Anderson Silva Rushed to Hospital Following Training Session

November 4, 2014
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Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was rushed to a hospital Monday morning in Rio de Janeiro, following a training session at X-Gym.

The incident is not expected to jeopardize his return bout against Nick Diaz at UFC 183 on Jan. 31 in jeopardy.

Anderson-Silva-Vitor-Belfort-UFC-126Silva reportedly felt severe back pain while trying to stand up after a jiu-jitsu training session, according to He was rushed to a hospital after realizing he could no longer had feeling in his legs.

He was cleared and released from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

Dr. Marcio Tannure, the medical director of the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission, told Combate that Silva suffered from severe lower back pain.

“He felt a severe pain because of the contracture,” Dr. Tannure said. “It really hurts a lot, but it won’t change anything in terms of training. The issue he had explains the pain, but won’t get him sidelined or even cancel the bout.”

According to, Silva was diagnosed with a lower back condition called lumbago, which can cause severe pain radiating down the legs, as well as feelings of numbness.

Silva told that he is feeling fine and will return to training shortly.

If he suffers no further setbacks, Silva will face Diaz in a five-round, middleweight headliner on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

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  • Jeorge Perez

    Here we go smh..

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        Ahahahaha. Grammar nazis!!! That’s the most I’ve laughed at a comment on here. I fully agree with you though. It’s quite clear these people read the article fine. Picking out mistakes is all they seem to have in life. Kind of sad really.

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      Personally, I think of MMAWeekly as more of a ‘blog’

      Most of America is barely literate as it is; hardly anyone even notices..

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      What must life be like for someone like you who focus’s on punctuation and grammar misuse in the middle of a story about an mma fighter losing feeling in his legs?? That has to be a mental illness.gud luck budy.

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  • Patoban1985

    shame to think that the GOAT is only going down hill a hope he still competes but am afraid this could be a downward spiral 🙁

    • Seth

      Watch out, man. By calling real greatest of all time “GOAT” here, you will bring here those half-brained and butt-hurted Fedor fans, calling their pro-wrestler GOAT and calling you an idiot 😡

  • Joe

    HGH and TRT were the only things that allowed people to outrun father time, those are out of MMA now. That means a few up and comers are going to make a name off of Anderson, but his best is behind him. That being said, I still think he kicks the $#!+ out of Diaz, and makesonemore run at a a title, he will get a shot, but may not win another one.

  • Darin

    …….and he just signed a 15 fight contract…..

    • TwoFirstNames

      You know he doesn’t HAVE to do all 15 fights right? Plus, that was never officially confirmed by the UFC…

  • ECassious2

    Not a good sign for Silva. One of the saddest things as a fan of combat sports is watching the greats fight on too long. I hope he will know when to call it quits, but I fear he will not.

  • Mike mckinney

    I’m still waiting for the guys who are going to accuse silva of preparing to duck diaz…

    • Scooby

      Do you like penis?

    • kristyahn

      Nahhh, Diaz isn’t a wrestler! I’m not a huge Silva fan, but I dont dislike him either, but he’s going to DESTROY/Finish Diaz. If Silva doesn’t finish Diaz, then he should retire. Diaz makes a decision and loses, that’s still a win for Diaz, unless Silva wins the decision 50-43 or lower. There’s absolutely no reason for Silva not to finish Diaz.