Anderson Silva Interested in 2016 Olympics, Drug Test Charges Loom Overhead

April 13, 2015
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Anderson Silva’s mixed martial arts career is currently in limbo, as the situation surrounding two failed drug tests in Nevada unfolds, but the former UFC middleweight champion is still considering future athletic endeavors, apparently one of which includes a shot at the Olympics.

The Brazilian Taekwondo Confederation on Sunday posted on its website that Silva sent the group’s president, Carlos Fernandes, a letter “proposing and putting himself at the disposal to represent the sport,” purportedly to include the possibility of competing in the Taekwondo competition at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

Anderson Silva“Everyone knows that for a high performance athlete, the Olympic Games are the dream of every athlete and so, would be no different with me,” Silva said in his letter to Fernandes. “When I was named the ambassador of the sport by President Carlos Fernandes, that feeling began to get even stronger and, being in my country, this Olympic spirit left me highly motivated.

“It would be a great pleasure to be part of this golden team, (which is run by) serious institution led by President Carlos Fernandes. So, I registered my desire to represent Taekwondo and Brazil at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio with all my esteem, strength and honor.”

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The Confederation website noted that nothing has yet been determined from Silva’s proposal, and that Fernandes was expected to meet personally with Silva this week to discuss the possibilities of Silva’s involvement.

Silva’s two drug tests that showed the presence of steroids in his system have yet to be addressed by the Nevada Athletic Commission, as Silva has twice requested and received continuances to respond to the charges. Silva tested positive for steroids both in a pre-fight out-of-competition test and again on fight night after his UFC 183 headlining bout against Nick Diaz.

Depending upon the eventual outcome of the case with the NAC, any disciplinary actions instituted by Nevada could affect the extent to which Silva could be involved in any Olympic endeavor.

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  • Rob


  • dave

    not going to happen. would be more realistic to get a shot at the boxing team…

    • sheep2012

      Wouldn’t mind seeing that.

  • DamianCross

    “I still haven’t finished my time in county for grand theft auto but I’m thinking about running for president.”

  • cheflacsto

    Anderson needs to be quiet, get his suspension and we will see him when its up if he wants to fight.


    Let himself down big time, he would have been known as one of the best ever if not the best but will always be remembered as a drug cheat.

    • MMA fan

      Its not like he cheated his entire career, it is just one failed drug test. Also, he was coming off a traumatizing injury. I think he will still be known as one of the best ever in MMA history because of his past achievements.

      • BRANDY

        I know but it sticks, remember Ben Johnson.

  • Darin

    I always thought Anderson was a little nutty but he has really been losing it the last year. He signs a 15 fight contract after snapping his leg, then he fights a washed up welterweight and is unable to finish him in 5 rounds, then he talks about being done fighting, then he fails a drug test, then he says he’ll keep fighting for several more years, now he’s going to the Olympics?

    Get this man a rubber room.

  • Skippity

    Is Andy planning to juice up before he competes? He should retire and just make money off movies and other activities.