Anderson Silva Opens as the Odds-On Favorite in UFC 168 Rematch with Chris Weidman

July 14, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman UFC 162 staredownFormer UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva may have lost his belt, but he hasn’t lost his favored betting status, although it has taken a hit.

Now that the rematch is set and Weidman vs. Silva II is signed for UFC 168 on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the odds are coming out for fight number two.

Silva, despite the upset loss to Weidman at UFC 162, is still the favored fighter, with the odds opening at -140 for Silva compared to +100 for Weidman, according to the line set by’s Nick Kalikas.

The -140 number means that Silva is favored and that you’d have to place a $140 bet on him to win $100, should he win the rematch. The +100 on Weidman means that you would have to wager just $100 on Weidman to win $100 if he again defeated Silva.

That’s a bit of a drop from the first fight, where Silva opened at -215 (bet $215 to win $100), while Weidman opened at +165 (bet $100 to win $165). The first fight closed with Silva at -240 (bet $240 to win $100) and Weidman at +220 (bet $100 to win $220).

That’s to be expected since Weidman won the first fight, proving that he can beat Silva.

“The first time around I opened Anderson Silva -215. This time around the line is significantly lower, but Anderson is still coming in as a slight betting favorite,” Kalikas said on “I’m opening him at -140, with the comeback on Chris Weidman at +100.

“I have a feeling a lot of the general betting public will support Silva because they feel Weidman’s win was a fluke. But I think you can make the argument for Weidman actually coming in as a slight favorite, as stylistically he still matches up very well with Silva and now he has the confidence backing it up coming off that knockout win.”

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  • Kickass

    it will be hell of event for UFC financial wise & fan fav as well fixed or not they had put it very nicely.
    i am expecting Silva to recaptured his crown & go on 2014 with good hope for super fights. i know Dana gonna pull this out somewhere in near future..

  • Golgothan

    Now that Anderson has gained a little Humble Pie courtesy of a well-placed and timed left hook, he can do what should have been easy to do.

    • dgs

      Absolutely agree. As I’ve been saying on quite a few other threads (yes, I sound like a broken record), if Anderson has his head screwed on straight and his heart in the fight, Weidman is done as a champion. I predict there will be no Silva clowning around this time, no sticking his chin out there with his hands down, just all business. I think we’ll see the same Silva who destroyed Rich Franklin when he was at the top of his game, twice in a row no less.

      If Weidman beats that version of Anderson Silva, then I will be impressed. But just like Dos Santos vs Velasquez 2, I believe the outcome will be very different this time around, with total domination by Silva.

  • South.NZ.MMA

    For all none believers that Anderson is not the G.O.A.T odds beg to differ : )

    • champ weidman

      Or the odds makers are nuthuggers like you ,dgs, golgothan and muai thai food.

      • silvas daddy’sDaddy

        you changed your name lol

      • silent_nick

        The oddsmakers don’t predict who is going to win. Their job is to set a line that will get the same amount of money bet on both sides. So no, if they’re hugging anyone’s nuts, it’s the nuts of the gaming industry that they make billions of dollars for.

        • Joe

          Most relevant comment on this article, oddsmakers are never a prediction of who will win, it is designed to go towards public opinion to get equal dollar amounts bet on both fighters. Anyone thinking that oddsmakers are the specialist to determine who is favored to win a fight is buying into the marketing plan of the oddsmakers.

  • Timothy Malone

    Going to be an awesome fight. I didnt think Weidman had a chance before but was definitely wrong and won’t make the same mistake again. Still, I think the odds are indeed in Silva’s favor.

  • Baller31

    Odds are Weidman wins by submission this time

  • Advance*

    I expect Weidman to stick with the grappling plan that he started the first fight with. It’s not like that wasn’t working

    • Dragon Kid

      Weidman only got one or two takedowns while the rest were stuffed. Clearly it didn’t work for him after 5 mins that’s why he played Silva’s game

      • me

        are u dense – he literally only attempted 2 td’s – 1 of which was just a half-hearted attempt – before silva went stupid he was taken down with ease and brutally gnp’d – the only reason he got up at all was weidman’s silly leglock attempt – we all knew silva was better on the feet – the ease with which he got worked on the ground should be what you’re paying attention to

        • DamianCross

          Nothing stupid about it. Silva had his hands low so he could stop the takedown in the first place. If he goes into a rematch with his hands high, its gonna be Silva/Sonnen 1 without the triangle or the stupid spanking.

  • Marc Livingood

    Weidman will destroy Anderson again you guys are all wacked I predicted a second round knock out and I was right. Weidman isn’t Forest he isn’t Bonner he isn’t going to do a spinning back elbow and fall on his ass he isn’t going to pose like Vitor and wait for a kick to the face. This one will end in the first round if weidman didn’t drop back for a knee bar it would have ended in the first round last time a pretty ballsy move being that no one has been stopped by knee bar since UFC 30. By the way Alexander will destroy Jon Jones too these guys are effective until they match up against some one with their size and length and equal skills.

    • deepgrim

      frank mir knee barred brock lesnar

      • David Huenecke

        Pretty sure it was an ankle lock. Not 100% sure. They both tend to look the same in the heat of the fight

        • Cptmats

          It was a knee bar !

        • Werdoomb

          it was a knee bar you doombarse.

