Anderson Silva Pays Emotional Visit to 12-Year-Old Wheelchair-Bound Fan (video)

April 2, 2013
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Anderson Silva UFC 90In an effort to help boost the spirits of his 12-year-old patient, Joao Pedro, Dr. Eduardo Picanço enlisted UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. The champ paid a visit to the young man, who happens to be a huge fan of Silva and is normally quite active, but has bound to a wheelchair for the past nine months due to a disease effecting his femur.

It’s a fairly emotional video, and a good reminder that there’s a lot more to life than the day to day minutia…

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  • bmc92

    nice video:)

  • $16561994

    That’s a nice video. Props to Anderson. But right now I got something stuck in my eye.

    • Mark McDowall

      Me too…stupid allergies!

  • guy

    Anyone know portugese and wanna give us a rough translation of what hes telling the kid? Awesome vid. 🙂

    • Lucas Freire

      Anderson:-What’s up bro?
      -Don’t cry,come on. Give me a hug.

      -How are you? Are you fine? Let’s get better? Come on,give a hug.

      -I’m here,come on let’s get better!
      -Let’s take a photo!

      -Look here what I brought for you,a signed glove…Let me tell you something:

      – You have to do something for all of us,you gotta do your best to get better fast. Minotauro went through something just like this and now he’s better…he’s fighting now! You gotta give it your best. I’m gonna talk to Minotauro’s doctor to help you too.

      -Don’t cry,let’s get better! Be happy! Let’s get better so that we can train together. But remember not to choke the old man here.

      • Sir_Roy

        Thanks for the translation Lucas.

        What better way to use your fame, power and notoriety … knowing that 5 minutes of your day can change a person’s life, a child’s life, forever. If only more of us were so inclined.

        Good job. Reminds us that there is no better time spent than an encouraging word or deed used in the service of others. Something we forget all too often in our day to day …

        • Marco Vera

          This is then main reason why some fame is important, because it can be inspiring to have a highly achieved figure to look up to and want to emulate

      • Andrew Hefner

        Thanks for the translation, jeeze I’m tearing up again. G.O.A.T is a stand up guy and a real life super hero.

  • Wolf Ticket

    I really hope the kid will get better. Being bound to a wheelchair at the age of 12 is one of the toughest things one may go through. Thanks Anderson for reminding us about the importance of not being selfish.

  • minato

    I was rooting for weidman but now i want silva to win

  • how can anyone dislike the video… its official there are atleast 20 cvnts in the world. wow

  • Gary

    WOW! Just WOW! How powerful we can be when we pay it forward and give of ourselves — especially when you’re a famous person who can step up! Congratulations, Anderson Silva, for making such a monumental contribution to that little boy’s life. You’re a big man in AND out of the octagon!

  • Col Bob

    That is what makes a champion a GREAT champion. Well done, Silva!

  • NumberOneSoulBrother

    Anderson is a stand up guy. He is a family man with kids and knows how important these things are to kids.

  • Csuun09

    You should not use the term “wheelchair bound” to describe this boy.

  • 954mmalvr

    damn allergies