Anderson Silva Pulls Back on Declining Rematch, Wants Time to Ponder Future

July 7, 2013
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Anderson-Silva-UFC-148-Workout-9169Chris Weidman pulled off one of the bigges t upsets in UFC history on Saturday night when he knocked out Anderson Silva at UFC 162 in Las Vegas.

Silva was on a 16-fight winning streak in the Octagon. He held the middleweight championship longer than any fighter in company history. He has more title fight victories on his record than Weidman has fights.

If there was ever a UFC champion that deserved an immediate rematch, it would be Anderson Silva.

UFC president Dana White stated well before the fight that if Silva were to lose, he would be guaranteed an immediate rematch. He didn’t change his tune, even after Silva got knocked out cold early in the second round.

Weidman agreed with White. After calling Silva the “Bruce Lee of mixed martial arts,” he extended the offer of an immediate rematch.

“I just have to say all respect to Anderson Silva,” said Weidman. “I’ll give him an immediate rematch if he wants to do it.”

The offer is most certainly on the table, but Silva isn’t so sure he’s ready to accept.

“No. Chris is the champion now. I finish my work,” Silva commented in the Octagon after regaining his faculties. “I no more fight for the belt. I fight for the belt for a long time. I’m tired.”

That almost sounded like Silva was considering walking away, but he’s not retiring. He recently signed a new 10-fight contract, and just needs some time to consider what he wants for the next step in his illustrious career.

White, however, was emphatic in his belief that in his heart Silva “wanted a rematch more than anything in the world,” but respected Silva’s intent to take a step back and mull things over.

“I want to take some time off and maybe three to four months, think about what I want to do. Really, right now, I can’t think about (a rematch),” Silva explained. “I just want to take some time off, go home, and think about everything and be alone.

“There’s a lot of pressure in defending this title. I defended it for a long time, so I need some time to myself.”

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  • james j

    This will be a huge re-match. Dana and Lorenzo are loving it. I am sure there is a UFC marketing team working on it right now.

  • silvas daddy

    I told y’all so. Everyone asked me if i would change my name after silva won, lol. I will change my name soon, but for now i have to set the example. I told everyone silva ducked weidman til he couldn’t duck any longer. Now we see why!!! I already knew, cause i have faith in a hard working american unlike some of you silva nuthugger traitors that wanted the american to lose cause of your twisted liberal views. I myself feel vindicated in weidmans victory, because of the umwarranted verbal attacks i received from the silva nuthuggers

    • r

      Yeah sure, its because of twisted liberal views that people were against the American… Why is everything so political now. People just jumped on the spiders bandwagon until it was overflowing, because he won, a lot. It has nothing to do with politics. On a side note, if you are a Republican/libertarian, I feel sorry for you. You have a lot of hate in your heart, LET IT OUT!
      Every time you start thinking conservative, just remember the messages of Jesus, especially the Golden Rule. Peace be with you.

      • UFC Nuttthuggeerrr

        well said sir!!! someone needs to get a life and stop taking the ufc sports banter way too seriously.

        • Milosc

          Proletariat don’t take anything seriously

          (Never forget that. Respect yourself)

          That said: The American right/left political paradigm is a double headed coin. Never let anyone play tennis with your mind

          • shakejunt

            precisely, false dichotomies

      • fsunoles10

        haha and being a democrat/liberal is any better? liberals are the biggest hypocrites ive ever seen in my life so you may want to change your thinking. either way this is an mma site so nobodies gives a f*** about your political view.

      • silvas daddy

        Liberals have killed over 56 million american babies thru abortion.they are the baby killing party. Surely Jesus doesn’t agree with these barbaric murders

        • silvas daddy’s mom

          And how many people in the world have been slaughtered in the name of god? How many young men have been f***ed in the mouth in the name of god? You are an ignorant fool LMAO

          Sorry, this was just too much to pass up. I usually don’t partake in these stupid rants on the comments section of these articles…I just couldn’t help myself this time.

          • silvas daddy

            You made absolutely no was more of a rant

        • Silva’s Daddy’s prison rapist

          Abortion should be legal until the fetus is 18 years old.

        • Milosc

          Jesus would have fed, clothed, and taken them into his home

          Nobody uses an inverted star in their party logo by ‘accident’

        • Silva’s Daddy’s prison rapist

          “Liberals have killed over 56 million american babies thru abortion.”