    • tyrone

      You certainly know what you are talking about. I predicted 1st rd ko by weidman via gnp. Im glad he won, but for a wrestler to ko a great striker just proves weidman is a striker as well.

  • christopher Breuer

    I think Chris Weidman is going to take the second fight to especially if he shows up like he did for the first one but it looks like everybody’s going against him.

    • mma wizard

      You guys really think that weidman can beat
      Anderson? Give me a break don’t let me lol.
      He was toying with him and got clipped.
      He never came in that fight focused as u can
      See. My prediction he’s going to get lit like a cigar in the rematch. By a focused anderson
      Silva, he didn’t take that fight serious and got
      Cought. You’ll see the rematch, so let weidman enjoy his rental of the ufc belt. I’m not taking
      Nothing from weidman, respect for the lucky
      Shot. But I really don’t think he can beat and
      Dominate that man.

  • tyrone

    I got to bet on weidman and get me some of that easy money!!! At first fight, the first 3 minutes silva did no clowning and got pummeled then silva started showboating and got pummeled some more. Silva also trained 4 months for the fight and weidman barely trained because of recovering fron surgery.weidman should be even more dominant.,shoulder should be stronger and 1 st fight weidman believed he could manhandle silva and on rematch he knows he can. The exterminater has crushed the spider. Weidman a great american.america america G O D shed his grace on thee, america america …

    • George Zimmerman

      English, do you speak it??

  • Mike McKinney

    Ufc and MDMA in general used to be pretty easy to bet on. Especially if you follow the sport, and understand betting.
    Not so much anymore. It gotten to be pretty tough. Vegas has become much smarter. Ufc 162 was really tough. The only fight that was really out of line was the Edgar fight, but that was still a tough bet given Edgar being the favorite anyway.
    I attended ufc 148, and ufc 162. Even 148 had some nice lines. 162 was brutal. You couldn’t even place a wager you’d feel good about.

    From a fighting note, even the first takedown Chris got wasn’t all that clean. Silva defended well, but tried to roll over the top and spin off. He almost pulled it off. I get people being a fan of Chris. I get people even thinking he matches up well, but when picking true favorites, you must do it with your head, not your heart. It’s honestly really hard to bet against silva. He has the ability to beat anyone, and to do it quickly.
    What will be interesting is if Silva wins, lets say by 2nd round ko. What will the odds on the rubber match be. Unless they do go the super fight route, you’d have to assume Chris would get a rematch. Also, I Gsp, and jones are fighting in a similar time frame. That might be part of the rush to get the fight going at 168. Or it might be the ufc trying to get the rematch done while the first fight is still fresh on everyone’s mind.

    • South.NZ.MMA

      Yes now someone that knows what their talking about! thank you!!!

      • nlb

        its too bad you can’t respond back with proper grammar

        • Berry


  • silvas daddy

    Munoz and silva used to train together and munoz was dominating sessions, so much so that munoz started calling out silva.silva acted like he was in shock and said we are friends, i dont understand. Silva was ducking munoz, then silva watched weidman destroy munoz and he started ducking weidman til forced to fight his number one contender. Now we all see why silva ducked weidman. Lol.silva dont stand a chance. Silva has about as much a chance as his nuthuggers do at accepting he lost fair and square and that aint gonna happen. Lets hear it nuthuggers? I expect velasquez to respond immediately, probably under a different name.

    • shakejunt

      you make everyone else that had faith in chris look dumb and arrogant

      it’s been a week, you can calm down now.

    • solo

      Seriously??? Dude, if you’re able to write different s*** than that, maybe we could have some conversation. But i guess you’re unable to do that. Listen, im not like you. I have no reason to hate any fighter. I f****** hate the fans who are booing the fighter! You’re probably one of those “fans”. I admire almost every fighter in the UFC. This sport is my passion, i have my favorite fighters and i root for them. I wasnt hating on Weidman at any point. He beat Silva, i can deal with that. I mean Anderson can, why the hell i cant. And if he can beat him in a rematch again, he has my respect FOREVER. But the question is, can you if Anderson wins…

      • Marcua Miles

        Pay no mind to that fool. He is just a trolling retard that has nothing better to do with is time but to call everyone the same name over and over and over again. He used a Cheal Sonnen quote to dis me on another thread. The dude is unoriginal.

  • DamianCross

    $500 says Silva gets injured and they have to cancel the fight. Anyone?

    • tyrone

      Thats right, because of lack of confidence after that thrashing

  • silva says

    Silva said, “chris weidman is the best mw in the world! I no more fight him i fight anyone but him. I tired, chris is the best, respect new champion hes the greatest ever

  • gograd

    silva handed the belt to weidman , and weidman knows it he just pretended like he really beat up silva but deep inside he knew he was screwed by silva , EMPTY win by chris Weidman , chris was juts trying to show he was happy and pretend that he was the Man, poor weidman he was just taken for a ride by anderson , gullible hahahaha

    • Baller31

      You are delusional

    • Werdoomb

      I want you to bet your entire savings on Silva if you truly believe that. You won’t. Not only because you have no savings but because you are just a sh*t talker that can’t back sh*t up.

      • Berry

        I’m betting a lot on Silva, to win and also to win by KO/TKO. I’m getting much better odds though, Silva at -110

        • Angelos Marinos

          hope you did not waste your money,cause weidman proved to be more then an odds braker.