Anderson Silva: “I’ve Always Wanted to Test Myself Against Roy Jones”

June 25, 2013
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Anderson Silva Gangsta 478x270UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has publically stated over the last couple of years that he’d like to fight boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match at some point.

On June 7, Jones Jr. told that he would “love to do it.”

During a UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman media conference call on Tuesday, Silva reiterated his desire to fight the 44-year-old former boxing champion.

“Of course I want to fight him.  Maybe after this fight with Weidman, regardless of the outcome, I would love to fight him.  He’s already said that he would fight me also, so that’s something that I would really like to happen,” said the UFC champion.  “I feel that his boxing style is one that I’d like to test myself against.  I’ve always been a fan of his, and I just always wanted to test myself against Roy Jones.”

Silva recently signed a 10-fight deal with the UFC, but at 38-years-old it’s uncertain if he’ll be able to fulfill the contract.

“There’s a lot of possibilities of different things that could happen.  But that’s a fight that I’ve always wanted.  That’s a fight that I still want.  We’re going to have to see how everything plays out and wait for the next chapter of Anderson Silva and the UFC,” said Silva.

“Everything is a possibility, but really it’s going to come down to my willpower and my desire to still be fighting.  I have a lot of other things that I want to do.  I have other desires, and one of those is fighting Roy Jones.  But we’re just going to have to see how things work out in the next few fights and how I feel,” he added.

Jones Jr. indicated that for the fight to happen, it would probably have to take place in the near future.

“I don’t like wasting time. I don’t want to talk about something that’s not going to happen so if you want to do it, I would love to do it,” Jones Jr. said to TMZ. “Of course if we’re going to do it shortly, if it’s two, three years down the line I can’t make no promise. But if we’re going to do it immediately, right away, like after the next fight, then it can happen.”

It’s unlikely that a fight between Silva and Jones Jr. will ever actually happen, but Silva’s been in search of superfights and a bout with Roy Jones Jr. would certainly be one.

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  • Stephen Quadros

    Roy is 10+ years removed from his prime

    • Truth

      doesn’t matter. In a pure boxing fight, Roy Jones would still dominate. Not taking anything away from Anderson Silva but it’d basically be the reverse of James Toney v. Randy Couture in MMA.

      • Advance*

        It absolutely matters. Does anyone think a prime Liddell would lose a striking battle with that version of Rashad? It’s not exactly the same obviously but the point is some fighters just lose it and inferior guys catch up. Roy Jones has lost most of his physical ability and we have no idea how much or how hard he trains anymore. I’m sure Silva trains enough boxing in his camps and has sparred with enough legitimate guys to feel comfortable, considering he’s been talking about this fight for years. It’s not like JDS saying he could beat the Klitsckho’s who are still at the top. I’m not saying Silva would definitely win, but he has probably learned enough and Jones has lost enough that they would end up meeting somewhere in the middle. It definitely wouldn’t be the equivalent of Toney vs Couture

        • Werdoomb

          It would NOT be an equivalent of Toney vs Couture. Toney never wrestled. Silva has been training in boxing for the last 20 years. Completely different story.

          It comes down to conditioning and like I said before, I am not sure if Roy Jones can go 12 rounds at this point.

          When you have money and you retire, you probably want to relax.

        • Truth

          wrong. Boxing and boxing in MMA are TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Just from the footwork, using distance, clinching, boxing, deflecting…

          Roy Jones isn’t in his prime but still has more than enough to defeat Silva in a STRAIGHT boxing bout w/ BOXING rules.

          Only a fool or someone who doesn’t know boxing (or barely knows MMA) would think otherwise.

      • Werdoomb

        I completely disagree. I think it is a pretty even match because Roy is 10+ years removed from his prime.

        MMA fighters have done relatively well in boxing and K-1. You have a guy like Mousasi and Rampage who trained in kickboxing do well in K-1. You have Sergei Kharitonov who was an amateur boxer do okay in K-1 (his leg kick defense isn’t good). And you have Overeem winning the K-1, with the help of juice.

        The fight will come down to conditioning. And Silva is way better conditioned than Roy at this point.

        Roy’s knowledge of boxing surpasses Silva for sure. Roy is an Olympic gold medalist and a dominant former champ. But he is way out of shape at this point.

        • kbroesq

          He SHOULD have been a gold medalist. Freaking corrupt Asians…is that racist?

          • Werdoomb

            yes. associating a negative attribute to a race

        • Baller31

          Mma fighters have done well in k1, but I don’t know any that have become high level boxers. I would like to see JDS give it a shot, especially since the hw division in boxing is so weak right now.

  • Muay Thai

    Silva is a bad boy, but if he’s talking about boxing Roy Jones, no way in hell he’s gonna last 3 rounds, even with a past prime Roy Jones.

    I love MMA and Boxing. But if you wanna compare MMA striking to boxing striking, there is a HUGE difference. 90% of the guys in MMA that claim they’re “strikers” just started learning Muay Thai or boxing in the last 3 years. Boxers train since they’re little kids.

    • candelario

      very true… there are fundamentals little kids know that MMA “strikers” lack,

    • Chris M

      boxing is one aspec of fighting thats y one boxer wouldnt make itt i the ufc! they may have the best hands but when ur takin down gettin leg kicked or the face is totally diffetrent! and doesnt mater the art alot of ppl start when they r small!