          Soooo …what you’re REALLY saying, is you wish there were 56 million more american liberals. Your subconscious is a liberal!

    • Justin Wiedemeier

      are you a 5 year old?

  • jimminy

    I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this was a fixed match just to get a rematch

    • disqus_RmPHJJgc6B

      learn to accept the reality…its UFC not WWE.

  • UFC Nuttthuggeerrr

    I like both silva and weidman passing of the torch match in my eyes. silva was reckless and weidman capitalised simple really and deserves to where the belt now. do i think weidman will beat a renewed(trt regardless) Belfort i’m not so sure he hung with the No1 P4P bones jones for 4 rounds on like 3 weeks notice so i’m putting money on belfot tko he will be rubbing his hands with this upset looks like ufc middleweight division just got interesting.

  • sfdfd

    I hope silva really takes that rematch. The loss would be easier to accept if he was actually dominated. But the fact is, he lost because he was careless, not because he was outclassed.

    • Drew

      He was outclassed in regards to respect. Silva has a history of disrespected his opponents, this was not the first time he tried pulling that matrix s***. Difference is this time he was facing someone who was of equal ability to him and got caught. Even if he was doing that s*** there is a strong chance Weidman would win.

    • Kyle

      I consider careless and being outclassed as almost the same. Silva was careless, and Weidman outclassed him because of it. Everyone takes Silva’s toying around like he is still somehow winning the fight, when in reality he lost the first round and Weidman was hitting him and dogding Silva’s punches during both rounds when the fight was on the feet. People give Silva far too much credit, and don’t give Weidman nearly enough. Weidman was the first guy to face Silva that actually engaged with him when Silva was playing around. And he paid the ultimate price.

      • nicain

        Yeah I heard Jordan Breen say that too.

      • sfdfd

        I said careless because he obviously has the tools to give a better fight than he did(i.e keeping his hands down almost the whole fight). That’s what I meant by careless. You didn’t see him do that against Chael or vitor. Aside from that, none of that really matters now, Weidman is the new champ. Hopefully they give Vitor or Munoz the next shot.

        • Real

          Munoz already had his shot at Weidman and got completely outclassed. W/out a wrestling advantage, Munoz is toast.

          VITOR is the most deserving if Anderson doesn’t want the rematch.

  • neechie Assassin

    it was a dive!! how much dd silva get paid to lose???

  • David

    Silva should Join the Olympic swim team, because I give that dive a 10!!

    • JT

      How many more times are you going to try that joke out in different comment sections? Just keep writing it until someone says how clever and original you are?

    • Baller31

      Pretty sure swimmers are conscious when they dive…Silva was ktfo!

  • TBag101

    People underestimate the fact that Sensei Seagal was too far away from ring side. The spider was obviously unable to hear the instructions and it led to his downfall. That mistake will be corrected for the rematch!

    • Wes

      Are you fu$%*ng kiddin me

      • Marvin8

        He’s kidding, dude.

        • segal ftw

          no hes not

      • AW

        Are you f-ing STUPID@4599df15a7b6c07274284c6a2d7a5a56:disqus

        • Sensei_jr

          sounds like he is!

    • drkdisciple

      that’s is some funny sht…..I am sure Sensei was yelling front kick and Anderson didn’t hear! lol

    • silvas daddy

      Silvas gorilla kung fu no good

  • Muay Thai

    Chris Weidman won? Its more like Anderson Silva intentionally lost by planting his face his face in Weidman’s fists. The most ridiculous “win/loss” i’ve ever witnessed.

    • MMAreality

      Agreed! Silva Through that fight I lots a little respect for him. I don’t care what Weidman fans say Silva was finished an didn’t care. Weidman will have that belt for about 2 seconds. Whether Vitor takes or Silva decides to actually fight him again.

      • Baller31

        Weidman beats his opponents at their own game, similar to Jones. He outwrestled Munoz, ko’d Uriah Hall, rolled with Maia, and now he ko’d Silva. Damn how much does this guy have to do to get a little respect? Every Silva fan was discounting the Weidman vs Munoz fight and saying Munoz wasn’t 100% and other bs. Weidman just came off of shoulder surgery, imagine what he would have done to Silva without the ring rust.

