Anderson Silva Has Rod Inserted in Leg, Faces Long Road to Recovery and Uncertain Future

December 29, 2013
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Anderson-Silva-UFC-148-Workout-9169UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman retained his belt on Saturday night following his headlining rematch with Anderson Silva at UFC 168 in Las Vegas. It was a bittersweet victory, however, as Silva broke his left left when Weidman checked a kick.

The bone in Silva’s lower left leg snapped in half upon impact, sending the former champion immediately to the canvas, clutching his leg in agony.

He was immediately rushed out of the Octagon and to a local Las Vegas hospital for surgery, where a rod was inserted into Silva’s left tibia to help stabilize the leg.

“Following Saturday evening’s UFC 168 main event, former champion Anderson Silva was taken to a local Las Vegas hospital where he underwent surgery to repair a broken left leg,” read a UFC update on the former champion’s condition. “The successful surgery, performed by Dr. Steven Sanders, the UFC’s orthopedic surgeon, inserted an intramedullary rod into Anderson’s left tibia. The broken fibula was stabilized and does not require a separate surgery.

“Anderson will remain in the hospital for a short while, but no additional surgery is scheduled at this time. Recovery time for such injuries may vary between three and six months.”

While the prospects for a full recovery appear to be strong, at 38 years of age, and having risen to the highest levels of the mixed martial arts world, it remains to be seen just what Silva’s next career steps bring. It will still be a long road to travel and is clearly too soon for Silva to make any decisions about his future other than to focus on recovery.

“Anderson is deeply touched by the outpouring of support from his fans and the entire MMA community,” UFC officials relayed. “There has been no immediate decision about his future, and he would kindly ask for privacy at this time as he deals with his injury and prepares to return home to recover.”

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    good luck Silva hope he heal well

  • Kris-tyahn

    Was routing for Weidman, but that was “painful” to watch, let alone having it actually happen to you. The only good thing about Weidman’s win, is that he dominated Silva in the 1st round. Had he lost or gotten owned by Silva in the 1st & then Silva breaks his leg in the 2nd, there would have been a lot of Silva nut huggers crying. At least Weidman dominated the 1st & tried to check/injure Silva leg by checking the kick in the 2nd. Too bad it ended the way it did, but now Silva can & should retire from MMA & try boxing.

    • Justin e

      He can’t try boxing. He is under contract. He can retire, but he can never compete in anything else. And you can bet your assistance Dana won’t just be a nice guy and release him. People always seem to forget about the contract when they talk about him boxing.

      • Searcher59

        Dana will release AS, if AS wants to be released. No need to hold on to expired goods….

    • Seth Grison

      Why do people want Silva to retire out of MMA so much? I would understand if you had said he should retire for good but that he should go to boxing just tells me you want him out of MMA…why?
      You speak of Silva nut huggers, but there’s the same amount, if not more pure Silva haters. Both are stupid.


    great bout ronda rousey today you showed the world you can handle eny thing

  • Denny Swain

    Silva tried in first fight to cripple weidman by kicking very hard at weidmans knees while his whole corner screamed for anderson to do so.silva tried with intent to cripple weidman, regardless if legal or not. Im talking about intent. Maybe it will ease some of the crying the silva fans are going thru, knowing silva got what he intended to do to another

    • lowlb

      Ridiculous comment dude…
      Weidman always has the option to ask Silva to not kick him so hard.
      “intent to cripple” that’s just silly…

    • shakejunt

      you’re making other weidman fans look ignorant.

      • Denny Swain

        Reading between the lines i say, go to walgreens and get you some butt hurt ointment. You are upset because you lost money betting on your hero the loser

        • shakejunt

          guess again you re-re. i train at serra and had chris winning in both fights.

          you have the “i told you so” mentality and that makes the rest of us look stupid by association.

      • Seth Grison

        He’s not a Weidman fan, he’s a Silva hater…there’s a difference.
        Silva haters will stop being so supportive of Chris once his opponent isn’t Silva anymore.

