Anderson Silva Knocked Out His Sparring Partner and Here’s the Video

January 14, 2015
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If you’ve ever been in a sparring session, you know that it sometimes gets a little too heated, even if you’re doing it with your close friends. Countless black eyes, broken bones, and the all-too-often injury that cripples a UFC card to the point of wondering why the promotion didn’t just cancel the who damn thing.

As you can imagine, being a sparring partner to Anderson Silva can probably land you on that injury list, as is the case with this poor sucker that ate his knee. As Andy was preparing for his UFC 183 bout against Nick Diaz, it looks like he landed a flush flying knee and legitimately put this dude down. Others aren’t buy the idea that this is for real.

Watch for yourself and give your own take. Props to Guilherme Cruz for the Vine.

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  • Hendryx

    that knee never connects!

  • Fake!

  • Milosc

    I hope that was a paid sparring partner (because it would be a hugely dick’ish move to straight up TKO one of your own teammates…)

    Either way, that guy deserves to be paid for getting beaten into the floor like that. Nice one, coach

    There is no ref, no purse… only a career-shortening concussion… just to let Anderson rub his balls in some misc dude’s face to feel like he’s back. I see nothing cool, here

  • TheCerealKiller

    I agree, fake.

  • Tom McElroy

    Having a camera filming a sparring session of any kind is fake within itself…..WHat could be learned by someone going at 50-70%?

    • i hear nick nut danglers!!

      says that what im sure to be professional fighter

  • taylor2008

    I dont know why people are saying this is fake. It COULD be, but I see people filming sparring sessions a lot. And if this is fake the guy on the ground is still getting pummeled while KO’d.

  • Darin

    It’s just Nick Diaz, Anderson. Why are you training at all? (I love the pic of Anderson at the top, hilarious.)

  • JMH

    He got Knocked back, not out, you can see he’s still got his hands up when he goes down, you see his eyes closed for like a few seconds but that doesn’t mean he was out.
    Either way Sliva is still gonna beat Diaz to a pulp, TKO or bloody mess leading to doctors stoppage cos Diaz opens up like a hooker.

  • cheflacsto

    Who cares! Fake or legit, I am happy he is fighting again. Hopefully he will take a couple of fights before they pop him back in there with Weidman. Even if they do, I believe he could beat Weidman, not saying he will.

  • Drew

    Awesome guy. Follows up and gives and extra 6 or 7 blows to the head to an unconscious training partner. Same guy we all hate.. hope he breaks his leg in training and someone follows up with some ground and pound.

  • Drew

    Orrrrrr. Publicity stunt….. you be the judge with your PPV dollars