        • MANNY


    • Baller31

      No, he didn’t intentionally lose, he got beat by a smarter fighter with a better game plan. He does the same things every fight, clowns around and drops his hands, and Weidman was ready for it.
      I guess it’s better to have Longo in your corner than Seagal.

      • Sir_Roy

        You can’t tell me Silva’s fights aren’t suspicious … Forrest? Maia? (He let the fight go 5 rounds. Obvious is obvious). C’mon man, I’m not a conspiracy theory aficionado, but Silva’s fights reek more than a little of “fix” and have for some time. (Not all, but enough of them to evoke suspicion here).

        The comments he made before this fight, the not so subtle “sharing” of the belt in the photo session like he was overtly passing the torch (clear message to me) … I think this was fixed. I think the KO was real, or close enough to it, but intentionally brought about. What are the odds of Silva losing via KO to Weidman I wonder. If I were a betting man, probably enough to bank some very decent coin.

    • Sir_Roy

      Close second to the Forrest dive IMHO. Maia was a pretty rambunctious 5 round circus show as well.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    I wonder what the number one rule in all of martial arts is?

  • Randy Humphries

    i believe this will be like lewis raghman rachman ? fluke ko but an emphatic ko for in the 2nd fighting showing what joke the first figh twas

  • Advance*

    I’m getting sick of people saying Silva gave it away or he wanted to lose. That was exactly how he fought against several opponents. He backed up against the cage with his hands down against Bonnar. He taunted more than he actually fought against Maia. He dodged Forrest’s punches with his hands down. He let Sonnen hit him in the face standing a bunch of times. He’s constantly disrespected opponents and he finally did it against the wrong guy. That was the usual Anderson Silva last night and like Dana said, if he ended up winning we would be talking about how amazing he is for dodging punches and getting in his opponent’s head

  • D-Rock

    The people who say that Silva “took a dive” make me laugh. The money that would’ve been on the table for the superfight(s) would’ve been FAAAAARRRR greater than a rematch with Weidman. Silva had nothing to gain and everything to lose by “taking a dive”. And now that he lost, those superfight(s) are off the table and with it are the giant paydays.

    • disqus_RmPHJJgc6B

      spot on!

    • David

      Silva vs Sonnen 2 was the 2nd biggest event in UFC history. Silva vs Weidman 2 will be the biggest event in UFC history. When Silva Wins the rematch he can fight Jones for a superfight. Then that will be the biggest fight in UFC history. 2 events make more money than 1 don’t you think?

      • Manuel Lopez

        Weidman is superior. If you’re truly a silva fan don’t wish for a rematch. Because WHEN Weidman destroys silva a second time, Silva’s greatness will be tarnished big, and he’ll probably hide for life and you’ll never see him again. Be careful what you wish for.

  • Sean

    Right!!! I’ve never left a comment on hear before because to be honest I feel everyone is entitled to there oppinion and view on any subject and wouldn’t want to directly critasize anyone for what they think….. But there’s a difference between opinion and fact!! Here’s some facts for people who say silva through the fight or took a “dive” yes…. Silva is a great fighter one of the best ( my opinion) …… (Fact) silva posed no threat to Weidman. He got taken down and handed a beating worse than he’s ever had In round one then had a leg lock slapped on him which to his credit he was good enough to get out of! Round 2 Weidman went for one take down and ok he didn’t get it but it was a standard mma take down he tried not a wrestling style take down so please don’t think cos silva avoided one he could have kept on doing so then silva put his hands by his side like he has his hole career even got Weidman to do the same and still couldn’t hit Weidman. Then got knocked out so bad his eyes glazed over and got clouted 3-4 more times if it was a dive he would have moved a bit to naturally try and avoid one or two of them. He was out cold cos Weidman was the better fighter full stop! When silva sat up after you could see in his eyes he got his head knocked off. There was no dive just a better fighter standing opposite him! All credit to silva he’s beat some amazing fighters and is an amazing fighter him self but the fact is Weidman is just as good if not better. Silva said it him self. So maybe all the die hard Anderson fans should do the same and just be gracefull and respect what has happened. The man lost fare And square. Do what your idle did be gracefull and just open your eyes to what happened!