    • El Gvapo

      Haha, you are a really basic man. How dare any fighter use legal techniques to defeat their opponent? I’m outraged.

  • Informed One

    So……no RJJ boxing match???

  • owned, karma is a bitch, its just catching up to him…..haters will hate!

    • Seth Grison

      This coming from a hater…

  • Here’s to a quick and full recovery for the People’s Champion: Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

    • Big Tuna

      Dumb peoples champ

  • lowlb

    Great first round but once again, Anderson lost this fight, Weidman did not win it. I was hoping for Weidman in the first though. Who wins by checking a leg kick? It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction.
    Fighters check kicks all day long. Perhaps this is MMA evolving
    I had the same injury from skiing, I kicked a snowboarder.
    AS will heal great but his leg will be immobile for at least 6 month. Usually the rod stays in for a year but AS may be the exception. He will have strength and muscle loss in that leg but his shin will heal.

    • Big Tuna

      Anderson was trying to sweep the knee the bum that’s the result of a dirty play and he paid for it. Weidman defended his belt by dropping silva in the first he did indeed Win the Fight.

    • Chris Morgan

      No. It’s called Weidman executed the check perfectly. In a perfect world, fighters would want to check their kicks like Weidman (principal point of contact being shin on knee). However, that tends to happen very rarely.

      Weidman winning that way isn’t the first time it has happened in the UFC (or MMA for that matter). If you need an example, look up Dale Hartt vs. Corey Hill.

  • Antonio Padilla

    People are stupid. Anderson Silva is an entertaining man to watch and i hope he makes the right decisions.Good luck Silva and good luck to Weidman who will be great.

    • Big Tuna

      Are you from abq? Lot of padillas here

  • faisal

    Get well soon champ.

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      former champ

  • Denny Swain

    Weidman checking silvas kick was planned, trained for, was also a defensive and offensive weapon. Weidman said he made kickers hesitant to kick in training because this “checking” caused them pain.weidman is a genius, a thinking warrior.simply “the greatest ever “, earned by destroying the supposed goat so simply and decisively.

    • DamianCross

      I don’t think that alone makes him a genius; like he and Longo didn’t invent this technique. Turning out the knee to check a low kick is a kickboxing defense many fighters have been using it for years now, even in the UFC. It worked for him perfectly, Weidman was very smart to work on that.

    • rodrigofl100 .

      durp durp durp, durp durp durp durp. Durp durp durp durp!

    • Milosc

      “the greatest ever”… after one opponent?

      Listen: you may be his cousin, or something, but Weidman has a far longer road to that title

      • afansiceufc2

        he just beat the “greatest pound for pound” not once but twice so i think he deserves a little credit, and what the fuq have you ever done to make you such an expert other than give expert commentary from the computer on something you are obviously no expert on, and yes i am no expert either just some one who does not have anderson silva’s nuts in my mouth so i can make a non biased observation

      • Ian Price

        He’s on his way. What better way than to beat Anderson twice. And don’t gimme the age thing. It’s not like he’s 45.

    • Drock420

      I’ll give you that he’s the #1 middleweight in the world, but hes not the “greatest ever” until he holds the belt for 7 years like Anderson Silva did!

  • keith

    KARMA’s a BEOTCH….

    • Chicago

      might want to take some of that comment for yourself.

  • Milosc

    He will be back (possibly, on TRT… 😉

    This injury may even have been a blessing. It was obvious he was competing too soon from getting KO’ed and it will give him a chance to finally heal his head

    • Ian Price

      I hope he makes a comeback, for our sake. But for his sake, his brain’s sake, and the sake of his family as children, I hope he retires.

  • Mma fan

    Silva great fighter weidman is a tough guy , no way he will hold the belt as long as silva did .for him to take credit for silva leg break. Is gay have fun with machida or Souza just saying .corey hill and silva his new name is Chris the leg breaker weidman

    • afansiceufc2

      you my friend are a fuqing idiot yes very sad that a great fighter like Silva had to go out like that but he lost 4 rounds to 0 against Weidman leg break or not the guy is legit I am sure he did not intend to break a leg like that but it is what it is Silva is not the champ anymore get Silva’s nuts out of your mouth and take it for what it is Weidman is th champ

    • Big Tuna

      You have some white goop on your lip!

