Anderson Silva Not Returning Until 2013

August 12, 2012
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Anderson Silva at UFC 117The remainder of the fight cards for 2012 are starting to come together, but one name that will be absent is that of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Immediately after his win over Chael Sonnen at UFC 148, it was reported that Silva was anxious to get another fight in this year and was excited to tackle the next challenge presented to him inside the Octagon.

A little time away, however, has put Silva in the mindset of taking off the rest of 2012, making his return to action in 2013 instead.

“Anderson said he wants to take some time off until after the end of this year. We’ll start talking to him,” UFC president Dana White stated when speaking to after the UFC 150 post-fight press conference ended.

When Silva does return, there are myriad possibilities as far as opponents that could greet him when he gets back in the Octagon.

White admits that the possibility of matching up Silva with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is “interesting,” but obviously the Canadian still has his bout upcoming in November against interim title holder Carlos Condit.

There’s also a possible fight with top five middleweight contender Chris Weidman, who has made his desire to face Silva next well known following his win over Mark Munoz in July.

According to the UFC president, Weidman is likely the top choice among the middleweights, but there is nothing set regarding Silva’s next opponent.

“He’s going to have to wait or fight because Anderson’s going to fight after the beginning of the year,” White said about Weidman’s situation.

One fight that will not be on the docket for Anderson Silva when he returns is a match-up against perennial MMA bad boy Nick Diaz. The Stockton, Calif., native, through his trainer and manager Cesar Gracie, recently asked to face Silva when he returns to action in 2013. White commented that a Silva vs. Diaz fight “just doesn’t make sense,” so that one can be eliminated from contention right now.

Whatever choice is ultimately made, Silva will close 2012 with one win, but that victory happens to close the books on possibly the greatest rivalry in MMA history. As far as who or when he will fight next, that will have to wait until the new calendar year.

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  • bajafox

    The fight with Diaz doesn’t make sense to Dana? I thought he liked to make money?

    Wiedman makes the most sense as far as next in line but Diaz makes the most sense as far as dollar signs.

  • Towers66

    Silva returns early 2013. Diaz returns early 2013. Hmmmmm. Catchweight non-title 5 round Super Fight will happen and it will be bigger than Chael Vs Silva II. It makes sense for money and it makes sense for Diaz fans(I hear a couple of those are around);). Nobody was pissed when he fought Forrest or Irvin and what the hell did everyone think was going to happen……they figured silva would do some matrix shit and put on a show. That he did. That we loved. Diaz Vs silva would be amazing to watch. Who cares who wins or loses? You know damn well it will be pure awesomeness. I think Chris gets next MW title shot. But I think silva deserves to choose whether he wants to test out a catchweight or WW non title bout. How could anyone honestly not want to watch that fight?

  • maddawgmar

    So Aug 27 2011 to July 7 2012 was to close together that he needs another four plus months off…

    • adam1848

      my thoughts exactly. he has dana wrapped around his little finger. i’d personally tell him he can take all the time off he wants, after he retires. until then, healthy champs should be defending a minimum of twice a year, preferably closer to three.

      • Brian

        You know I read statements like your and just wonder what you guys are actually thinking. Silva just defended the title in July and he is planning to return in January. So 5 months from now which is about standard for every UFC champ out there. Most champions defend the title twice a year already. You want three? Please spare me these guys get injured and need time off to heal.

  • sofhanson

    The reason it makes no sense: Diaz is smaller, weaker, and can’t finish that many fights. Oh and just lost his last fight! What you guys smoking? You don’t get to move up a weight class to fight the best in the world when you just lost and you haven’t been looking that good!! He needs to atleast be champ of his weight class first. It’s the diaz nut-huggers that want this fight and Diaz himself so he can attempt to put himself on a bigger stage with UFC

  • Money wise Diaz VS Silva makes sense only b/c Diaz is such a tough guy with a crazy mentality. But it does nothing for the sport itself. I love both guys but Diaz is coming off a loss for the title in a lower weight class, why would they give him a chance to fight the MW champ even if its a non title bout? You never know, and I won’t complain if they make the fight, it’s still a entertaining match up IMO.

  • phrankthetank

    Silva is taking the rest of the year off because he doesn’t want to fight any of the middleweight contenders right now. If GSP beats condit, silva will be ready to come back and fight GSP.

  • phrankthetank

    As far as Diaz is concerned… How do you lose your last fight, get suspended for a year… Then come back and fight the middleweight champ who has a lineup of guys who’ve earned a shot?

    • Machterf5

      Because Diaz and Gracie have completely lost their shit.

  • Michael

    Yeah put him up against GSP who is a small welterweight… Common Silva runs around at 205-220 all day long, that’s not a super-fight its a best chance for Silva. Put Silva in with the winner of Jones and Henderson…. guys more his size, if Silva wins then give him a standing ovation on his way out the door as the best of all time!
    Also Diaz is a Fu@king chump who is not even in the same hemisphere, if Joe Silva matches Diaz and Anderson I think the UFC needs to work out a one fight network deal with Comedy Central To hell with that useless waste of oxygen

  • Michael

    Anderson vs Diaz only makes sense to a fellow kush master with absolutely no brains in his or her head