Anderson Silva Looking at Three More Title Defenses Then GSP & Jon Jones Superfights

January 1, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at UFC 148Anderson Silva will sign a new 10-fight deal with the UFC that will likely carry him through the end of his fighting career, and he’s got big things in store before he retires.

Already standing as the longest reigning champion in UFC history with more title defenses than any titleholder, Silva signs this new deal with a few objectives in mind.

Of course, he will defend his middleweight title a few more times as contenders continue to present themselves atop the division.

The name currently most likely to land a shot at Silva next is Michael Bisping, if he can defeat Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 7. Then there’s Chris Weidman, who is currently sidelined after having shoulder surgery, but if he returns to form and picks up a win, he’d likely get a shot at Silva as well.

Then of course there are the superfights that have always loomed overhead for Silva.

UFC president Dana White says they have some ideas in mind and of course so does Anderson Silva in terms of what fights make the most sense for him as he tries to solidify his legacy as the greatest fighter to ever step foot inside an MMA cage or ring.

One of those fights could finally be the match-up with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

“There’s probably three fights out there for him at 85, then Georges (St-Pierre) will have a few more fights under his belt cause the guy’s been out such a long time. Cause before he blew his knee out, he was ready to roll,” White revealed when speaking about the potential Silva vs. GSP superfight.

An Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre superfight would likely be the biggest fight in UFC history both in terms of live attendance and pay-per-view revenue. If there was a fight that could top even that, it also involves Anderson Silva in a superfight, this time against current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Silva and Jones have danced around with the idea of fighting each other at some point, and White says that bout is potentially about three fights away from happening.

“It makes sense if you think about it. It would be almost a year and a half,” White said on Saturday about the superfight.

Whatever happens in the next two years will be very interesting as Anderson Silva looks to put on the final touches of his MMA masterpiece.

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  • b-soc

    GSP is not going to take that super-fight. The only thing that would be in it for him is a dump truck load of money………………………which he has already. Why would he take a fight he knows he can’t win. Dana, feel free to line yours and Zuffa’s pockets with money by giving title shots to people who don’t deserve it (ie: Sonnen, Diaz, and Bisping), but don’t try to get richer by forcing your longstanding loyal champions into fights they can’t win for your monetary benefit.

    • mmaexpert

      Diaz deserve title shot because i think he won that fight with Carlos, but i also agree that right now number 1 contender is Hendriks and Bisping don’t get title shot yet he needs to go through Belfort

    • Fightfankevin

      No way GSP can win that fight? Come on. The path to beating silva has been paved by Sonnen. And GSP is 100x Sonnen. Given the time to bulk up a little GSP takes it to Silva.

      • Logic

        You mean lay on him for 23min and get tapped?

      • GoNoles

        but is he 100 times the wrestler as sonnen? i ******* highly doubt that bud

      • Very big GSP fan and I believe only he right now deserves the chance to fight Silva in a super fight but let’s be honest, Chael sonnen is a high level olympic caliber wrestler who walks around at 210 is 6’1. GSP is super strong and athletic and has a great double leg but if he can’t get Silva down his key to winning will be his foot work and speed. It’s a tough fight. But thats what makes it worth wanting even more.

      • Kris-tyahn

        GSP is the BEST MMA wreslter period. He definitely would take Silva down, that’s not the issue, it’s can GSP keep him down? I dont think he would, Silva’s too big. When the skill evens out, size comes in to play. Ask BJ Penn!

  • Denny Swain

    No one wants to see silva fight since he ducks number 1 contenders.(weidman )hes getting like mayweather the cherrypicker

    • Kenny Powers

      You Weidman bandwagon jumpers are hilarious. He has 9 fights. Anderson has almost 40. Andersons been the champ b4 Chris even started fighting. Chris never fought a striker, and beat who? Munoz? The guy who almost got KO’d by Kendall Grove? Your makin me laugh, AS already disposed of 2 Olympic caliber wrestlers. Get off Weidmans Gonads!!!!

      • Alex Anderson

        Immoral behavior is using an anonymous forum to spout cowardly and hateful ********. In case anybody was wondering, he’s strung multiple non-sequitur fallacies together with ad-hominem and appealing to authority. His flagrant disregard for reason and for disrespect is absolutely disgusting. It may seem like there are a lot of people like him on the internet, but they’re just a noisy minority, who are attracted to the seeming safety of an anonymous venue.

      • Anthony Lopez

        Exactly! Weidman has talked up his way to somehow being considered as a possible number one contender in the eyes of easily lead fans. After just one top 10 opponent, I cannot understand how people are buying into this nonsense.

  • Denny Swain

    Weidman easily beat munoz whom silva gets dominated by in sparring

    • Yeah pass your dreams on as fact douche

    • drkdisciple

      Last I recall Rashad used to dominate Bones Jones in sparring also. “Strangely” enough everything seems to change when you get punched and elbowed in the face.