  • Lelorton

    For chris weidman to take credit for Anderson’s injury is retarded. Thats not a “technique”, its a freak accident. The result of the actual technique is to just block the kick as your shin is one of the toughest bones in your body. Dana White said it best “these are freak accidents, one happened in basketball just a few weeks ago”. This would be like Anderson trying to take credit for what happened to Patrick Cote in their fight.

    I understand why weidman would do it though, once again he is left without a solid legitimate win when he was pretty close to stopping it in the first, sucks for all of us because we will never really know what could have happened.

    • Ian Price

      Here’s how the fight would have played out: start of fight, Weidman was +140 underdog. After round 1, Weidman was still only -200 favorite, because the spider could end the fight at any time. So I guess that’s where we get interrupted by the leg check from hell. Freak accident: yes. But Weidman was winning before, and he certainly didn’t get much clowning this time around. Weidman didn’t get the finish he wanted, but he beat him much more definitively than the last fight! At least give him that.

      • some dude

        I think a KO is as decisive as it gets.

    • some dude

      You are wrong checking a leg kick is a technique. And when you are taught to check leg kicks you are also informed that there is very real possibility of breaking the other guys leg.

    • some dude

      Guys would break other guys legs by checking kick all the time in old K-1 tournaments.

    • Rob

      His team thought they could hurt Silva’s shin with Weidman’s knee. Only because Silva throws them so damn hard. So he can take credit although I’m sure they were not counting on a leg break.

    • conservativeBC

      Ha! He trained to do what he did and did it. I think you are a racist…

    • Big Tuna

      Silva was trying to sweep the knee! You mess with the bull and sometimes you get the horn. Karma has a funny way of humbling us in moments we wish it did not. Weidman is now undisputed he dropped silva in both fights and that’s all that I need…from the looks of this forum and others it satisfied other non biased fans as well

    • taylor2008

      You are another one that has no clue about MMA. No solid legit win? If you didnt notice Weidman won the 1st round in the first fight then KO’d anderson in the second round. NO FLUKE! Anderson did what he has done to most other fighters that he has KO’d. Weidman dominated the first round again in the second fights and almost KO’d Silva again. Anderson had no answer for Weidmans strength and skills. Weidman checked the kick like he is supposed to do when a leg kick is thrown. Its a TKO regardless of what you want to think. Silva has never won a round in their 2 fights.


    I don’t know how there could possibly eve be a debate as to who REALLY won the fight. It shouldn’t have been declared TKO, it should have been called a No Contest. Silva did not get KO’d, TKO’d, Submitted, or anything like that. He broke his leg in the middle of the fight, and you guys are saying that Weidman is now the best fighter in the world.

    • Seth Grison

      Not to take anything away from Weidman, I believe him to be a great fighter and has the potential to be one of the best in the world one day…but I actually kind of agree that fight stoppages due to broken bones should be ruled a No Contest. Then again, that’s just me.

      • Defilingsoul

        Did he break his leg on the cage? No. Did Weidman have a metal plate on his leg? No. Did he bring a bat and smash Anderson’s leg? No. What im saying is what happened was not even an accident. It was with in the rules 100%. Anderson threw a kick, Weidman saw it coming so he used his knee. How is that a no contest?

      • archaictext

        I agree with Defilingsoul, these fighters are trying to hurt each other to the point of making each other quit. If Weidman had put Silva in a leg lock and snapped his leg, Silva would have not been able to continue, but he would have tapped. In this case Silva got his leg snapped and would have tapped if it was necessary. It’s not like he could continue.

    • some dude

      Would you say the same about Cote vs Silva? Change the decision from tko to no contest? Cote injured his leg when leaping in to punch Silva. But then again no one was complaining about that decision.
      Please people. Silva was losing both fights with Weidman. Give Weidman the credit he is due. He knocked out the best, and would have done it again. If you pay attention Silva was offering nothing offensively. If you believe his leg kicks were far superior to Weidman punching and elbowing Silva in the face throughout the entire first round, then please keep your ignorant comments to yourself. You clearly are not educated about MMA.

