Anderson Silva Not Interested in Jon Jones Fight; Dana White Guarantees He Can Make It Happen

October 14, 2012
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Jon Jones and Anderson SilvaIt would be hard to argue against Anderson Silva already being called the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.

He’s been perfect inside the UFC with 16 victories, 14 of them by stoppage or submission, 10 title defenses, and more bonuses than anyone in the company’s history.

Silva’s accolades continue to grow, and even when stepping in to save an event on short notice like what he did for UFC 153, the Brazilian legend can still clown an opponent like Stephan Bonnar before crushing him with essentially one strike.

While Silva stands alone atop the mythical pound-for-pound rankings, the next two competitors behind him both stand as potential superfights down the road. For years, fans clamored to see Silva face welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, and now there’s another contender in that race.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has started his climb into the record books with four consecutive title defenses, and with one more, he’ll tie Tito Ortiz’s all-time record in that division. He’s also been a finishing machine over the last two years, dominating five former champions along the way.

Unfortunately, both Jones and Silva have stated in separate interviews that they really have no desire to face one another in the Octagon. UFC president Dana White, however, tends to disagree with them.

“I know this, the Georges St-Pierre/(Anderson Silva) fight is a big fight. I think the Jon Jones fight is a big fight. And I know my man says, ‘no, no, no,’ but the amount of money that would be offered for that fight, I guarantee you, I will make Anderson Silva say, ‘yes, yes, yes’,” White said following UFC 153 on Saturday.

Silva says it’s not about the money for him, and out of respect to his teammates that already compete at 205 pounds, he’d rather not challenge Jon Jones.

“Since I started training martial arts, I never thought about the money. I think everything I was able to get was because I always did it with pleasure and love because when I started there was no money in this. I don’t fight for money. Obviously, the money’s important, we all need money, but I don’t fight for the money. This is not something that I would like to happen because the times I’ve seen Jon Jones, he’s always mentioned that he would not like to fight, but we are UFC employees,” said Silva.

“I wouldn’t like this to happen because on our team we have (Antonio) Rogerio Minotoro (Nogueira), we have (Rafael) Feijao, we have (Wagner Prado) Calderon, we have other athletes in his division that can fight him. I’m getting old guys, I’m retired, I’m nearly there, I’ve only got another five years left, leave Jon Jones to them.”

White believes at this point, after working with Silva for the past six years, that he knows him pretty well, and the greatest of all time has always been most interested in one thing – challenges. You’ll never hear Silva boast that he’s the best of all time, or that he’s a great champion, but behind close doors he will readily admit he’s all about the toughest possible challenges, according to White.

Because of Silva’s desire to always fight the best, White is quite sure he can make an Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones superfight a reality.

“I will fly down here, I will lock myself in a room with Jorge (Guimaraes), Ed Soares and (Anderson Silva) and I will make this fight,” White stated.

The key to this whole situation unfolding comes down to timing. White stated earlier in the night on Fuel TV that the UFC wheel never stops spinning, and they have fight cards to fill, so they won’t hold out making a card because of a potential superfight.

If the stars all align though, White is sure he could make Silva vs. Jones a reality.

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  • As soon as JJ says something stupid the fight between him and AS is a sure thing. JBJ I guarantee is so high up on his self especially when cameras are rolling that he is gonna say something stupid. Press gonna report it, he then is gonna say something even more stupid and before you know it he’s gonna have Brazil demanding his head. Silva will then hold both belts. But will then relinquish the 205 one.

    • Rob

      Silva’s an idiot if he thinks he has 5 full years left in MMA and won’t fight Jones in that timeframe. Problem is, if JBJ bests Silva, it will most likely be a 40 year old Silva past his prime and JBJ’s ego will get even worse than it already is.

      • Stanislav Alyas

        Ur mother

        • Stanislav Alyas

          U sound like a bitch hater

        • Berto

          That was a real clever response. How’s that G.E.D. coming along?

    • Bobjitsu

      First off, I’m not a big Jones fan, just a realist. He is an amazingly talented kid who has been fed high praise by media, fans & his boss. He deserves to be proud of himself. This kid has all kinds of respect for Brazil and Silva. On top of that he’s got lots of learning to do in his career and as an adult. For all these perfect, outside looking in “fans”, instead of sounding like a bunch of jealous haters, change your wording to “If I was outstanding at what I do and have learned from my mistakes, I would teach him to be the JJ he should be”, instead of complaining about the people who are the best in the world at what they do, aren’t good enough. How about you go take all that energy you put in to hating these warrior’s lack of perfection and go do some fukn push ups!

  • the only fights i want to see silva in are vs gsp, jones, nick diaz just to see diaz get beat up, and weidman

  • I never thought the A. Silva vs. GSP was a great match up. Silva is just naturally the much larger man. Jon Jones vs. A. Silva would be a much better fight.

    • MaritalArtist

      I think we’re going to see both fights.

    • Stanislav Alyas

      Yea gsp walks around 205 yea so u no a lot

      • You’re wrong. Jban on Sherdog lays out why you are wrong.

        “I have resisted the urge to get involved with the back and forth in the
        topic that has been beaten to death in GSP vs. Silva, but I had to one
        last time. Yesterday and a couple of days back, there have been posters
        who have made the claim in this forum that Silva and GSP are the same
        weight, and that GSP walks around close to 200 pounds. I am here to
        deliver some facts to these people who think that GSP is anywhere near
        that weight.

