Anderson Silva Not Happy with Chael Sonnen’s Comments; Rematch Looming

October 9, 2011
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The look on UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s face on Saturday night was worth a million words.

As Chael Sonnen spoke in the cage following his win over Brian Stann at UFC 136, it was more than obvious that Silva’s ire was raised and his normally infectious smile had faded away.

UFC President Dana White knows better than anybody that Anderson Silva is not a fan of Chael Sonnen, and at this point there’s not much of a chance that a rematch doesn’t happen.

Check out what UFC President Dana White had to say about the epic rivalry between Silva and Sonnen:

  • Mario

    It’s a shame, cause it looks like this fight is a sure thing. I personally don’t want to see a Sonnen vs Spider rematch. Not right now at least.

    I hope Anderson shuts him up in the second fight. He may not realize it, but all this pre-fight trash talk is a silly mistake on his part. Anderson is going to come in with alot of hate towards him and I predict a TKO. If not that, he should work to catching him with a Submission when Sonnen starts to lay and grind. Anderson has good triangles so he better watch out!

    Silva via TKO 2nd to 3rd round

    or via Submission in either rounds 3-4-5

  • clarkw90

    Who else can deliver like Sonnen did? The trash talking is funny, but he did back it up until he got caught. TRT/broken ribs or not. You gotta give Sonnen credit though, he didn’t run the last round when he knew he was far ahead on the score cards. Unless Silva brushes up on his wrestling, I see Silva getting taken down at will. I’m sure since the last fight, Sonnen has worked on his submission defense. Can’t wait for the rematch.

  • morgan50

    It seems like trash talking is the best way to get a title shot. Not beating the top contender. Mark Munoz should be next. Maybe Munoz should start talking and he will get his shot. Chael Sonnen is entertaining but Munoz is more deserving. If they don’t want to give Munoz the shot then how about a title eliminator Munoz and Sonnen. It’s all about the money. So, Sonnen will get the shot over Munoz. The other fighters will start to get wise on how this works and more trash talking will take place. Sound familar (WWE). You don’t have to earn it. It’s a joke.

    • jonesjoshuam

      Thank You for this post. I agree 100%. Munoz is #1 in line and sonnen opens his mouth and Dana responds. I love the UFC, I like Dana, and I am a silva fan. Sonnen is an excellent wrestler and excellent mouth runner but this isn’t supposed to be the WWE. What happened to true fans who wanted to watch the best guys fight each other. A PED taken sonnen quit to a injured rib champion, enough said.

    • wonggfan

      What makes you think Munoz should be next? That guy still has a long way to go before being considered a serious contender.

      I admit that Munoz is now an official MMA fighter and not just a wrestling coach that does MMA as a hobby.

      But I believe Sonnen or Munoz could be trouble for Silva. You can’t knock Silva out. That’s impossible. But you can grind out a decision by laying on top of him.

    • gm256

      Sonnen just beat Stann who was the No.1 contender….

  • kylesmith

    Man, Chael has finally won me over. I really couldn’t stand him for the longest time but after the “I’m a Republican so I don’t do BJJ” and what he said last night, I’ve finally become a fan. How can you not be a fan of someone that says such crazy s*** every time they open their mouth?

  • How does anyone say that Munoz is the #1 contender? He has beaten Damian Maia and thats it! He hasn’t fought anybody that would put him anywhere near a title shot! Let me see him fight someone in the top 10 that deserves to be there first than we’ll talk title shot. I think Munoz is a beast, but give him a top 10 opponent. Maia is horrible, I would have love to see him fight Vitor Belfort!

    • shakejunt

      glad someone here has a brain. To make it simple, Munoz is a sick wrestler, but likes to brawl, making for a somewhat predictable fight with Silva.

      Sonnen is the only person to have given Anderson any trouble in the past like 7 years so it’s worth a rematch (regardless of the steroid issue).

      Plus, I like the idea of loser-leaves-town. For real, it may be reminiscent of fake WWF, but it adds REAL motivation.

  • Mark Munoz?? Who has he beat to earn a title shot?? Losing to Okami and getting highlight reel KO’d by Matt Hammil.

    Thank you Benblevins, I thought I was going crazy.

    Chael is going to stomp Anderson Silva again. Silva’s only chance is to pray he can catch Sonnen in a submission. There is VERY LITTLE chance Silva could stop Sonnen via strikes. The only time Sonnen has been stopped was due to a cut. He’s a tough S.O.B. and he’s going to finish the job this time.

    “I win, you leave the division. You win, I leave the UFC”
    -Chael Sonnen

    • wonggfan

      All this Mark Munoz hype is a typical UFC fanboy hype.

      UFC fanboys make contenders out of anyone with strong wrestling pedigree.

  • I think Anderson Silva has earned the next shot at the champion.

    No I dont actually buy Chael’s BS about him winning the fight but its so fucking hilarious lol

  • Chael Sonnen lost to Paulo Fihlo, the started doing all that talk he does, and then supposedly, beat him in the second fight. That’s what Sonnen does. I would like to see Chael earn a title shot like others have in the past. Make him go through Bisping, Leben, Munoz, and others before having a rematch with Anderson. I’m sick of Dana playing favorites all the time!!! That’s why Florian got his butt whooped last night!!! Dana keeps taking care of his proteges and then making claims about how tough they are when they have not fought the entire division yet!!! This is not the WWE… or is it???

    • Have you seen Sonnen’s resume over the past 2 years? He’s beaten Marquardt and Yushin Okami, both of who are in the top 10 in the weight class and now he beat Brian Stann. He deserves to be back in the Octagon with Anderson Silva. He has been the only one to challenge Silva since he won that damn belt! As far as Florian goes I agree with you. Aldo needs to move to lightweight. There isn’t anyone in featherweight that’s close to him.