      • julian moran

        Silva did lose both 1 st rounds but was winning both 2 nd rounds until…

        • mmafan1998

          So he lost round 1 against sonnen in 2nd match then destroyed him…

          • demonangel

            Rewatch the fight he was holding chaels shorts everytime so he wouldnt get taken down which is clearly illegal and was warned several times. If he hadnt blatantly cheated he would have been on his back again. Destroyed i think not.

          • taylor2008

            And lost both first rounds in both fights, then got destroyed in both second rounds. Sorry…Silva had no answer to Weidman.

        • FightFan101

          Chris one both first rounds…then he won both second rounds by TKO.

        • taylor2008

          Please dont post again. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Big Tuna

      Maybe because he got dropped in both fights, tried sweep the knee and paid for it. Actually there is no debate over the winner he has proven worthy twice that is called undisputed

    • archaictext

      From UFC:
      16. Injuries Sustained by Fair Blows and Fouls
      A: If an injury sustained during competition as a result of a legal maneuver is severe enough to terminate a bout, the injured contestant loses by technical knockout.

      • taylor2008

        Silva nuthuggers dont get it.

    • taylor2008

      You are right….it shouldnt be debated. Weidman won…end of story! Thats what happens in contact sports. Weidman played defense and won. Weidman KO’d Anderson in the first fight and almost KO’d him again in the second. Anderson had no answer for Chris.
      Nobody is saying he is the best fighter in the world. People are saying he beat Anderson. Have you realized in the 4 rounds they have met Silva didnt win one? Not a one!

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      patrick cote didnt get a no contest, you’re just mad anderson silva lost

  • grashopper

    Wow Silva and a lot of other guys throw hard leg kicks but if you check one right its got to hurt and if you kick to hard like Silva did you see what happens. Chris has won every round that he fought Silva and still people doubt Him I don’t get it

    • BobGyro

      He almost KO’ed his ass in the first round if that right hand to the temple, if silva hadn’t held on and pulled Weidman down with him he would have been out like a light

      • Big Tuna

        If AS had a choice He’d rather be KOd and eat dinner last night rather than the external fixater he will dawn for three months

  • scottjoffe

    Spider will never fight again, not with an IM Nail in his leg, maybe if he gets it taken out, but that’s a whole nasty process in itself. Trust me, I know, I broke my tibia and fibia in the same spot (right leg though) Feb 19th of this year… best of luck to Spider, and nice block by Weidman, which caused the break…

  • brad king

    Now lets hope zuffa does the honourable thing and looks after their once prized stallion. I am doubtful now that Anderson looks to be out to pasture for quite some time.

    • Arxangel1

      Considering that Herb Dean didn’t even come raise Weidman’s hand, and Dana could barely spare the time to put Weidman’s belt on, I think Silva is getting plenty of attention from the UFC.

  • MMAFan

    2013 has been the year of changing of the guard. Ben Henderson, GSP, and now Anderson. No one stays at the top forever. It’s time for the new generation. Anderson was an Amazing champ. But I think it’s time to call it quits on fighting.

    • Subidoo

      I think AS stood a chance, had he not broke his leg. He has been dominated before and won. However, I do believe you are correct. Weidman seems to be entering the division by storm just like Silva did. Years down the road, Weidman will probably exit with a boom like Silva did, too.

      • Ian Price

        I agree. I think after round 1, Andy had maybe a 1 in 3 chance of TKO’ing Chris, based purely on his track record of incredible accuracy and so many TKOs….

        • taylor2008

          People can say what they want. Anderson never took a round from Chris in all 4 rounds they fought. People can keep saying Anderson had this chance or he had that chance. Silva got KO’d in the first fight and got dominated in the second. Matter of fact Chris almost put him out again.