        1) Last October Firas Zahabi came on Sherdog radio to state that GSP was
        walking around at 183 pounds in his camp, and this is the last known
        documented weight of GSP. This caused Firas to suggest that GSP could
        make 155 pounds if he wanted to, because guys like Maynard and Ben Henderson all walk around in that weight. This is the link-…ahabi-mma-news

        2) Last July, GSP has himself stated that his highest walking around
        weight is 185-190 pounds. This is the link for the delusional since it
        his own words-…oach-nick-diaz

        3) GSP in his own words stated in the post-fight press conference after
        pummeling Koscheck back in December 2010, that his weight was 189 pounds
        in the fight. This is the link below, and go to 2:40 minutes of the
        clip in response to a question.…layer_embedded

        Lastly, GSP was supposed to come in at 193 pounds against Shields back
        in April 2011, but in the end, his trainer revealed to the Fan 590 radio
        station in Toronto that GSP’s actual fight night weight was 190 pounds.
        Firas then suggested that GSP is big as he gets, and will do more harm
        than good to his body if he added any more muscle to his 5 foot 10 inch
        frame, since he would be small for MW. This is the link below from May

        Anderson Silva is 6 foot 2.5 inches tall, has a reach of 77.6 inches and had a fight night weight of 205 pounds against Vitor Belfort,
        as revealed by his trainer to the Brazilian MMA site I have
        no interest in the supposed greatest fighter in the world calling out
        someone 4 inches shorter, and much smaller than him. It is like a 5 foot
        10 inch GSP calling out 5 foot 6 inch LW Frankie Edgar,
        and this forum would rip GSP for that move. Silva became friendly with
        Jones soon after Jones became champ beating down Shogun. Jones was
        willing to fight him last summer, but changed his tune, since he did not
        want to look like a bully when Silva started saying the “Jones is my
        friend” crap.

        This is the link from last July-…anderson-silva

        Lastly, here is the source for the Anderson Silva
        walking around weight. His own manager Ed Soares stating that Silva
        walks around 225 pounds and is too big for GSP. Go to 7:05 of this clip.
        It goes to show that Silva has a much bigger frame than people think-

        • stevemcz11

          You forgot to mention JJ reach! Of course Silva and Jones seem closer in size if you only talk height and weight. But with JJ’s has 6 or 7 inch reach advantage over Silva where as GSP and Silva are much closer.

          • stevemcz11

            Also Frankie Edgar walks around at 155. A fight with him and GSP could have a 40 or 50 pound weight difference by the time they fight. That is nothing like GSP vs Silva.

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    Silva would crush GSP in one round. I believe that Jon Jones can beat Silva, but it will be a very tough fight for both. Likely the best fight to ever take place. It will be 40 years before we see a match again that is that good. This fight must happen. Jones vs Silva.

  • Jon Mendelsohn

    I do not like to spend money on pay per views. I did it once, when Brock fought Carwin. However, I will gladly spend the money, if Jones fights Silva. Dana, if you are reading this, I only have one statement to make. CLOSE THE DEAL ! (Make it happen).

    • Triggerman99

      That was two statements. lol

  • somec0kehead

    I think Jones vs. Silva at 205 would be the biggest fight in UFC history.

  • johnnybooker

    I find it kind of funny that Silva says he doesn’t fight for the money, which is cool if he means it. And a lot of people say the reason he doesn’t want to fight Weidman is because there would be no money in a fight with a relative unknown. So I guess it comes down to honor and fairness. And given that Silva got a shot at the title after 1 fight in the Octagon, surely it would be more than fair for Weidman to get a shot at a title if rattles off a couple of top 10 wins. I see some comments by Silva that seem to indicate he has no desire to fight Weidman…at all? Or until he proves himself more? One thing I did think after Silva’s physical domination of Bonnar is, how F’in strong is Chael to manhandle Silva when Bonnar couldn’t even move him around?

    • Triggerman99

      That’s not entirely accurate. Silva camp said that a Weidman/Silva fight would be “hard to sell”. That doesn’t mean they want to make more money than Weidman could generate. It means the fight just isn’t very high profile, and they would rather make a bigger fight.

  • jungleking

    make the catchweight fight on 200 or 195, whatever, with no belts on the line, only for prestige, and after that both of them, no matter who wins, defend their belts on their categories… so simple…

  • JJPrice

    I stopped buying PPV but if this fight were to happen i would definitely watch it. But lets get real. This is going to be the Pacquiao-Mayweather of the UFC. Most fights with champions its pretty easy to predict outcomes. Silva vs Jones I seriously wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite because they are both monsters.

  • diazfan209

    i’d rather see Cormier at 205 face Jones

    Jones should have to defeat Chael first to get to Anderson anyways considering fighters that Jones has had trouble with, Anderson annihilates with ease

  • ricco48

    “we have other athletes in his division that can fight him. I’m getting old guys, I’m retired, I’m nearly there, I’ve only got another five years left, leave Jon Jones to them.” in other words your scared to fight someone that might beat you or that WILL beat you and he knows it. its time to retire AS.

  • “we have other athletes in his division that can fight him. I’m getting old guys, I’m retired, I’m nearly there, I’ve only got another five years left, leave Jon Jones to them.” in other words your scared to fight someone that might beat you or that WILL beat you and he knows it. its time to retire AS.

  • pepperpixel

    They are both lurking below their real weight class, this fight will not happen because both of them is afraid of real competition!

  • jeffery akilang

    just wanted to say, thank you dana if you make that fights happened. your the best.. i always thinkin about that fight. i would like to see that fight so bad…fans from the 808….