    • disqus_RmPHJJgc6B

      Yes sir, and I agree with you. I think SILVA toyed with every fighter he fought…and Chris MENTAL power is very strong…not for one second he took Silva’s clowning style as a threat, actually he took advantage. Mark my words …”Rematch.., and Chris will finish SILVA again”. Silva is a striker and Chris is a wrestler….how crazy is this that Chris beat silva in his own Striking Game. All Respect to fellow american Mr Chris!!!!

      • nowthatisstrategy

        yep, weidman didnt lose it, rather, he strategized silvas head movements. he threw the left to cock silvas head to the back right, then threw a right to cock silvas head to the back left (then this is the good part) he then threw a weak, fake right again which threw silva off and cocked his head ALL the way back to the right for a perfect left jab with silva having nowhere to dodge to. silva, you just got played.

  • baddawg01

    I think Silva was being disrespectful in his losing speech.
    acting like it was a a load off his shoulders by losing the title.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Silva has been a disrespectful douche for most of his championship reign. Is the reason I never liked him! Great fighter but a true scumbag phonie.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    The UFC nets nearly a Billion Dollars a year…there will never be a dive, the organization is structured to prevent that…as much as we all criticize them

  • KSG

    its weird but it feels like silva lost on purpose. just the way he was in the whole fight and then in the post fight interview. It was as if he wanted some time of and wanted to remove the pressure of being “the champ”.

    • disqus_RmPHJJgc6B

      oh yeah…forgot his fight against Damien Mia, where he did exactly the same thing TO WIN THE FIGHT? he was clowning to get into Chris head and force him to STRIKE instead of wrestling.

  • candelario

    If this is the best Chris, Vitor will be the next champion

    • MANNY



    Silva tried to suck Weidman into his game by being disrespectful, which isn’t the same as actually being disrespectful. I know that sounds weird, be he respected Weidman so much that he knew if he disrespected and got in his head, he could force the fight to be standup rather than Weidman taking him down, and to Silva’s credit, it worked. Weidman stood with him. Silva just got short footed, planted his feet and trying to dodge when they were too close to Weidman, and Weidman knocked him out. It wasn’t arrogance or cockiness, it was just a gameplan to get Weidman into Silva’s world, where Silva should, in theory, dominate him. It is how Silva fights. It’s like using distraction in a fight, or talking smack to get in someone’s head. It was a gameplan, and it didn’t work. Don’t read too much into it. And full credit to Weidman! Silva has used this gameplan against quite a few people, and dominated them.

    • Marvin8

      Agreed 100%. The real question is whether or not Silva has it within himself to drop the antics and keep his hands up for real….. Silva really pissed me off this time because he still left me wondering whether or not Weidman could do it on his own. Props to Weidman, though.

  • dgs

    “No. Chris is the champion now. I finish my work,” Silva commented in the Octagon after regaining his faculties. “I no more fight for the belt. I fight for the belt for a long time. I’m tired.”

    That is kind of heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the kind of pressure it must have been to train like a champion and defend the belt so many times. I can’t imagine the mental and physical toll it must have taken on him. Hell, I train three to four days a week at my MMA gym depending on my time, and there are many weeks where I’m not in the mood to step foot in the gym at all. I think anyone who trains MMA whether for fun, or professionally will understand that.

    Since fighting in the UFC, the longest Silva has gone without fighting is 10 months. The man has fought two to three times a year every year otherwise. I think Silva’s performance last night is the culmination of the mental and physical exhaustion he’s been feeling for some time now. I personally think Silva needs at a minimum, a year off to get his head and body right.

    Regardless if Silva never fights a day in his life again, his spot in this sport’s history is cemented forever. It’s been a privilege watching the man perform for so many years. Thank you Anderson Silva for the amazing fights and the memories!

  • Sorghum Milo

    Too much clowning around on Anderson’s part.

  • silvas daddy

    Chris broke silvas will with pressure, pressure, pressure!!!