      • Muay Thai

        The topic is about boxing. Wtf are you getting excited about.

        Like i said, i’m a fan of MMA and boxing. Anderson is talking about fighting Roy Jones in boxing! Read the article clown!

        There are so many basic fundamentals that MMA “strikers” either don’t know how to execute or have no knowledge of. A lot of MMA strikers throw lazy punches and jabs, which would result in a quick counter punch knock out by a skilled professional boxers. For example, many MMA fans consider Nick Diaz a “great” striker. However, he is so flat footed, comes straight forward and has no head movement. A skilled boxer would make quick work of Nick Diaz in a pure boxing match. If you don’t believe me, just watch Nick Diaz spar with Omar Henry (ex pro boxer). Omar Henry was schooling him, and Henry wasn’t even a top boxer.

        Another example, Shogun Rua trains at Wild Card gym with legendary coach Freddie Roach. In MMA Shogun is considered a “great” striker; however, Roach said he hits like a girl.

  • Baller31

    Roy Jones in his prime would wipe up the floor with Silva. If Silva wants to prove himself, he needs to challenge someone who shouldn’t have retired years ago.

    • Chris M

      of course but at the same time i dont see mayweather or pac challenging an mma fighter just shows how he is trying to inprove every aspect of hihs game!! and y not fight against someone who has better hands then anyone in the ufc!


    First round DQ, illegal front kick to the face.

  • Muaythai4life

    Can we all agree this is the most douchey photo of the Spider we can find?

    • Sir_Roy

      Lol yeah … I was thinking the same. Rocking the shades and stubble gangsta style. Looking all “mean” and stuff. Lol.

      It’s like his alter ego. I like the “mild mannered” Silva better.

    • Baller31

      I think maybe Steven Seagal is giving him fashion advice too

  • Old Timer

    I managed a gym where Smoke Gainer trained along side some great up and coming mma fighters and it was never even close when it came to pure boxing. It’s simply two different sports and he will have to learn to defend the “stack” which will ultimately make his mma style better

  • kbroesq

    I think this would be pretty close. We’re talking about Silva being fully trained and in shape against a boxer who is out of his prime. All those people saying that a boxer will wipe the floor with an MMA fighter, Silva has been training boxing since he was a little kid. He loves boxing, and clearly has has amazing hands.

    I’m not saying Silva will win, but I don’t think it will be some kind of blow out. I think Silva can hold his own under these circumstances.

  • bajafox

    I think it would be funny if Dana promoted it and shattered all boxing PPV numbers, lol


    Challenge yourself against Jon Bones Jones if you want a challenge in your life!

  • Muaythai4life

    So, I actually think Anderson could hang with Jones. I don’t know about winning, but Anderson has great head movement and to be honest he only has to worry about the boxing aspect instead of kicks/takedowns/etc.

    Silva has great knockout power as well, so a clean hit can change things. And couple that with we really haven’t seen Silva rocked that bad (Yes Chael did drop him pretty much, but you don’t get a 10 count in MMA).

    Couple all that crap with the fact that I absolutely HATE Anderson Silva so I’m not a Silva fan at all, my view isn’t biased in that regard. I just think we don’t give MMA fighters the credit they deserve in their striking. Most of them train with pure boxing coaches and pure boxers. It’s not like Anderson is saying “let me try my hand at beating Michael Phelps in the butterfly stroke.” This is at least something he trains in.

  • Served

    Look. ANYONE claiming that Silva would have a legit chance in an actual official boxing bout w/ Roy Jones Jr. is clueless or on crack.

    There are boxing fundamentals that don’t apply to MMA. From the gloves, to the rules, to strategies, and just basics… MMA boxing and Boxing are two COMPLETELY different sports.

    Same reason why boxers w/ no other disciplines get owned in MMA, the same applies in the reverse… a good MMA boxer w/ little to no traditional boxing experience would get destroyed.

    Yes, Roy Jones is past his prime, but still in good enough shape to box w/ Anderson Silva. To think that just b/c Roy Jones is no longer in his prime, so that he’d be easy pickings to a non-boxer is ludicrous.

    This kind of thinking let Tim Sylvia think he can stand w/ an old, fat Ray Mercer and he got KTFO. No, Tim Sylvia isn’t Anderson Silva, but the end result will be the same. What makes Anderson such a lethal striker, is that you don’t know what he’ll do… kick, punch, elbow, clinch… but in a boxing bout, he can only punch and will enter Roy Jones world. Case closed.

    Only chance Anderson has is to create a boxer in Fight Night and fight Roy Jones character.

    If this was just a sparring session or a expo.. different story. They can have fun.

  • Ian Price

    I like how he disrespects Weidman by discussing a completely unrelated possibility right before this fight. This is so Anderson-like! That would be like Weidman discussing possibly moving up to challenge Jones, right before this fight. Anderson’s done this before. A few months ago, in response to the impending Weidman fight, he infers that Le would be a better fight.

  • Ian Price

    That fight, if it happened next year, would bring in as much money for Anderson as he makes in 5 UFC fights!