Anderson Silva Likely Sidelined Until Mid-2012

November 20, 2011
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UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is currently nursing an injured shoulder and it appears he will be on the shelf for several months.

Following his win in Brazil in August, Silva was reported to have bursitis in his shoulder that forced the reigning 185-pound king to take some time off to allow the healing to begin.

All signs were pointing towards Silva returning in early 2012 to defend his middleweight belt against top contender Chael Sonnen.

Not so fast.

Apparently, Anderson Silva’s shoulder injury is serious enough that he won’t likely return until approximately June 2012.

Following the UFC 139 post fight press conference, UFC president Dana White was asked point blank if reports that Silva could be out until June were true, and he simply answered ‘yes.’

The unfortunate side of that news is the fact that a highly lucrative rematch between Silva and Sonnen has to be put on hold.

The other side, however, is that Sonnen could possibly be available to fill a main event slot on the upcoming UFC on Fox 2 show on Jan. 28 in Chicago.

“It’s possible,” White answered when asked about Sonnen ending up on that card.

Sonnen has stated in different interviews that he would happily keep busy and take another fight instead of sitting, waiting for Silva to get healthy.

So it looks like for now the heated rivalry between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen will have to cool down until the champion can get healthy and return to action.

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  • Mario

    I hope Sonnen takes the fight.

    That way, if he losses, his title shot is history!

    God I hope that happens.

    I don’t care to see Silva vs. Sonnen 2.

    Ugh 🙁

  • adice89

    Sonnen needs to face other 185ers to get another shot at Silva. Why doesnt Dana White talk about how Chael got subbed by Damien Mia? I think he should rematch Mia first then he can talk shit on how he has the belt and then face munoz to get the #1 spot to face silva.


  • Maybe that reporter chick from Brazil at the post fight press conference was right last night when she asked about the UFC doing a card in São Paulo in June with Anderson as the headliner. Silva vs. Sonnen II in Brazil, make it happen Dana. The fight would market itself. Might have to use the Pope Mobile to get Chael to and from the Octagon but it would be worth it.

    Maybe have Anderson and Chael coach TUF to fill their down time and keep them in the public eye / promote the fight.

    Do eet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adice89

    What I dont get is what has Chael Sonnen done to get another title shot? WOW he beat Brian Stann! BIG DEAL! Chael will get subbed by Damien Mia 10 out of 10 times or anyone with top level Subs. Forrest Griffin subbed Chael Sonnen back in the day…what does that tell you?

    • bammargera

      Hey Noob! Welcome to mma.

      Sonnen beat three top contenders in Nate M., Okami, and Dan Miller.

      Also, Nate and Dan are bjj black belts. Why did they not submit Sonnen?

      Chael has lost twice since 2007 : Maia and Silva. Thats it.

      Sonnen is the logical choice for Silva. If yer in denial, you must be an Anderson hugger and scared….

  • pinhead

    Sonnen vs Hendo

  • MrAdidas

    Y are some of you morons always talking about Sonnen losing to Maia that was years ago idiots & what in the fuck does that have to do with Sonnen getting a title shot. Anderson had to beat Leben to get a title shot, Hummm a win over Leben = title shot for Silva but Sonnen owns Silva for 4 rounds & then EMBARESSES Stann whos benn killing EVERYONE @ MW, yet Sonnen has to fight another guy?!? GTF out of here NOOBS! I think Silva is scared to fight Sonnen & thats why he’s stalling hoping Sonnen will lose. Smart for Silva b/c he knows the Sonnen who beat Stann with ease, will do the same with Silva in a rematch. Poor Silva & his fans, they are so desperately trying to avoid another Sonnen beat down, but this time I think Sonnen actualy doesnt choke! Snif Snif Silva fans, like it or not Sonnen Vs Silva 2 will happen again.

    • KBEsq

      You’re insulting people for referencing a fight from “years ago” and you mention Silva/Leben!? Are you kidding me? Now that fight was YEARS ago. Ohh and by the way, Silva was a force coming into the UFC. He was practically deserving of a title shot immediately. When you combine that with the nature in which he beat Leben, then the title shot is an easy choice, especially considering the status of the middleweight division at that time.

      And they probably reference Maia because Maia beat Sonnen, and Maia hasn’t really lost, other than to Munoz. Sonnen has only won one fight since his title shot. I think you’re the moron – seriously.

      Ohh, and finally, SONNEN CHEATED!!! How many times does that need to get mentioned before people stop sticking up for this criminal douche bag. And don’t say TRT – he was above normal levels, which shouldn’t happen in TRT.

      • Black Belt

        He cheated and STILL LOST!!!! Hahahahaha!! I actually want to see this fight again. I want Silva to beat him decisively so we can all end this talk about Sonnen!

  • SSJ_Vinnie

    Chael Sonnen is the number 2 fighter at MW, but I would love to see him fight Mark Munoz to see if Munoz can neutralize sonnens wrestling. Chael is such a one dimensional fighter it is pathetic, and I would love to seem him fight another top wrestler, but I do thin Chael would win that fight. Another thing is Anderson wanted to beat Chael by submission during their last fight, and it was obvious. 1) Chael talked shit about bjj and the nogs 2) Anderson came out in his GI which he never does 3) He looked uncoordinated the whole fight standing up. It would be one thing for him to just get taken down, and look like he was unable to stop Chaels takedowns. But he just look uncoordinated, and was falling down the whole time. 4) His only offense was trying to get Chael in triangles the whole fight.

    • SSJ_Vinnie

      And he was on roids!!! Come on ppl!

  • MrAdidas

    FUNNY how people do not like to listen to the facts, but rather make up their own conclusions, especially after the facts have been out for months now, yet Silva nut huggers have to tell themselves that Silva ONLY got EMBARESSED because Sonnen was on “roids”, while the FACTS from the commission prove that statement WRONG! Yet people are still saying Sonnen cheated, which is half right, Sonnen cheated because he forgot to file the proper documentation to the commission & NOT because he was on “roids”. Like talking to a brick wall, but @ least the brick wall wont make (crap) up to help it sleep better at night, like Silva fans.

    • KBEsq

      You’re wrong. Listen to the Sherdog Rewind interview I have referenced already. His levels were ELEVATED above normal levels. He got in trouble for not filing papers, but had he filed papers, I guarantee you he would have, or should have, been in trouble anyway.

      I’m not a Silva “nut hugger,” but Sonnen is just a bad guy. He’s a cheater, a criminal and a hypocrite. I really can’t think of a worse person out there, and it just shocks me that anyone sticks up for this guy.

  • marcusmaharajh

    Both Silva’s AND Sonnen’s fans have valid points, and it all just makes for a better build up to a fight. This is a golden goose egg for the UFC. If the UFC is smart, they’ll feed and promote this rematch like it’s the last fight we’ll ever see. Who’s gonna win? Gosh i really don’t know, BUT I do know the UFC is gonna win BIG; I wish I could buy Brasil UFC stock right about now, lol