  • Josh 7777

    Obviously Silva did not take a dive,had he of taken a dive he would of let wiedmen submit him when wiedmen had him on the ground in the 1st round he was show boating to get in wiedmens head if wiedmen didn’t k.o him he would of won a decision anyways and in the rematch wiedmen will dominate that even more because he will have no ring rust like this time I’m a Silva fan but wiedmen is just tougher guy

  • Josh 7777

    I still think Silva is better p4p than Jones tho,when does Jones move up and fight bigger people than him his best wins are against middle weights like Belfort and sonnen,fighters long past there prime like shogun {look at his fight with colemen} and rampage (Jones was running away the whole time) his only credible wins are rashad who is still questionable I mean come on he barely beat bisping and machida who was winning till he got caught once I see Jones move up to heavy weight and fight someone his own size I will change my mind but I dont see him competing with overeem dos Santos or heavyweight at that

  • Manuel Lopez

    Lol incredible, the ‘silva took a dive’ denial talk here is hilarious. Silva was already losing before the 2nd rnd started, and he didn’t have anything for Weidman in the stand up. So he resorted to his matrix antics and the kid knocked him out!! No conspiracy, just reality.

    • MANNY


      • Manuel Lopez

        You saw what you wanted to see. When he was on top Weidman gave up position to go for a submission. He was that confident. Kudos to Silva for escaping and standing up but at that point he had lost round 1. The 2nd round is where all the silva nuthuggers mistake his posturing, his daring smiles and dropped arms as actual mma moves, when the FACT is he’s not doing anything!! Effectively Weidman kept the eye on the ball and knocked the shit out of silva as he always meant to. Silva LOST! He met the better man that night. You hear a kid like Weidman say that he’s been preparing to face you all his life, you better not f*** around! Silva arrogantly did and paid for it! No dive, no conspiracy, just reality!

  • Sean

    Exactly!! I’m not American but I hope he keeps the belt for a long long time cos to be honest I can’t see anyone beating him for a while. Anderson struggles big time with wrestlers look at what sonnen did to him in the first fight and the first round of the second fight before he threw that stupid back fist. Silva didn’t know what the hell to do. ( and before anyone jumps on the trt wagon. Chael was 0.4% over the limit) Anderson never had a crackt rib and even if you want to believe he did just look at the first round of the second fight! My point is silva struggles with wrestlers and even if there was a rematch Weidman will just beat him again. Might take a little longer but he took all sivas punches and just brushed them off like they were nothing. People can say what they want but if there is a rematch Weidman has all the skills and technique to get the same result. Silva couldn’t get the job done. End of story.

  • Ricardo Ritz Cardoso

    he reminds me Consuela from Family Guy speaking…

  • ronbo

    whats funny is……. the rematch will make him look even dumber cuz wiedman will remember silvas antics and remember how it almost took him out of his game plan. wiedman is here to stay for a very long time so get use to it. if i were silva id look to a super fight or move in wieght cuz getting beat by chris twice in a row. and for you grammar fktards…..dont even!!!

  • Rtomas

    Silva just got tired. Nobody could ever win over him ever if silva wanted to. Weidman will not be a champion for long time. Silva just wanted to do something. He has been a champion for a long time. It was just a lucky win. Enjoy it while it last.

  • micentay harris

    Lets be honest here what will CW do as champ he will lose against vitor or anderson and it makes me sick to see some of you say he’s better den anderson he hit a lucky punch yea he took him down but anderson got right back up and could of finished him anytime he wanted to. Maybe anderson through the fight or maybe wiedman got lucky but one thing for sure he’s not better than anderson most of you guys are just plain stupid silva was clearly playing around doing the fight. Did anybody say serra was better than GSP? No did anybody say bigfoot silva was better than Fedor? F*** no and both GSP and Fedor came n there fighting hard without playing around and lost anderson played around and all the hate for silva why? He beat sonnen twice he went up a division and fought he fought a guy who only had 9 fights cuz all yall bitched about it not to metion everything else he’s done in the octagon hell GSP ducked hendricks ti fight a guy who lost his last fight (diaz) and jones ducked machida to fight a guy he’s going to take down and submit but you guys won’t talk about that. Or frankie edgar who should of been fighting cub swanson but fights olivera who was ko’ed by swanson and edgar still couldn’t finish him but yet you guys are ready to say he deserves aldo again silva has fought everybody you guys bitch about but you guys still hate on him

  • Dhiradj

    To me it was clear Silva did not want to win this fight, otherwise it would be another victory for him.
    A fighter like Silva does not need an instruction like ” front kick”, that is ridiculous.