Anderson Silva Opens as Astronomical Favorite Over Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153

September 13, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 148Anderson Silva is stepping in on short notice to face Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153, but that doesn’t mean the champion is coming in as any less of a favorite.

According to oddsmaker Nick Kalikas from, Anderson Silva will open as one of the biggest favorites in UFC history when he faces Bonnar on Oct 13 in his native Brazil.

Silva comes in as a whopping -1350 favorite over Stephan Bonnar, who comes back as a +850 underdog.

With Silva coming in as a -1350 favorite in this fight, it makes him approximately a 93-percent favorite in this upcoming UFC main event.

Over the years there have been some astronomically huge odds in terms of favorites and underdogs, such as when Fedor Emelianenko faced Mark Coleman in Pride in October 2006 or when Antonio Rogerio Nogueira faced Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou in Pride (which Sokoudjou actually ended up winning).

Kalikas also tells that these are the largest odds in favor of Anderson Silva ever.

“Essentially, nobody is giving Stephan Bonnar a shot in this fight, and the odds reflect that,” said Kalikas. “If the public starts coming in on Anderson Silva, the odds may end up even higher.”

Anderson Silva faces Bonnar in the new main event at UFC 153 in Brazil on Oct 13.

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  • thai plum sauce

    I will laugh so hard if Bonnar beats A Silva!!! I will root for it because I like Rocky stories. I got nothing against A Silva, and as a matter of fact, he is one of my favorite fighters. However, I want to see a huge upset…and see how it would affect the MMA world…

    • WhiteboyGBJJ

      Ditto, I was thinking the same thing!

  • This fight sucks for Silva b/c like you say can you imagine if Bonnar beats him. He does have a fighters chance. I can’t imagine everything Silva has accomplished and the roll he’s been on being destroyed by a guy stated he’s retiring if he doesn’t get a big fight. Like he deserves a big fight. Didn’t really win TUF, tested positive in a rematch with Griffin and only twice went on a three win streak in the UFC. B.S. This is one of very very few times I’m not happy with a decision the UFC has made.

    • KBEsq

      Exactly, which is why Silva should get credit for this fight instead of insults. He really has nothing to gain from this fight.

      I don’t really like this fight either because I think if they’re going to use Silva, they should give him an opponent we want to see.

      I’m sure Silva had a lot to say about his opponent with the level of notice, but I don’t fault the guy for that. He’s trying to save a card with this fight. Not improve the perception of his abilities.

      • dtea


  • People were saying Jones shouldn’t have taken the Sonnen fight because it was lose-lose. Well this is REALLY lose-lose but Silva took it because he’s a true fighter at heart, and because he has ultimate confidence in his abilities. You have to now question whether Jones has those qualities.

    • wonggfan

      dude, you are d*mb.

      lose-lose doesn’t make sense if the chance of loss is substantially high.

      It’s all about expected outcome.

      You take [gain] X [change of winning] + [loss] x [chance of losing]. If the figure is more than zero, you SHOULD take the fight.

      The gain is almost nothing for Silva except for money. The loss would be nothing in terms of money (in fact my theory is that Anderson’s next fight would sell because people want to see “return of the king” matches) but in terms of legacy it will make a dint (although I DOUBT it will make a substantial dint since most people would just laugh at the loss and not take it seriously). The probably of Silva winning is greater than 90%.

      SO you do the math you ret@rd.

    • JesseShredderMalloy

      Its not really lose lose because this fight is going to be at 205, and therefore NOT for Anderson’s Middleweight title. Jones would still have been putting his title on the line.

      • youdosuck

        Plus its not 8 days from fight night. This fight serves no purpose.

  • Iamrozylo

    +850?? Wow! I always said I’d never bet against Anderson. Those odds though.. Hmmmm…

    • maddawgmar

      I agree I’ll put a 20 on it. I have no ambitions of seeing that 20 again but hey just maybe a Serra moment.

  • lawrensco


    I think I’ll be throwing a little bit down for those odds.

  • joeyjoejoejrshabidu

    You have to be a complete wanker to not be rooting for Bonnar in this one.

    • MaritalArtist

      Go Bonnar!!!

  • demetriousgonzalz

    i thought ufc didnt do freak shows i should sign up maybe i could fight jon jones next lmao this is a joke i dont ever want to hear anything about prides fight cards from dana again

    • Exactly. I for one don’t mind these kind of fights if they’re entertaining, and I loved Pride, but it is pretty hypocritical of White

  • shakejunt

    jones opened at what, -1700 over vitor?

    who’s really the bigger underdog here?

    • MikeMc1983

      The same oddsmaker opened jones at -925. Belfort was +625.
      There were other books that opened later and higher.
      Bonnar is, and should be a bigger underdog, though both seem like they got a much better chance than the odds say.
      Remember the odds are based on what money they expect to come in. Not the actual odds of a fighter winning. Oddsmakers are evaluating the public perception more than they are the fight.

