Anderson Silva is Guaranteed $600,000 to Show at UFC 162, Chris Weidman $24,000

July 6, 2013
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Courtesy of Damon Martin and official content partner Bleacher Report.

Anderson Silva at UFC 117Win, lose or draw, Anderson Silva will go home from his next fight at UFC 162 a rather happy man, at least financially.

On Friday, Bleacher Report received the reported salary information for the main event and co-main event fighters for the upcoming UFC 162 card from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

According to the report, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will make $600,000 for his show money, and if he wins, he will pocket an additional $200,000.

Silva just recently renegotiated a new 10-fight deal with the UFC that is obviously paying him substantially higher than his last contract.

When Silva fought Chael Sonnen in the main event of UFC 148 in July 2012, the Brazilian took home $200,000 with no win bonus for his performance.  Silva did fight one more time in 2012 at UFC 153, but the card was in Brazil and no salary information was released for that show.

Now with his new fight deal in place, Silva stands to make almost a million dollars should he beat Weidman on Saturday, and he will likely take home an even larger paycheck based on pay-per-view bonuses he receives that are not disclosed publicly.

As for Silva’s opponent, Weidman will pocket $24,000 for his show money at UFC 162 with a chance to win an additional $24,000 if he wins.

In the co-main event of the evening, former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will take home $120,000 for his show money, and if he wins, he will get an additional $120,000.

His opponent, Charles Oliveira, will get paid $21,000 for his show money and $21,000 if he pulls the upset and beats Edgar on Saturday night.

Now, the payouts reported by the commission are only what is listed as contractual salaries on the bout agreements signed by the fighters and the promotion. Any additional bonuses paid out, such as discretionary locker-room bonuses paid by the UFC or the aforementioned pay-per-view bonuses, are not disclosed.

The full list of the UFC 162 salaries will be released by the Nevada State Athletic Commission next week, most likely on Monday following the event.

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  • dgs

    Guess what, Silva has earned that kind of money. Most pro athletes would laugh at that kind of money, but in MMA that’s pretty decent.

    Since I don’t believe Weidman deserved this fight (another fighter who talked his way into a championship fight, rather than earning it), he’s lucky to get $24K. He ain’t going to win, so I hope he doesn’t spend that $24K all in one place. I’m sure much of it will go towards hospital bills.

    • s0mec0kehead

      ufc has medical coverage son

      • dgs

        I wasn’t sure if they provided that for all of their fighters. I have read before, fighters who had to pick up their own medical tab, but for a championship bout I’m sure you’re right, Chris will be covered.

      • Milosc

        Sorta. Ask around..

        Dana White apparently thinks losers who get hurt are “guys who don’t matter”, anyways, so I’d cross my fingers

      • Chicago

        I dont want to name drop but a friend got called up to the big leagues a year ago and had 2 fights in the ufc. (both losses) and he told us a large chunk of his $ went to medical bills. Kind of rude to refer to some 1 as son, dont u think

    • Baller31

      Yeah, he talked his way into by beating everyone they put in front of him, and most on short notice. No one is more deserving.

    • jeff

      What do u think now?????

    • jeff

      Your obviously talking in your sleep. He almost had him submitted in the first round last time but THIS time by golly its a COMPLETELY different story because Silva will be completely different right? Make sure sure you come back and apologize and admit your incredible stupidity when Weidman wins again.

  • s0mec0kehead

    silva makes a good 5 million per title defense…

    • Eo81

      you must be some coke head if you think that.his entire net worth is only 10 mil. with this new contact and his roughly 100k in ppv money, unless he gets a ko or sub of night bonus he will still not make 1 million .

      • Ian Price

        Think sponsorships

      • SFS

        From the UFC… you guys do realize how much they get in sponsorship deals, right? It’s ridiculous. You think he wears those ridiculous Burger King things on his shoulders because he likes the whoppa burger?

        • MuayThaiFood

          Like he just said, his estimated net worth is around 10 mil. which would include his earnings from sponsorships. Considering the average MLB player makes 3.2 million a year before sponsorships and other revenue it’s still relatively small potatoes for the greatest mixed martial artist ever.

