Anderson Silva: I’m Gonna Keep Hitting Him Until He Gives Up (UFC 148 Video)

July 3, 2012
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Anderson Silva at the UFC 148 press conferenceTo say UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is reluctant as heads into his rematch with Chael Sonnen at UFC 148 on Saturday night would be an understatement.

He believes that Sonnen has been so disrespectful not only to him, but also to his wife, his country and to the UFC, that there shouldn’t even be a rematch.

But as Silva put it, “I am an employee of the UFC. If I have to go in and beat his ass 10 more times, I’ll beat his ass 10 more times.” The champion has been nothing less than acidic in most of the comments he has made toward or about Sonnen leading up to this fight, and he didn’t fall short of that at Tuesday’s UFC 148 pre-fight press conference.

Check out the highlights of Anderson Silva from the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference…

  • take1

    Not sure I would bet on this fight. I would like to see Sonnen win though. Not because I want him to be champ but simply because there is always a fighter that has another fighter’s number. I think Sonnen has Anderson’s number. I’ve seen most of Andersons fights and his opponents that don’t appear to be afraid of him usually do ok in the fight until Anderson adjust and does what he does best. The fighters that appear to fear him don’t last long. I think Sonnen is not afraid of Anderson and truely belives he can beat him. I just hope Sonnen does not think that Anderson can’t KO him and offer him openings that he will take advantage of.

  • pooby

    Anderson not speaking English is bizarre. I wonder if it is some sort of arrogance or hostility toward America.

    • bajafox

      I wouldn’t doubt it for one second if it was his way of “disrespecting” Chael by not speaking English. It’s not a secret that he can speak English rather well.

      Silva is every bit as arrogant as Chael, if not more. Just look at his fight with Griffin, this guy is not a “class act” but he is one is a good actor and one of the best fighters of our generation.

    • Triggerman99

      Its been said that while he can speak english, he prefers to speak portuguese and have someone translate; just as a matter of comfort.

      I don’t think it has anything to do with him hating english or America. Though Sonnen would tell you different, and you would be wise to take that with a bucket of salt.

    • adam1848

      Maybe he doesn’t want to miss something subtle and appear to be dodging the question. Maybe he doesn’t want to struggle to express himself with a vocabulary he isn’t entirely comfortable with. Maybe he wants his fans at home who don’t speak English to be able to enjoy the press conference and hear the questions being asked of him and hear his responses in his native language.

      What an absurd thing to make an issue out of.

      • rsnowbass

        There should be a “Like” button on here…

  • johnt

    why take it with a bucket of salt. facts are facts. he speaks english very well. he understands every word perfectly well. to have a translator is his way of being a jerk to Americans. he refuses to acknowledge our language while in our country when he speaks it as well as anyone living here. just watch his reactions. he responds to every question before chubby-soares starts babbling. Anderson is a disrespectful jerk. Not saying Chael isnt. Just pointing out that Anderson is. Im excited to watch Chael smash him again.

    • p3ezy

      by that logic then, any fighter competing in a foreign speaking country must learn and speak that language as well? i agree with triggerman, if silva is more comfortable speaking his own language, let him do it. he has definitely earned that right.

    • yellowmonkey

      This is ridiculous. He can articulate himself better in his native language and this is an interview. He wants to be clear. Quit being xenophobic.

  • shereko

    Ignorant comment

    • adam1848

      There is nothing wrong with being a patriotic, proud US citizen. Brian Stann, Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, Daniel Cormier, Rich Franklin, etc etc etc. I am a huge fan of these guys.

      Chael Sonnen is a racist, ethnocentric, xenophobic, liar. There IS something wrong with that. People should recognize the difference. I don’t care if it is “just selling the fight” or hype or getting noticed or whatever. The things this man has said are inexcusable. He is a damn good fighter and a world class athlete with incredible heart and drive. I respect his determination. But the guy is an absolute prick.

      • adam1848

        not sure why that showed up as a reply to you shereko. didn’t mean for it to. unaffiliated rant.

  • soboc1

    adam1848 “Chael Sonnen is a racist, ethnocentric, xenophobic, liar. There IS something wrong with that. People should recognize the difference. I don’t care if it is “just selling the fight” or hype or getting noticed or whatever. The things this man has said are inexcusable.”

    I agree. And he even goes as far as disrespecting other fighters like Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin by saying all Silva has beaten is a math teacher and a slow LHW. He forgot to mention he also beat a lying, juiced up, money laundering real estate agent.