Anderson Silva on GSP, “This is New Georges. This is New; I Like It!”

November 18, 2012
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Anderson Silva UFC 90UFC middleweight Anderson Silva – the center of much speculation surrounding a superfight involving Georges St-Pierre – was Octagonside at UFC 154 at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Saturday night to witness St-Pierre’s return to fighting after more than a year and a half out of action.

He liked what he saw.

“This is new Georges. This is new; I like it,” said Silva in an interview with Fuel TV following the fight.

St-Pierre had to go the distance with Carlos Condit, but he fought through being dropped by a head kick to dominate the fight, re-establishing himself as the undisputed UFC welterweight champion.

With all the talk of the superfight, many assumed it was a given if St-Pierre won the fight. It may happen, but UFC president Dana White already said that he’s going to give GSP a little time to recuperate before broaching the subject with him. Fuel TV, however, broached the subject with Silva on Saturday night, and he was definitive in his response. He wants to fight Georges St-Pierre… in his next fight.

“Yeah, this is my plan, but it’s not my decision,” said Silva.

One area where he might differ from White, and one of the reasons why the UFC president said the bout was far from a done deal, is negotiations over factors such as timing.

White indicated that he would like to see the fight happen at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, and as soon as May of 2013. Silva isn’t quite so sure about that. He likes the location, but timing weighs on his mind.

“No. I need time for training. I need time for preparation for this fight,” he responded when asked about a May timeframe.

The questions about a superfight will continue to swirl until steps are made toward each man’s next fight. The ball seems to be in St-Pierre’s court, however, as Silva has lobbied for the fight, and on Saturday night, confirmed once again, it is the fight he wants.

Watch Anderson Silva’s post-UFC 154 Fuel TV interview below…

  • Thats because he dont want no parts of Jon Jones. GSP is easy for Silva and thats why he wants it.

    • El Gvapo

      GSP is most certainly not easy for Anderson. Chael troubled Anderson with his wrestling and GSP is ten times the fighter sonnen is. I think silva would win but I’m only 65:35 in his favour.

      • GoNoles

        but is he 10 times the wrestler? and is he10 times as strong as chael? those are the real questions, plus his stand up looked aite but by no means great and if comes in the cage like that against silva there is no chance for gsp.

      • andyman07

        GSP is a better overall fighter than sonnen but not a better wrestler and not even close. in fact is sonnen and gsp were to fight I’d put my money on sonnen. not to mention the strength difference. besides sonnen had success when anderson had hurt ribs and sonnen was on roided up. did you not see what happened to chael in the second fight?

        • GoNoles

          my point exactly gsp wont be able to get silva down and its gonna be a devastating ko

  • Darin

    Wait! How can someone interview Silva without Bed Soares by his side to translate?! Oh that’s right, Anderson speaks fluent English….. I hope he continues this and cuts the crap with Soares translating everything.

    • Solidmemory

      I think his English is not that great. That’s why he uses Soares sometimes.

    • andyman07

      cause when he is interviewed without ed soares anderson’s answers to questions are usually no more than 3 words. seriously if the guy isn’t comfortable answering questions in what is a foreign language to him why does everyone criticize that? o wait that’s right cause that’s the only thing they can criticize anderson on

  • dd

    or maybe he wants gsp first then jon jones..which makes sense business wise..

  • Timothy Malone

    Five months isn’t enough time to train? Really?

    • adam1848

      Just depends on what the weight is…at 185 I agree that is plenty of time, but from what I’ve been hearing it might be closer to 178, and in that case, for a guy who already cuts a lot to get to 185, I understand if he wants additional time to take off those lbs safely and without too much struggle. For a normal guy an extra 7lbs is nothing, but for a guy who is already very lean and a big MW at that, it is significant. But even still, he doesn’t need a year. I’d say May at the earliest, August at the latest. Any more time than that is just extended vacation.

  • Dave

    i would prefer to see him fight Jon Jones, i don’t really care who loses i just want to see one of those lose….

    and May is not enough time to Silva to train??? WTF is this BS, it’s 6 months!!!

    • andyman07

      right cause fighters have no life they just sit around in their homes waiting to be told you have to start training. seriously it is a job. plus who are you to criticize how long he trains for. hell it’s been working for him I’m sure he knows what works for him.

  • ok here is a big what if. lets say gsp beats silva then gsp faces hendricks what would it mean if gsp got ko’ed by hendricks after the superfight

    • andyman07

      it would mean that Hendricks is the new welterweight champion. simple as that.

      • Scuba

        Super fights mean nothing, two champs from different weight classes fighting each other at a weight where one if not both r uncomfortable proves that the loser isn’t as good as the winner at a different weight. We should put Mighty Mouse against dos santos and when dos santos wins we can say how he is the best pound for pound champ

  • Rome

    GSP vs Silva would probly sell more than jones/silva..but i do agree that Silva is closer in size to Jones… but i see the dangers he sees maybe in going up in weight..idk… i want to believe hes not scared of jon jones…i want to believe it.. but i guess GSP and Silva have been the topic for years now..which in turns deserves its fight… gsp vs condit was a great fight..

  • squinty

    Of course he wants to fight gsp, its simple logic. AS is at the end of his career and wants to cash out big. He pushes for the fight with gsp knowing its going to be the biggest fight money-wise against another great champion who he knows he has plenty of advantages over, but that all gets lost due to the hype of a “legacy fight” its smart business win,lose or draw.

  • Sense and Legacy

    OF course Silva wants a smaller oponents for is next fight. Why not Wyman or J.Jones. A big good man will always win over a good small man. If I were GSP to accept this fight it would be 170 cause he has alott more to loose then Silva… Silva why J. Jones he is more your size tell us Mr. Silva why not?