  • MMA Idiot

    I just want to thank you people for your wise words on the comment sections. I never comment, but I just couldn’t help myself. I must say you show that you are all idiots who know nothing about MMA. Just a bunch of whiny bitches behind the keyboard trying to get attention. It’s fun to see how much complaining is out there. No appreciation for what’s going on in the sport now. You are a bunch of sad fools.

    • GoNoles

      hah and you just proved otherwise with yourself with that dumb ass paragraph you just wrote? hah not really bud you sound like a panzy yourself

  • Who cares? just admit it you are all going to watch Anderson Silva fights. Everyone of you are going to love them because A) the spider is quite possibly the best ever ( imho he is)
    B) You want to see him beaten, you know tall poppy syndrome every time someone rises up the would be’s wanna do anything possible to knock em down.
    Not silva he is 37 in supreme condition still looking in his prime.
    He peak’s and then he peaks i mean dam he organizes his own plateau the champ is in field of success unrivaled by any. Look at his DQ KO so impressive ground heel kick i wish the organizers that night were more clear on the rules.

  • Fan

    I dont care wat anybody says silva is actin like a punk n turning the ufc n mma into boxing i hate that crap! The fact is if there is any superfight it needs to at least be a little even n make some sense n that is jones n silva period but the two are so scared of each other its sickening!
    Dana jus needs to tell silva this is who u are gighting n stop letting him pic his opponents. Everybody wants to fight GSP cause hes smaller n they think they will murder him n ruin his career! U want a good fight silva vs jones or hell jones vs cain lol hell jones walks around at 235 anyway wtf id pay to see cain **** him up real good lol

    • Anthony Lopez

      Very little of what you say makes sense.

  • Anderson vs 3 mw contenders, clears out the rest of the division, gives GSP proper time to gain weight and fight Anderson at mw. Next is Jones. Anderson can then defend the lhw belt a few times and maybe fight his last few fights at hw, Anderson can then have a super fight with god for the undisputed open weight world title.Sounds good.

    • Silva and GSP are both 2 maybe 3 fights away from clearing out their divisions. GSP deserves a shot at Silva. He’s been around for so long and is an incredible fighter. Jones has only been around for a few years now and still hasn’t cleared out the division. He still has Gustaf who should not be over looked. And possibly Glover Tex. If anything Jones should move to HW if he needs a challenge for a superfight. Silva has already had his superfights up in weight.

      • George Sperry

        Silva and GSP are 2 or 3 fights away from clearing out their divisions but Jones needs to get by Gustaf and Tex?
        Isn’t that 2 fights?

        • Jones has to fight Gustaf and Tex. But even with those two wins he still would not have had defended his title as long as GSP and Silva have defended theirs. And thats not a jab at him, that’s just a fact. The thing with Jones is he’s accomplished so much so fast and still has a few years to go. GSP and Silva have already put in their time. GSP has Diaz only b/c it makes sense business wise. I don’t even know who makes sense for Silva at this point. Like I’ve said Jones need to move to HW though if he wants a challenge. But not until after Gustaf and Tex. I’m a Jones fan I’m not saying this as a negative comment.

          • King_DG

            Jones also has the possibility of a fight with Hendo or a rematch with Machida as well

          • Good call my friend. I can’t believe I forget to mention that fight. Who do you have on that one? I just can’t call it. I love both. Tough fight and well deserved title shot for either guy with a win.

          • silvaVSrashad

            Hey you are looking at it the wrong way . Jones isn’t fight Silva cause he needs a challenge it would be Silva moving to LHW to try to clear out that division. Jones would just be unlucky bystander that happens to be the champ in that division. I not saying that Silva will win for sure but that would be the next step for him to solidify him as the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Jones is a stepping stone to him and the MMA world.

          • Ha ha I like the way you think.

      • MaritalArtist

        Here are the 10 fights I hope Anderson does:

        1. Bisping
        2. Weidman
        3. Lombard/Rockhold
        4. GSP
        5. Nick Diaz
        6. Jones
        7. Chael rematch
        8. Big country
        9. JDS
        10. Cain or Overeem

        If I get to see all these fights in the next 3 years, I promise I’ll be good for the rest of my life, Santa/Dana!

        • Those are some rough fights lol. All would make money. Except for Weidman still, that’s going to have a hard time selling unless Weidman wins 1 or 2 more then he straight up deserves a shot regardless of how many fights are on his record. Silva and Overeem would be awesome. And now you just made me think of Sonnen vs Cain at HW.

          • MaritalArtist

            Sonnen vs Cain…. I love it! Sonnen can bulk up to maybe 235 if he tries? Yeah, that would be a wrestling battle indeed. I think Cain will take a UD. He would prolly be a 4:1 favorite at least. Depending on how Chael does vs bones, maybe less. What if he beats jones?? That would be so strange. It would be an upset of epic proportions.