      • wonggfan

        Agree with Sonnen. He beat Filho, Okami, and Marquardt. And manhandling Brian Stann and exposing the UFC fanboy hype was impressive.

        I don’t agree with Aldo. Aldo pulled out a decision against Florian. Had he KOed Florian, I would recommend moving up. As it stands, I could see someone beating him.

        Anderson Silva needs to move up and fight Shogun.

    • gm256

      bro, you dont know what your talking about…
      Bisping hasnt beat anyone either…
      Leben got knocked out by Stann…
      Munoz hasnt fought anyone worth beans….
      Chael just beat the crap out of Stann who was in the top 5 contenders

      Who has lasted with Aldo? No one, without being helped out of the ring. Florian always delivers a good fight and thats the only one exception the UFC will give to a fighter from getting cut. Florian didnt get his but whipped…but if you really want an example of a buyt whipping then you must be referring to the last Sonnen/Silva fight…..because clearly Silva did get his ass whipped…

  • omcclave

    Armandosubia please tell me your joking that aderson has a VERY LITTLE chance of knocking chael out. That is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever heard. Anderson is coming healthy and is knocking this fool out. Even though sonnen is on some nasty nice roids still. Any see the back acne he was rocking. Or the one handed hold down of brain Stan. Either way just because he knows how to cycle correctly now so he doesn’t get popped doesn’t mean shit. Hes getting ktfo by silva

    • Sonnen has NEVER been KO’d in almost 40 fights. Just the facts. Silva needs to submit him or he won’t win.

      • wonggfan

        He’s never been KOed because he fights at MW. Match him up against Lyoto, Shogun, or Jon Jones. I am not saying that he will get KOed by those guys. But I am sure that his chances of not getting KOed will decrease.

        • jared499

          Doesn’t he fight at MW. So what does it matter if LHW’s could knock him out, point is that in the division thathe fights in, no one has been able to knock him out.

          Not saying that Anderson will not be the first to do so.

  • bajafox

    I’d like to see Muñoz and Vitor fight on the same card as Silva v. Sonnen, both winners fight for the belt after

  • morgan50

    (benblevins) Are you serious! You actually believe Damian Maia is horrible! you should get off the crack pipe. Maia is 15 – 3. His 3 losses are to Nate Marquardt, Anderson Silva and Mark Munoz. He has a first round submission victory over Chael Sonnen.

    • Maia is a BJJ guy which all great and dandy, but put him in the octagon against anyone with decent boxing and good takedown defense and Maia gets destroyed.Anderson Silva made him look like a punk. You will never see Maia fight for the title again. Mark my words. He’s a one style fighter. and Sonnen is the only decent name he’s beaten.

    • wonggfan

      Maia is not horrible but he is not a contender.

      In the fight game, if you are not a contender, you suck. This is a tough business mang.

      Maia got owned by the three you mentioned. His first round sub over Chael is Chael’s debut.

  • emoney911

    munoz is way overrated all he does is go for low doubles and he barley beat maia and he aint that good chael will rematch anderson its the big fight the fans wanna see no one else has come close to anderson at all

    • wonggfan

      I agree. I want to see Anderson Silva lose. He has been the king for too long. I want to see some new bloods come up to spice things up. This goes for GSP too. Somebody, please beat Silva and GSP!!

  • I don’t know what’s more entertaining, Chael’s gimmick or all the butt hurt fans who take him too seriously. That man can sell a fight and Anderson should be thankful, he’s going to make a ton of money of Sonnen’s smack talk.

    Relax and enjoy the show people, it’s just a sport.

  • jared499

    Excellant comment Short_Bus.

    This business is not only about getting in the cage and fighting. A true champpion can sell his fight to the audience. And a true promoter can make us believe that every fight is the toughest fight of the two fighters lives.


    You are joking right, because I can not imagine that anyone would write the non-sense you wrote if they were not trying to be funny. Chael Sonnen, no matter your personal feelings for him, is the #1 contender in the MW division, by far. So much so that there is not one fighter on the roster in the MW division that you could mke an argument for getting the next shot. Not Bisping (lost to Wanderlai and Hendo), not Leben (lost to Stann), not Munoz (lost to Okami).

    Since entering the UFC: 2009 loss in UFC debut to Maia (submission), 2009 win agaist Okami (decision), 2009 win against Marquardt (decision), 2010 loss to Anderson Silva (submission in the final 3 minutes of a fight he dominated, and 2011 win over highly rising Stann (submission). Put that together he has only fought the highest level of competition in the MW division. While his wins are not pretty, normal wrestling style GNP decisions, he unlike some does not “lay and pray”, he goes for it at all times. I should not have to mention it but I will, his first fight with Anderson was very one-sided, he got caught late. If anything all the Silva fans should be begging for the rematch so that Anderson can get some sort of his aura back.

    It more sounds to me like you are afraid that Sonnen may actually win this fight. Let me say that I think Anderson is going to win the rematch in dominant fashion. All the issues that he had in the last fight, TRT/Broken Rib, he comes in healthly and motivated and Anderson will win by TKO.

    Lastly, I am not sure which fight you were watching, and maybe it was me, but Aldo did not look like a dominant fighter against Florian. He defiantely won the fight, but Florian landed more, Aldo’s landings were more powerful. Aldo has an issue with his gas tank. Said it 2x now on different posts, I think that if you put him in there with someone like Frankie Edgar, Aldo losses the fight.

  • gm256

    I agree with you on everything except Anderson so called injuries. Sonnen said it more honestly, everyone gets hurt in some way or fashion in their camps during training. Also, injury or not…I have never seen an MMA fighter get dominated like Sonnen/Silva, and then come back to lose in dominant fashion…