Anderson Silva Plans to Keep Fighting, Calls Out Himself (UFC 148 Post Video)

July 8, 2012
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LAS VEGAS – UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva met with the press following his rematch victory over Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 in Las Vegas.

Despite clearing out his division, Silva has no intention of retiring anytime soon, even calling out his next opponent… himself.

Check out’s UFC 148 post-fight press conference video of Anderson Silva…

  • samflchr

    I wouldn’t retire either not with Dana still blowing him early stoppage was crazy people spend a lot of money to watch fights I’ve never see anything like it he was punching him in the arms but I hope they made plenty of money

    • smill0313

      When a fight is stopped early the fighter in question usually stands up and complains, instead of laying on the ground in a heap.

    • A FIGHTER MUST INTELLIGENTLY DEFEND HIMSELF. chael sonnen was in the fetal position sure most of the shots were not landing direct but he wasn’t going to advance position anderson was raining down shots. sonnen didn’t respond so it was a clean stoppage.

      • rsnowbass

        Clean stoppage? What fight were you watching? Granted Silva was going to win regardless but to state that was a clean stoppage is uneducated and idiotic. Those punches were defended but the spinning elbow / backfist to me showed desperation BUT!!! U really think if that were Anderson on the receiving end…it would have been stopped that easily??????

        I think you’re hugging Silva’s nuts a little too tight.

        • lol i think you need to take sonnens out your mouth. it was a clean stoppage if you dont defend and advance position you get stopped.

        • lol i think you need to take sonnens out your mouth. it was a clean stoppage if you dont defend and advance position you get stopped. last time i checked the fetal position wasn’t intelligently defending jackass

        • elguapo

          Come on man, of course it was a good stoppage. Sonnen was turtled up, failed to get up straight away and had no complaints to the ref immediately after, it was a simple decision to make for the ref.

        • TKD

          @ rsnowbass: What fight were you watching? There was never a question about the stoppage. You are just fixated on Sonnen’s WWE style, so you can’t see what is in front of your face.

    • TKD

      samflchr, you are an idiot!

  • gnodeb

    referee had to stop the fight, not because of Silva doings but because Sonnen stop defending himself, he gave up… again…

  • take1

    I was disapointed in with the whole card. UFC wont get my $45 until JDS/Cain and Penn/McDonald.
    I would like to see Jones/Hendo but so far thats the only fight worth watchng on that card.
    Forrest should retire with Tito also.
    The FX Prelims were not even worth the free part of it.
    Also it looked to me like Andersons knee was intended for the face but deflected down to the chest by sonnens arms.

  • pooby

    Mr. Silva,

    I was promised broken arms, legs, and teeth. I was promised that Mr. Sonnen would be leaving on a stretcher and would require plastic surgery.

    You failed to deliver on all counts.



  • Booker T

    Time to fight Jones. Make it on the same night as the Hendo fight. Jones could beat both on the same night.

    • jonnypatrick

      Silve will never fight Jones, he is scared. I think that it’s time for Rashad Evans to drop to 185 and take the belt from Silva. I am not even a fan of Rashad but he would be a beast at 185 lbs, he is a small LHW as it is. He would destroy Silva or anyone else that stepped in the cage with him at 185.

      • TKD

        I say bring back Kenflo to fight Silva. He’d have as much of a chance as Retard Evans.

        • jonnypatrick

          TKD, I believe you are the retard. I imagine you think that Silva won the fight and it was impressive. I give him his credit for winning the fight but it was not impressive at all. Rashad has way better striking than Sonnen and his wrestling is as good. I just wish you would quit deepthroating Silva on your posts! It gets rather annoying.

          • shereko

            Yeah then after Jones fights Silva they should put him in against the heavyweights as is and not give him a couple years to bulk up… put him right in against JDS. Then I’m guessing that Jones wouldn’t want to, so he’d be “scared”… Obviously you just want Silva hurt so you might as well put him in a cage with 2 Tigers, and one Alligator… Silva would take out Rashad just like he did your boy Sonnen.

          • jonnypatrick

            Shereko, I don’t want Silva hurt I just want him to fight. Guys like Sonnen make him fight because they aren’t scared of him. He did take out Sonnen with an illegal knee! So you don’t make another uneducated reply I want you to know that I admitted I was wrong earlier. Silva won, no I still don’t think he is the best PFP fighter but he won the fight. Rashad would finish Silva, FYI

          • Booker T

            Right on jonnypatrick.

        • RubeKegal

          TKD noone likes you, now die of gonorrhea

  • First of all Sonnen was over confident and that cost him the fight. Say what you want to about Silva he is always dangerous always. What was up with the flashy back fist, he fell down and Silva jumped on him. early stoppage or not i am sure that a minute or so in the fight would have been over.

    I had a lot of emotion going into this fight and i really wanted Sonnen to win, i just love this guy and he had all the talent in the world to beat Silva. But is last fight against Biesping he gased and played the stand up game, i also felt that fight could have gone both ways he won a very close decision.

    If Sonnen would have stuck to is game plan from the first fight he would have won, he takes down Silva like no other and he is not even able to defend.

    Has for Silva i respect him he is the best MMA fighter right now, since Fedor lost and is now retired, and GSP is out for now. There is no more competition for Silva at 185, people think that Munoz can give some good, but at some point Silva will beat him too.

    Silva should go up to 205 and fight with Jon Jones (Jones can never make 185 he is has slim has he can be at 205) or Dan Henderson can cut back down to 185 and fight Silva.

    Other then that Silva will stay at 185 and keep piling on the cash. People hate Silva but they need to realize that he is that good.

    I had faith in Belfort that he would flurry him and KO him but Silva got the front kick and KO him.

    Biesping could give him a go for is money but even then.

    • shereko

      Silva walks around at about 210… Jones walks around over 235… yup sounds fair, I think the Co-Main Event should be GSP goes in against Jose Aldo… That should be a good fair one too. LOL This isn’t the old UFC with no weight classes.

      Plus Silva has already beaten Henderson, the result would be the same. Bisping is a good striker but, doesn’t have the ability to out strike Silva, Munoz has a great ground and pound and obviously a great wrestler, he might be the best chance at beating Silva… though I still see Silva retiring as a champion since he’s 37 now.

      • RubeKegal

        cry more bitchboy

        • shereko

          Tell me where thats crying?? Plus you’re a moron get out of the basement of your moms house once in a while.

  • RubeKegal

    Anderson is a punk, he won’t fight Jones or anyone who is better. Lyoto destroys him in sparring, so what does Anderson do? He becomes best friends with the guy. Same with Jones, Jones used to call out Anderson in interviews but Anderson kissed Bones’ arse and now Bones doesnt want to fight him. Sonnen was a decent challenge but the only challenge he had. He wants to fight flatfooted Leben’s and guys with great jiu jitsu and HORRIBLE wrestling like the Maia’s and Leites’ of the world.

    He is brazilian when it’s convienient, while he is living in his Beverly Hills mansion.

  • shereko

    He doesn’t pick fights retard… thats Joe Silva not Anderson Silva hahaha you’re a doucher but, thats common knowledge, and you mouth off to anyone outside your moms basement you’d get beat like a single mom in a trailer park, yet you think you’re tough cause you’re on a MMA forum…