Anderson Silva May Return this Spring, but with Rockhold vs. Belfort on Tap, Whom Will He Fight?

January 25, 2013
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Anderson Silva at UFC 126We now have an answer to when, but we still don’t know whom UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will next fight or where the bout will take place.

While questions swirled about Silva not fighting again until late 2013, UFC president Dana White on Thursday indicated that the consensus pound-for-pound top fighter in the world will return sooner than that… much sooner. And they are willing to accommodate him.

“He wants to fight this spring,” said White. “We’ll have a fight for him this spring.”

There are still a few details to work out. The first of which is Silva’s new contract. There is an offer currently on the table. White said that the UFC offered its champion an eight-fight deal, but he wanted 10.


The duration isn’t a problem, just the particulars, and they’re likely to be worked out without much animosity. Silva won’t make as much money anywhere else, and the UFC doesn’t want to lose the greatest champion in the promotion’s history. They’ll get it done.

Even the where of the fight will get sorted in short order.

The bigger question right now is whom will Silva step in the Octagon with?

Superfights with either Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones could happen in the next year or two, but they won’t be next. Both men already have other fights lined up.

Vitor Belfort recently knocked Michael Bisping – who was next in line – out of contention. But Belfort was brutally knocked out by Silva just two years ago, so he’s going to need another win or two over other contenders to earn a rematch.

Chris Weidman is largely considered one of, if not thee top contender to Silva, but he is currently injured and not likely to return until this summer.

Mark Munoz lost to Weidman in his last fight, and is likewise on his way back from injury.

Hector Lombard is a possibility, if he beats Yushin Okami in Japan on March 3, although the UFC is likely to want to have an opponent lined up by then, if only for the purpose of having enough time to properly promote the fight.

Even Strikeforce import Luke Rockhold doesn’t appear to be on the UFC’s radar for Silva just yet. Rockhold brings his former promotion’s middleweight belt with him, but if things work out, it sounds as if he will be matched up with Belfort for his trip to the Octagon.

“That’s what we’re talking about,” White said hesitantly on Thursday when asked about Rockhold and Belfort. “There you go. I gave you your fight that isn’t done yet that we’re talking about.”

The matter of the fact is if Anderson Silva fights fans will tune in. He wants a new contract and the UFC is going to give it to him.

The only question now is: whom does Anderson Silva fight next?

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  • El Gvapo

    It’s got to be Weidman by default now if he’s healed in time. Otherwise, **** knows. Would have to be a LHW, dunno who though.

  • Joe

    Dan Henderson?

    • bajafox

      IMO, that would be ideal if he weren’t facing Lyoto.

      My guess is an aging semi retired 205er

  • Joey

    Anyone who guesses who could be placed in this spot, will get some sort of response that the fighter they mention doesnt deserve it.

    While that could end being an issue, if Anderson Silva wants to fight in the spring, well than Anderson Silva will fight in the spring. Will the person he fights deserve to fight for the championship (or not for the championship, which i doubt they would do a second catchweight or 205 fight for him)? Probably not

    If he fights that soon and presumably wants to fight the biggest name available, then I would guess they would place him against Lombard. Unless they pull the plug out from the fight they just started discussing (Rockhold/Belfort). In that case I could see the champion vs champion fight being attractive to Anderson’s camp.

    If he can wait for summer, I personally would love to see a Anderson Silva vs Rashad Evans fight if Rashad beats “little nog”. Even the Silva vs Weidman fight would be intriguing and potentially competitive.

    • Can’t you paraphrase? No ones is gonna read this

      • Joey

        Good lord people complain about everything nowadays. Three and half (relatively short) paragraphs is to much for you to read?? wow

        For the lazy, here ya go. If the fight is in the spring, Lombard or Rockhold (if they ditch the Belfort idea) If Anderson wait till summer, then Weidman or Evans(if he wins).

      • shakejunt

        so in order to find out what he said, you’d rather reply to him about how his comment isn’t concise enough and wait an hour for a response instead of just reading the comment?

  • Salomon

    Cung Le!!!!!!

    • El Gvapo

      Not sure whether you’re joking or not but I do see merit in making a match up against cung le at this time. Sure I don’t think Cung would have a chance but I think it would be a lot of fun, martial arts in its purest sense.

  • Twistofsin

    Mark Hunt!

  • El Gvapo

    What about a legend vs legend match. Catchweight at 205, both fighters could comfortably make the weight I think. It would be a huge draw, everyone would make a ton of money. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Anderson Silva vs Fedor.

    • keep_IT_real

      What planet do you live in?

      • El Gvapo

        It was a joke, although it shouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility.

    • Mark McDowall

      Please refrain from drinking/smoking/snorting/shooting and posting.

  • King_DG

    why not just go to 205 and crush another can and then move back down and beat Weidman?

  • Jerry

    I agree Cung Le would be a great opponent. Neither would have to bother training takedown D or ground game, pure stand up martial arts at its best. That said Anderson would send him into retirement.

  • If Anderson wants to fight in the spring, then you have to get Luke and Vitor to fight before march. Then the winner can fight Anderson in may/June.

  • ReligiousWacko

    Muay Thai battle at 205: Spider vs Shogun

  • eric

    jon jones????

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    Spider v. Shogun @ 205

  • jacare, costa philippou, or cung le could fight him

  • He’ll fight Rashad Evans if he wins next week vs lil nog. Evans has the name, a former champ & the skill set to give Silva a ruff night (Chael wit way better stand-up & bjj defense). After beating Silva’s teammate next weekend, it be a fight Silva would def be interested in aswell.

  • Trevor

    There is nobody @ 185 that even poses a threat at the moment and it has been this way for a long time….lame division! He is arguably the best ever ( I think his competition has sucked) and he wants the money fight in dropping down and beating up George? WTF……go up and beat the piss out of Jones ( if you can and call it a day). Other than that who cares.

  • John Bunch

    Hendo or Evans.

    • John Bunch

      Just saw Hendo gets Jones if he wins…scratch that.

  • Asa

    Ofcourse he wants to fivhter sooner now lol. Weidman will be back in summer oh wait no i want to fight now all the sudden lol. Ufc will put back on there baby gloves, and give him another mid tier fighter at 205 or a bum from 185. Atleast give hendo a shot and just let lyoto have nxt crack at jones, since it was promised to.him.already. Hendo already said he just want the title shot thats quickest. Weill silva is it now.

  • Mtl-Ben

    Weidman or Rashad

  • mark

    Mma junkie reporting silva will not sign contract if he has to fight weidman. Sounds to me like silvas a pus. Dana will agree to silvas demands. Silvas gonna start fighting school kids soon

    • El Gvapo

      Absolute BS. So silva would rather retire than fight Weidman?

    • kbroesq

      Look, I don’t agree with what Anderson and his camp ARE doing with respect to Weidman, but let’s be clear. Anderson is not turning the fight down because he’s afraid. He doesn’t want to fight Weidman because he doesn’t have the name recognition, and they acknowledge that Weidman is a tough fight. So it’s more that Anderson has nothing to gain from the fight. If he wins, it’s expected, but if he loses, it will tarnish his legacy. Again, you have to understand that only the hard core MMA fans will respect a win over Weidman from Anderson.

      Again, I don’t agree with this. No matter how big you get, I don’t think any fighter should be calling the shots like this, but it isn’t because Anderson is afraid. Clearly, Anderson WILL fight Weidman if he gets more name recognition.

      As an aside, where do you get off calling Anderson a puss? Really!? No way you’d say that to his face. You’re the ‘puss’