Anderson Silva Has No Plans of Retiring Any Time Soon

July 3, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort at UFC 126
Fedor Emelianenko may have recently announced his retirement from MMA, but don’t worry, Anderson Silva isn’t going anywhere.

The UFC’s reigning and defending middleweight champion, who surpassed Emelianenko in most people’s minds as the greatest mixed martial artist ever, squashed any retirement rumors on Tuesday with a simple one word answer.

When asked about rumors that he might retire after his UFC 148 main event fight against Chael Sonnen – win, lose or draw – Silva was happy to put those to rumors to rest.

“Nope,” Silva answered with a sly look on his face.

For years, Silva has toyed with the idea of retirement and maybe with good reason.

He’s entering his 10th consecutive title defense, already a record he owns in the UFC history books; he’s been undefeated since 2006 (when he lost by disqualification, but otherwise hasn’t been defeated since 2004); and he faced almost every top ranked middleweight over the last six years.

Add to that the fact that, at 37 years of age, Silva isn’t getting any younger and he doesn’t have a lot left to prove.

But judging by the fire that Silva showed at Tuesday’s UFC 148 press conference, there is plenty of fuel left in the tank. So if he’s able to dispose of Chael Sonnen on Saturday night, it appears there will be more fights from the greatest champion in UFC history.

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  • RubeKegal

    He might be forced to after his bout with Chael.

    • TKD

      I seriously doubt it. Sonnen is never going to be champion, and he will not be able to beat Silva this time around either. His game plan was effective in their first fight, but
      Chael lost his best opportunity when he tapped to Anderson at the end of that round. Do you think he will come with a game plan other than to try and get Silva back to the mat? Silva isn’t new to fighting, and he will be more than prepared to work around Sonnen’s takedowns. Do you think Chael is going to stand toe to toe with Anderson?

      Anything is possible, but I say Sonnen loses by KO\TKO in the third.

      • RubeKegal

        Silva has never had stellar takedown defense. For God’s sake, Travis Lutter took him down a handful of times, and at the end of the day, I don’t care how much takedown defense you are training, Chael was an Olympic alternate. If he wants to take Anderson down, he is going to.

        I can say the same thing that Sonnen isn’t new to fighting and don’t you think he will be more prepared in his jiu jitsu game now that he is training with Vinny Magalhaes?

        It’s a double edged sword, but the most effective punch is that of one that a wrestler drops his head like he is shooting in and comes over the top with a straight left like Chael does. It is simple, yet very hard to defend. Every time Chael drops his head, will he be shooting in for a takedown or throwing the same straight punch that dropped Silva twice in their first match?

        I say Sonnen via gogoplata round 3

        • atmosphere

          amendment: FLYING gogoplata

      • MaritalArtist

        Why would Sonnen never be champion? Doesn’t he have a chance this weekend? He’s currently around +220, which is about as good as anyone’s ever been in the last 5 years against Anderson (I think Victor was around +210). If he’s such a huge underdog, then why is he a +220 everywhere??

  • shereko

    LOL Ohhh ok I know its fun to say, an maybe it was even fun to type but, a gogoplate, he’s never won with it, and the most skillful submission Chael has ever even won with was Arm-Triangle against Stann… He’s been caught in many more subs than every even attempted. Funny that all Sonnen fans do is remember the last fight, that had Sonnen actually won it would have been thrown out as a no contest… Also that Silva is going to come into this fight worse than the last fight, and Chael will be much better. Hell for a common opponent, Forrest beat Chael, and Anderson made Forrest look like a bitch.

    • RubeKegal

      Yeah gogoplata was obviously a joke, but I see a unanimous decision for Chael. Also there was a time when Chael refused to train BJJ because he thought it was gay, but he has wisened up and is a completely different fighter.

      • Prodigy815

        He never refused to train BJJ,he just used that as an excuse for why he’s been subbed so many times haha.

  • shereko

    UFC Record: Silva 14-0, Sonnen 6-4… Finishing %.. Silva 84%, Sonnen 17%… those are just pure numbers…

    • MaritalArtist

      That’s because Chael has improved recently. His BJJ is better, his boxing has likely improved, his cardio is admittedly slightly worse, maybe due to less TRT to stay within limits, and he now has more experience.

      That’s why the 6-4 numbers aren’t all that accurate. A more accurate and telling stat is, how about the last 16 fights? Anderson has been 15-1. Chael has been 13-3. Sure, Anderson was winning the Okami fight until the mistake, but then again Chael was winning the Anderson fight until a mistake too.

      Still, being 13-3 against lots and lots of top-10 and top-15 fighters is nothing to sneeze at. Keep in mind, he was tested for T:E ratios the entire time. He only failed one test, and probably didn’t do it on purpose. “Hey, let’s really shoot up before this fight, because if I win, I’d love to give Anderson his belt back”. Yeah right. He did not think he’d be over the limit, because if he did, then he’s just an idiot, and we know he’s not that stupid. It was a screw-up at some level, but one thing it wasn’t was intentional.

      I’m giving Anderson a 2:1 odds of beating Chael. Which is not a huge advantage (like with Jones vs Evans).

      • shereko

        The mistake Anderson made against Okami was kneeing a down opponent, Chaels mistake was getting submitted… Huge difference, thats twisting a stat if Ive ever seen one… Again had Chael “won” it would have been a no contest

  • GiovanniB

    Sonnen loses by SWAT team intervention; cuz they’re gonna have to call the SWAT team to shoot Silva down with a tranquilizer gun or else Sonnen will end up dead with every single tooth and bone in his body all broken up to pieces…LOL I could smell the fear in Sonnen’s body language during that prefight press conference video…run while you still can SONNEN…RUN SONNEN, RUN…LOL