          • I wouldn’t be shocked if Chael beats Jones. I mean he’s always in top shape, he sets the pace and he just brings it. Of course he’s had some losses but to all high level guys and we’re talking about a guy whos an olympic caliber wrestler and has been in mma for several years now. He won’t let Jones use his reach and he’ll stay in his face and on top whether against the cage or on the ground. I’m not counting Jones out, he’s the defending champ for a reason but I just think people count Chael out b/c they don’t like him lol. I don’t know if you follow me on twitter or facebook but if not please add me. I enjoy talking to fans like you about fight news and such. I’d appreciate it.

    • Kris-tyahn

      How can Silva defend Jones LHW belt? If you think Silva would beat Jones @ LHW, you are just as delusional as people thinking GSP will do anything vs. Silva at any weight besides WW. They have weight divisions for a reason, Silva beats GSP & Jones beats Silva. It’s really that simple, all Jones would have to do is get Silva down & the fight is over. If Sonnen was able to keep Silva on the gorund as long as he did & land as many punches as he did, what do you think Jones would do with 5 mins of GnP?!? Jones elbows would break Silva’s face.

      I don’t get it …. Silva wants to sign a 10 fight deal, yet they only talk about 5 fights?!? He should fight 5-7 @ MW or LHW! Preferably @ LHW, but we all know Silva will not move up & fight any top 10 ranked LHW, especially one with good wrestling.

    • justin_e

      Except it’ll never happen, plus silva refuses to actually take the title at 205 cuz of his friends. These super fights will never materialize.

  • justin_e

    Sure. Superfights. It used to be always just one fight away. Now three? Not likely to ever happen.

  • bajafox

    Rashad should drop to 185, he’d be 2 top 5 wins from getting a shot too. The 185 division is so weak right now, some of the 205ers who will never have a chance with Jones should think about dropping to 185 and potentially getting a once in a life time shot at Anderson before he retires

    • MaritalArtist

      What do you mean 2 fights away. Are you serious? Nick Diaz almost got a fight with the GOAT. Evans is a huge draw and Anderson knows it. All he has to do is win 1 fight and he gets a title shot. He is the shortest LHW in the UFC (out of the top 15 or so).

      • bajafox

        Nick is a bigger draw than Rashad. I would agree that it would only take one fight to get a title shot, depending on who it is. Beating Muñoz, Belcher or Boetch wouldn’t do it

        • justin_e

          They wouldn’t do it? Bout all you got left is the weedman and Okami. MW sucks, but rashad want’s no part of silva. I wouldn’t mind an immediate shot since the division is so weak though. He’ll probably wait till silva retires to move down.

  • John Bunch

    I’m trying to figure out how anyone can be unhappy with what this article says are Silva’s plans. I’ve been chomping at the bit to see Weidman get another win or two under his belt, and if so, get his title shot. Sounds like Silva will fight him now…unlike some conflicting reports floating around for a while. Not even going to address the “GSP is smaller” thing…GSP will more than hang with Silva, even if he has to go all Chael on him and smother him. I’m guessing GSP’s GnP will be a little rougher to deal with than Chael’s. I’ll be honest…I’m a hater…I want to see Silva lose just like I wanted to see Jordan and the Bulls lose and the 90’s Cowboys lose, but the man has earned the right to dictate his own terms, within reason. And these are most reasonable terms I’ve read reflecting his plans. This article, if true, is good news in my opinion.

  • bmc92

    im both happy and sad about this i would love to see the superfights soon but this is more logical and imo makes the ufc more credible

  • 123

    bisping, weidman & lombard.. all 3 have a good chance against silva in my opinion.. i guarantee silva loses before he retires.

  • SilvaVSrashad

    If the “superfights” happens, the UFC will never top the revenues that is brought in by either fight. The problem is that you will see a drop in business for the UFC if they do these “superfights” by the aftermath. You will see them trying to put together all sorts of fights that don’t make sense. In my opinion the UFC should focus more one finding talent that can pose a threat to these individuals and less on creating excitement that can never be matched again that will be tried to be reproduced and ruin the UFC. You will never see the fights happen until Silva or GSP lose and switch weight classes.

  • Sir_Roy

    I truly believe Silva plays with prey (for the most part). He’s that good. I further believe he gets an additional paycheck from his friendly neighborhood bookie by dictating which round his opponent goes down in and making it happen.

    Silva is on another level to even the likes of GSP. Georges knows it cuz he ain’t dumb.

    GSP wants a few more ‘easier’ paychecks before thinking about Silva because yes folks, it is about the benjamins. He may be rolling in it now, but when you’re used to a certain lifestyle, you want to be sure it’s solidified as much as possible till the end of days.

    Why put in jeopardy a few more 8 million dollar fights that are guaranteed you till you’re good and ready?

    I used to think GSP could wrestle and ground and pound his way to a five round victory. Not anymore. Silva’s GSP’s swansong and I think he knows it.

    That said, with a few exceptions (Hendo and perhaps to a degree Sonnen) I think GSP has fought the more skilled opponents in a much more stacked division.