Anderson Silva Has Steven Segal, GSP Has Joe Rogan

February 6, 2011
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UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort at UFC 126 on Saturday night with a kick that he credits to actor and life-long martial artist Steven Segal.

If Georges St-Pierre defeats Jake Shields at UFC 129, Silva and GSP are headed for a UFC mega-fight later this year.

While Silva has Segal instructing him, St-Pierre has his own guru in UFC commentator and former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan… also a life-long martial artist. Check out the video below of Rogan teaching GSP a powerful turning side kick at Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet gym.

  • chrispetersny

    Same way JCVD explains to kick! You can see a video of him teaching a little kid proper technique of kicking to create the most power on youtube! Here is what I think. People I read online are somewhat laughing at like segal and rogan etc. Just because a guy may take the oportunity to do a tv show or make like 20 movies does not mean they don’t know martial arts. I think rogan, segal & van damme are all very talented. Someone like segal has trained long before many of todays mma fighters were born. If anyone had a chance to make the millions in movies for most of there lifetime or host successfully watched tv shows and make big bucks they would do it too. Doesn’t mean they do not know or train in Martial Arts. I say, if the mega fight happens, JCVD should hook up with GSP & be in his corner! 2 competing biggest 80’s & 90’s martial arts movie stars with 2 of today’s competing biggest mma stars! GSP looks like the younger twin of JCVD. talks allot like him too! I saw an interview once where JCVD said GSP was his favorite mma guys, but some mma guys need help with the way they kick he thought. Most just don’t throw kicks properly he said & kicks with proper technique can be a nasty knock out tool! This video shows that! JCVD can work his 95mph round house kicks & rib shattering side kicks with GSP! I’m a fan of them all! A huge JCVD fan, that’s what made me think of the whole JCVD & GSP thing! They could be brothers or twins!