write this article to make Dana happy.

  • Chris M

    ppl make me laugh bj penn had a well rounded game years ago before fighters evolved! i think ppl forget how long he has been in the mma scene!

  • Ian Price

    There’s something to be said of Silva’s opinion. BJ Penn normally weighs around 170. There are featherweights who cut from more than that. BJ went up in weight and won. Only 2 have ever done that (he and Couture). Silva has never gone up in weight to take the LHW or HW belt.

    Jesus, BJ even fought in open weight! Against Machida!!

    I don’t think BJ is the all-time #1 fighter, but I do think he’s way, way up there, more than others think. I’m gonna say, based on POUNDS (that’s what P4P should be based on, not just winning):

    1. Anderson Silva
    2. Fedor Emelienenko
    3. BJ Penn
    4. GSP
    5. Jones
    6. Frankie

    If GSP wants to move up past #4 on my list, it’s easy. Move up in weight and take the MW belt from Anderson. Then he’s easily #2 on the P4P list, if not #1.

    Same with Jones: beat Anderson by next year, then move up and clean out the HW division and he’s easily #1 P4P.

    Frankie: for him to get up there, he needs to take the FW or bantamweight belt, then move back up and reclaim either the FW or LW belt. Then he’s easily #2 if not #1.

    I’m not sure there’s anything Anderson can do to take him off the #1 spot right now. Maybe losing to GSP? Or losing to Jones at a 195 catchweight, then Jones cleaning out the HW division. That would probably do it.

    • Supaman

      if GSP moves up and beats Anderson… how would that not make him 1??

      i don’t think he can beat Anderson, b/c of the size difference… he’s not gonna stand w/ Anderson, and would have to shoot, but Anderson will make him shoot from so far that GSP is just gonna eat a knee to the face ala Takanori Gomi vs. Ralph Gracie (minus the extra Pride knees).

      But IF GSP were to beat Anderson, then he’d have to jump to #1. Ahead of Fedor, Anderson, everyone.