Anderson Silva Has No Intention of Retiring: “What I Have to Say to You is That I’ll Be Back”

January 13, 2014
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Anderson SilvaFormer UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva suffered a severe break when both bones in his left leg snapped when current champion Chris Weidman checked the Brazilian’s kick in their Dec. 28 rematch at UFC 168 in Las Vegas.

Little more than a week after the incident, Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, told that he believed Silva would return to fighting within the next year.

“I definitely believe he’s gonna fight again. I see that spark. I think in one year he’ll be back,” said Guimaraes.

“He’s very positive. He was crushed the day that it happened, of course. But it’s all good man. He’s in great spirits right now. I believe he’s gonna come back stronger.”

Silva apparently said as much to UFC president Dana White when the UFC’s head honcho visited him while recovering in Los Angeles, but on Sunday, the former champion took part in an extended interview with Brazilian website’s Fantastic to finally talk in depth about the injury and the likelihood of his return to fighting.

He intimated how difficult the recovery, still in the early stages, has been. There are sleepless nights, aches, pains. There are early mornings that Silva gets in the car and has his wife take him away from their house so his cries of pain don’t wake their children.

He struggles to understand why this injury happened, but what he doesn’t struggle with is his resolve to return to fighting.

Sure, Silva has worries. He’s 38 years old. He’ll turn 39 in April. He worries that he might never again be able to put his full weight on the damaged leg. He worries that he might go through rehabilitation only to have his doctors say he should not fight again.

Those are the ghosts of worry that haunt his thoughts, but Silva is steadfast in his belief that he will recover and he will fight again.

“I have to prepare myself for that, too,” Silva told Fantastic in regard to being told he can’t fight, but added, “I am confident that everything will be all right, I’ll be fine, and that I will come back to fight soon.”

While most of us pondered whether or not the rematch with Weidman would be the final time we witnessed Anderson Silva in the Octagon, retirement doesn’t seem to be something that has entered his mind.

“Your body tells you, your mind tells you, ‘now it’s time to stop,’” he said. “I think I still have a lot to do in the fight [game] and I have no such intention of stopping.”

Guimaraes was adamant that his friend’s optimistic attitude has put him in the position that there is no doubt about a return. There are hardships to face. There are struggles on the horizon. But Silva’s return, to him, is all but inevitable.

“It’s gonna be a lot of physical therapy, but he’s in the right place,” said Guimaraes. “It might take a year, but I think no later than one year, he’ll be back.”

Silva didn’t waver in his agreement.

“What I have to say to you is that I’ll be back.”

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  • Josh Eaton

    This has Disney movie written all over it..

    • Gary Fredericks

      Taye Diggs as Anderson Silva….Noel Gugliemi as Ed Soares…..Ryan Reynolds as Chris Weidman

      • Kenny Powers

        Hahahahahaha Ryan Reynolds got me bro.. I was gonna say Chris Evans. Lmfao

        • Gary Fredericks

          Brian Cranston as Dana White…William Pertersen as both Ferrtita brothers…Eric “Butterbean” Esche as Matt Serra…John Goodman as Ray Luongo…

          • brad king


  • bajafox

    Corey Hill snapped his much worse and was able to come back and fight one or two more times. I don’t see any reason why Silva can’t do the same, his was not as bad as a snap as Corey Hills

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Translation : I can still grab a few more paychecks

  • Joe

    I see Silva coming back, stringing together a 2 or 3 fight streak(hopefully one of those are against GSP) and then challenging Vitor for the title. If he gets the mw title look for a super fight with the 205 champ (biggest payday possible) then you will see fight #3 with Hendricks.

    • Ron Bidelman Jr.

      Except Vigor won’t be champion sfbs

    • mmmhhmmmmm

      gsp probably wont be back, plus the super fight is off the table since silva did lose………

    • taylor2008

      Vitor would beat Silva now. Vitor is looking very good.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Vegas Vitor or Brazil Vitor? I doubt he gets the TRT pass in Vegas.

        • taylor2008

          TRT isnt going to do much. You still need the skills. I will say both can beat Silva now.

  • I hope he gets a third fight with Weidman. A lot of people counted him out in the second fight with Chael and he won in devastating fashion. It’s going to be great to see Weidman fight some top guys now while Silva is out. Vitor, Machida, Jacare will all be the biggest names on his resume other then Anderson. If Weidman does beat him again I still don’t know who else is capable of taking him out. Hendricks and Weidman have nothing but great fights ahead of them. All the other divisions are kind of lacking now. So many dominant champions.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I’m still gonna keep my fingers crossed for the Silva/GSP fight!