  • demetriousgonzalz

    u sound like a broken record same posts all the time we get it u THINK he can win and i THINK i can free climb mount everest

    • MaritalArtist

      Mt Everest is not that hard to climb. K2 and Mt McKinley are much harder. Any MMA fighter in shape can free climb Everest. Not kidding. All you need is like 15 grand for travel and guides, etc. I have not done it yet….

      • demetriousgonzalz

        i said i couldnt you retard

      • Jay32

        ” Mt Everest is not that hard to climb ” ? You must be Apa Sherpa then, are you? Very few people climb any mountain without rope, and high altitude summits without oxygen. The list is so small you could count them on your fingers and toes. Being in shape does not mean you can climb a mountain. You need months of training and experience. There are zero professional fighters that could climb Everest without oxygen and rope. Especially without any long history of experience in mountaineering. You can be the most fit athlete in the world, your body and brain will still shut down because of the altitude. You have ZERO control of that, and the only reason why ” Sherpa’s ” can climb everest without ropes or oxygen is simply because of the elevation they live at ” Tibet ” and the 10-20yrs of experience climbing the mountain. You cannot control the damage elevation does to your body at 20,000 feet. Being physically fit has nothing to do with it.. You need to seriously re-evaluate the bullshit you post..

        Price to climb Everest is 15K? Try 20-35k for a permit and about another 20-35k for training,equipment,sherpas and a guide.

  • This fight has no allure whatsoever!! The UFC has put together some awful main events lately!! At least I’ll be saving some money!! Bonnar has a puncher’s chancebu Silva dismantled Forrest Griffin and Bonnar did awful against Jon Jones who is a similar caliber fighter than Silva. This is mainly the UFC throwing a bone at Bonnar, one of their favorites. Once again, it is proven that the UFC is just a corporation in the American industry. Oh, and whatever happened to giving title shots to the number one contenders??? (i.e. Weidman) This main event has horrible decisions written all over it!!!!

    • Anderson isn’t going to fight or defend at 185 without a camp.

      He’ll fight at 205 to help the company (and make $$$$) since he doesn’t need to cut weight (or in this case train)

      think before you post

    • JAVbal1633

      Nothing happened to giving it #1 contenders. First of all this isnt for a title shot. Its for basically a last resort to keeping a card going for a foreign crowd. #2 You think Weidman is a #1 contender based on what?

  • pooby

    1. Congratulations to Anderson for taking this fight. This is how all champions should behave.

    2. I give Bonnar better odds than what is shown here. Bonnar is slow and unskilled compared to Anderson, but damn is he tough. Has Bonnar ever been finished? I don’t recall that ever happening, even the whooping Jones threw on him didn’t stop him from coming forward. He’s also not a stupid fighter, this will not look like Griffin v. Silva.

    Bonnar has a ton of heart and after this fight maybe he’ll finally get the recognition for it.

    A lot of people are saying this fight will suck. I’m hyped for it. This could end up being a big suprise for many people.

    • Lyoto finished him (doctor stoppage round 1 think)

      but you are right, Bonnar is tough as all hell and nearly impossible to put away. He will in all likelihood take the beating of a lifetime, but he will last, maybe even go the distance.

      -and who knows, maybe he gets unbelievably lucky and grabs an arm on the ground and pulls a kimora off. It is not likely by any shape of the imagination, but possible.

  • JesseShredderMalloy

    When was it announced that Weidman earned the number one contender spot?

  • drewnathan

    Bonnar is going to try to wrestle him to the mat and use his ground game, he’s not going to try to brawl with Silva. This is Bonnar’s best chance to try to steal a couple of rounds. I think it’s intriguing that Bonnar has never been submitted, knocked out, or TKO’d. Every loss he’s had has been by decision (and one by cuts). He’s got a chin and he will not be easy to finish. I’m taking Silva by UD.

  • Did writing in caps make your opinion feel stronger? lol … Yes I’m sure Anderson Silva, undefeated in the UFC, a guy who went up to 205, is afraid of a guy who’s had nine fights total and barely beat Maia a guy who went down to 170. And I like Weidman, strong wrestling and improved boxing but fans like you are delusional if you think Anderson Silva is afraid of anyone. I don’t think he would be the p4p best fighter if he was afriad, or take a fight up in weight again. Use your common sense when making comments, it’s a bad rep for the sport.

  • fsunoles09

    i would prolly say since rampage is injured that glover texeria would be a better option, we could see what that guy is truly about. but yea this is a pretty dumb fight for the ufc to make but with the odds where they r ima just throw 20 or 30 on it for the hell of it.

  • b-soc

    Its worth putting down $50 on this fight, knowing it is $50 you are going to loose, but look at the potential for return if there happens to be an upset!!!!