    • El Gvapo

      Nice to hear someone on here speak correctly and with grace. Anderson has been one of the best fighters we have ever seen and a pioneer for the sport, but nobody to my knowledge has ever retired gracefully whilst on top, they always get carried out on their shields eventually, it happened to Chuck, Randy, BJ etc. The old dog is always usurped by the young and hungry.

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      why is ben henderson in the same category as gsp and silva?

  • americanhaymaker

    weidmen would whoop him again…loved Silva but it’s time AMERICA KICKED ASS…….go to Brazil and they are all for Brazil…OUR TURN…love the patriotism here..why the hate? cause weidmens a white boy? lmao A BAD ONE AT THAT..luck twice with Anderson Silve??? are you kidding..once never..twice lmao…no one gets lucky with Silva..dont wanna here it..I watched this in a sports bar by me and a group of 15 Brazilians were there screaming and cursing at the tops of their lungs with the same one beer in their hand the whole night..cursing America at the end…Silva got owned period. AGAIN!

    • Billtron

      wow…I think everyone understands that he was the decisive winner. It’s not a race thing or an American thing unless you make it one.

      Just ignore those comments because they don’t mean shit when you’re a real American who is proud of our country and does not have to qualify it.

    • taylor2008

      I’ve been arguing with Silva nuthuggers. Silva was the best ever but his time has come. He finally met his match against a guy that is a better fighter. And what these huggers havent realized yet is that Weidman won every round they fought. Ko’d Silva in the first fight and almost did the same in the second.
      Yes Silva got owned. I think both fights Silva fought like he did because he had no answer to Weidman.

  • Crewjobs

    This story is a crock, Silva will never fight again. Weidman was decisively winning the fight from the opening bell. At no time was Silva in the lead nor in control. Chris is also a thinking man’s champion he studied his own one weak point and that was defense against low kicks, and he mastered it. Weidman ended Silva’s MMA career.

    • Guest

      The article doesn’t suggest that Silva was in the lead or in control. It also doesn’t suggest that Silva will definitely fight again.

  • Big Tuna

    Even Roy Jones had to lean back!

  • el mixa

    silva el maestro lo que tiene que hacer no es retirarse si no que cuando vuelva ganar dos peleas y retar al campeon no importa quien sea pero si es weidman hay se vera la verdadera revancha porque esta pelea para mi no fue valida , ademas si son asi las reglas facilmente silva en la primera pelea hubiera podido quebrarle la pierna a weidman al blockear su toe hold , para mi silva tiene que volver y pelear con el corazon e irse con el honor de haber ganado y demostrar que siempre sera el campeon. vamos silva!

    • Dong

      Aprenda a escribir, imbécil.

  • Maddawgmar

    Time to piss ppl off, but let’s keep a good sense of humor.

    • taylor2008

      That was funny!

    • Meme needs better lightening.

      Bush league in my opinion.

      • Maddawgmar

        Don’t be mad you didn’t post it first.

        • Muja Ali Scrob

          I don’t know what’s more pathetic here…This post or the fact that you actually have a UFC doll…… Do you carry listick up your ass too???

        • I don’t own dolls though; for, I am an adult.

          • Maddawgmar

            This is a meme that is circulating around. I just posted it here. I didn’t make it. Dumbass!!

    • Muja Ali Scrob

      I don’t know what’s more pathetic here…This post or the fact that you actually have a UFC doll…… Do you carry listick up your ass too???

      • Maddawgmar

        This is a meme that is circulating, I didn’t make it. Dumbass.

  • solo

    And all of you guys are skirmishing about the fight. Im not gonna do that. But i must say that alot of of crazy and kinda INHUMAN stuff is posted.
    There’s just not alot of pure fans of the sport.
    This was one of the worst injuries that has happened in all of sports and almost no one has said how horrible it was that it happened to a fighter and the most important a human being.
    I just wanna CONGRATULATE Chris, and as the biggest era in this sport has ended PAY TRIBUTE to GOAT Anderson “the spider” Silva to all that he’s done in the past and to wish him the best time in his recovery mode.
    Always a fan!