      • I really wanted that fight as well and thought nobody deserved it more then GSP but when I seen Anderson go up in a weight the third time and smash Bonnar I started doubting GSP having much of a chance. If Silva comes back and can beat Weidman then maybe GSP will start to get that competitive feeling in him and return.

        • Walter D. Camacho

          Silva made Bonnar AND Griffin look horrible…. I love GSP, but I don’t know…

          • Exactly. As talented as GSP is I just don’t see a fight with Silva going well for him. I’d be more interested in seeing him fight Chael Sonnen at MW. Better style fight. Probbaly won’t ever happen though.

    • Baller31

      I like silva but he has nothing for weidman. He was so completely dominated that last fight–even minus the clowning–that’s there is no point in a trilogy. I actually thought it should’ve been stopped in the first round. I think Belfort gets destroyed in similar fashion.

      • Well Dana loves Silva, so I can see him getting what the fight if he really wants it especially since now Anderson has come out to say Weidman did not beat him and it was a freak accident. I have a feeling this can become a little personal this time. Your counting out Belfort? I don’t think Weidman will run through him but I can see somebody being finished in this fight. It would really set Vitor back if he losses. He has the Urijah Faber thing going for him, wrecking everyone and losing the title fights. I say Weidman could defend the title three times before Silva could come back.

    • solo

      Man, if Chris can go through all that Braziliian’s, it would be so impressive. But, that’s a tough path to go through. I actually think Chris doesnt like Vitor, i think he’s annoyed by him. I don’t see that fight going to decision.

      Its gonna be interesting to see how things will unwind in WW division. Who can stand out the most and become next challenger after the Hendricks – Lawler fight. I think Johny will take the belt though. Actually it should be his tittle defense imo.

      • Yea there seems to be some trash talk already. If Vitor can handle his wrestling it will be interesting. His losses came to manly high level wrestlers but that was several years ago. Maybe Weidman by submission, not sure how to call this one.

        The WW division is stacked with competition. Mainly from American Top Team. Alves returns this year finally as well. Lawler was taken down by Koscheck but did a great job getting back up but I don’t know about this fight. Hendricks by decision if anything.

        • Walter D. Camacho

          And Diaz by KO…. Lawler was kind of a push-over until recently.Hell, Hendricks even said he was surprised he got a title shot when Condit is number 2 in the Welterweight division and Lawler is 4.

          • The only reason I can see them not giving it to Condit is because they don’t want to match them up again so soon they would rather do a rematch after Condit wins one or two more. Lawler vs Condit would have been nice. What would think of that fight?


        If Condit beats Woodley, he’s next & if Lombard defeats Shields He should get the winner !!!

  • tyrone

    If silva did get another shot at weidman, silva would be terribly gun shy from the beatings weidman put on him that silva would run all night, eventually get caught and ko ‘d. Then the “what if “guys and conspiracy theorists would pop back out crying, “what if “!

    • archaictext

      You are saying “what if” Silva gets another shot yourself. Then you are making assumptions about what would happen. You aren’t any better than they are.

  • what if

    Lets keep giving silva title shots til he wins or weidman kills him, most likely the latter.

  • taylor2008

    Best middleweight ever but I think its time for him to tone it down. If Chael didnt do his stupid spinning back fist and miss Silva the out come could have been different. He had Silva on the ground the first round and was beating him again. Weidman is a better fighter than Chael. I dont think Silva can beat Weidman what so ever. Just a new breed of a fighter is Weidman.

  • #1mmafan.

    I find it absolutely comical that some people still refuse to give weidman credit for beating silva. I suppose if they fought 9,634 times and chris won them all there would still be haters. Silva was a great champion but the torched has been passed. It’s time to move on and stop using silvas cup as a chinstrap!

    • Dragon Kid

      It’s too bad the two wins weren’t very convincing. Any fool can purposely drop their hands & get KOed.

  • what if

    I believe gsp would gnp silva to a ko. Silvas aura of invicibility was smashed with weidmans fists and determination. Silva might as well head to bellator,but what if…

  • what if

    What if silva silva never fought weidman, remember he ducked weidman for over a year?.what if silva would’ve retired without ever having to be beat by that great american mr.weidman ?.what if silva never threw that kick that resulted in broken leg? What if you were never born? What if… theres a million what ifs one can apply for any single event, decision, or action. We are in a real 3 dimensional world that require actions and not what ifs.what ifs dont count. Ask weidman, he will tell you the real. Hes got a new harley that you can touch from the real butt whooping he put on silva!

    • earlsimmons

      harleys suck bro

  • Sensei_jr

    With the help of sensei seagal (and the front kick) he could be a champion again.


    I hope he does,,, love him or hate him, but cant deny his greatness