  • julian moran

    Silva is finally getting paid what he deserves.

    Weidman is still relatively new in the pay roll. I could see an argument for him to have a higher win bonus if he beats Silva.

  • Anon D

    Now it makes complete sense why UFC and MMA sites make it seem like Weidman’s going to win. He’s a nobody that’s bought into the hype to make him think he’s really going to win. Maybe he’s got a good chance and maybe he will win, but come on… All the arguments supporting Weidman being the “MAN” to beat Silva had been stupid.

  • Paul

    For a world championship of this level Weidman would take at least 10 times what he gets in the UFC. If you cut expenses, camp, taxes and so on, I doubt he has more than 10k in his pockets. That’s ridiculous

    • I sold my soul for gum and tea

      10K from the UFC for fighting… that’s not including all his sponsorship deals, which makes up vast majority of all professional sportsman’s paydays. Plus, he gets a cut of the PPV sales, and he’ll also get paid for other various things the UFC requires him to do. He’ll walk away from this with a lot more than 10K. A -lot- more.

  • Informed One

    Silva deserves that money, but Weidman deserves more than 24k. He’s fighting the best in the world, a main event title match. I know big names sell but they should have a minimum or something for guys like this. 100k sounds reasonable.

  • Derelicte

    so a guy fighting in a ppv main event is only making $24,000 and some people don’t see a problem with this??

    • Not-a-Marxist

      The 24 is low but its just the base salary. The gate percentage and other undisclosed bonuses not to mention endorsements add up to millions for the new champ

  • Maddawgmar

    I like how ppl are talking like they are mma payroll experts. The fact is none of you know for certain how much the fighters take home is. You only know about bonuses and revealed salary. None of you know what percentage of ppv a fighter gets and who gets them. Nor what sponsors pay them monthly and/or for the fight. So unless you are an accountant for Silva or any of the fighters on this card you should not tell anyone they are wrong in there assumptions

  • james j

    I have seen most of Weidman’s fights. I must be missing something. Hope he wins, but I don’t bet against GOAT Silva. Hell no.

  • Baller31

    $24000 bonus if he beats the best of all time… WTF?!

    • jeff

      This is beyond pathetic if its the whole story. These guys must absolutely LOVE fighting bcuz they sure the hell arent making s***. Thats a joke. .

  • Joe

    I’m sure Weidman is happy with what he is getting, the 24k to show 24k to win is not his future. If he wins this fight at a minimum his next will be 100k/100k probably more. To those who think that Weidman is paying for his training camp out of his own pocket, going into a UFC title fight you are out of your mind. Sponsors are covering his every expense leading up to this fight (unless his management is lazy and clueless). He should make drastically more off of sponsors for this fight than what his UFC pay is, but more important than all that is the opportunity to beat the Greatest MMA Fighter in the game today. To be the man you have to beat the man, and if Weidman can beat the man his career is made. That being said, I hope he milked every cent he could out of his sponsors cause I feel this is another case of the UFC feeding a champion someone too early in their career. Weidman can easily be one of the all time greats, but he is not there yet. He is being put in the same position as GSP in the first Hughes fight, not enough experience, give him another year or two and its a different ball game.

    • Joe

      Congrats to Weidman, i didn’t think he could pull it off, but he just made himself a rich man.


    Wow 24k for weidman for the championship title of the world. Divided by 12 months and your at 2k a month and that’s before taxes. This is probably around the poverty level line. Now lets say weidman has a trainer and gym expenses for his fight camp which I am almost positive he does. After taking that into account weidman is practically fighting for free. For fighting for the UFC world title that money is a joke. Every body says boxing is on the decline yet the boxer championship fights make over 100 x more or at least a lot more. It’s not even funny !



  • jeff

    The pay scale is embarassing.

  • RoyTanjay

    Wow Dana White! Your MMA champion pound for pound best of the world only gets 600K, he ain’t gonna motivated to fight like he did. Somewhere out there Floyd Mayweather is laughing! He paid his chief bodyguard over 600K for just clowning around!