Anderson Silva Gets Very Emotional Over Fight-Fixing Allegations (video)

July 21, 2013
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Anderson SilvaUFC president Dana White has heard the claims that Anderson Silva threw the fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 162. And he has had a fairly strong response to claims that the fight was fixed.

“Anderson Silva has broke every record in UFC history. He’s the pound-for-pound best of all time. Why would you throw a fight?!” White exploded in a recent ESPN interview. “It’s just ridiculous… Who is going to throw a fight by getting viciously knocked out?! Do you know how stupid you have to be to even think that? You are an absolute moron!”

Silva is just as emotional when it comes to claims that he might have thrown the fight, but it hits him on an entirely different level.

The former UFC middleweight champion did an interview on Brazilian TV conducted in Portuguese. While we don’t have the full translation, it’s easy to see that Silva took the claims that he might throw a fight very personally, and reportedly took offense not only for himself, but also for his country.

Anderson Silva’s tearful interview…

Dana White’s scathing retort to the accusations on ESPN…

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  • Wayde Barnes

    Could someone please translate this for us?

    • the interviewer said -theres a lot of funny conspiracy theorist about the fight being fixed and he asks- what do you say about that?

      anderson replies-
      i am brazilian and We’re very respected and do our work with competence. I get a bit upset because I’m there representing my country I represent all brazilians, the ones abroad and the ones there to support me. So this is something that does upset me, people thinking that i would throw the fight

  • Wolf Ticket

    He back, trust him, he back!

    • ronbo

      yea he be back for another ass whoopin!!

      • for ronbo

        Ronbo weidman can’t beat silva be realistic. He beat himself because
        He never took that fight serious.
        The man was toying with him
        And got cought. So all fun and games
        Are over now. Anderson is back to being
        Serious now. So ya’ll know what that
        Means, back to business as usual. Ta ta.

    • the mma guru

      He never went anywhere. I’m actually happpy
      He lost. Now your going to see the old anderson
      And none of that playing around s***. Now
      you all will see a serious man. And I hope he
      Finishes that rematch in devastating fashion.
      Because that lost will bring back old anderson
      Thank goodness he lost. He was not focused and
      Got clipped. Now u will see a focused fighter, he
      Got too comfortable in there. You can’t be comfortable in that octagon, now you’ll see him
      Fight with a sence of urgency.

  • Mateus Fraga

    He said he aways fights representing his country and all brazilians, that all the world recognizes brazilians’ work and competence and the claims that he threw the fight made him very unhappy. Also Said he would never do this, that the belt is a national patrimony and must stay here despite if it’s his or other brazilian’s.

    “I am no politician, I am an athlete and would never do this!”

    Crowd:”champion, champion…!”

    Realmente, isso é um campeão!(Indeed that’s a true champion!) VAII ANDERSON!

  • El Gvapo

    Regardless of what anyone Dana,Silva etc say, why would he throw the fight? I’ve heard several accusations but never a reason as to why.

    • Ian Price

      That’s the point. There is no valid reason! You think he or a friend bet big money on Weidman? Yeah right.

      The problem is, some people are going to think it might have been fixed because of the peculiarity of the situation. He stood in front of Weidman. Weidman punched him. He fell.

      But if you look at the totality of the situation, you would easily see that it wasn’t fixed.

      He doesn’t need the money. His family doesn’t need the money. He has high martial arts standards and morals. He actually lost money because of the end or a least postponement of a super fight or two.

      So you see, it’s very doubtful the fight was fixed.

      • Ian Price

        Furthermore, he looked pretty confused that night after the fight. He wasn’t pretending.

        Also, he always does that shit. Stands in front of opponent. Doesn’t hurt opponent until he decides “ok let’s finish the fight”.

        • David

          The reason why the fight was fixed is because a rematch will make just as much as a superfight. Then after Silva beats Weidman he will fight Jones and make just as much money. 2 fights make more than 1!

          • Ian Price

            I agree with you that he can squeeze one more superfight out of this mess, and that could, in theory, be a reason to fix a fight, but there are several points that don’t go along with your theory:

            1. It would have been much easier for him to just tap to that initial heel hook than to get brutally knocked out.

            2. His jaw and head movement/rotation from the left hook were in line with other knockouts we’ve seen.

            3. Plus, the additional GnP strike was also significant.

            4. Those 2 strikes can cause a lot of long term damage. You think he planned that?

            5. He will make a lot of money on dec 28, but I think he could have made even more if he had kept his 17-fight winning streak intact, especially if he were to take on GSP, Jones, Vitor, Chael, Mousasi, or whoever he is to fight.

            6. Why didn’t he lose to bonnar or Okami? Much more money to be made than a +260 bet when you can get +900.

            7. He also was rattled by precious strikes from Weidman. Maybe that also altered his judgment.

            I am glad we’re discussing this, but absent some better facts, I have no reason to think he tricked us.

          • Ian Price


          • Baller31

            A rematch will not make nearly as much as a superfight would have. They were talking Cowboy stadium for a superfight…never even came up for a rematch. The rematch is just the best available option after getting ktfo. If Anderson would have won and then fought Jones, his payday would be a hell of a lot more than he stands to make as a challenger to Weidman.

    • Justin Ernst

      Not saying he threw the fight, but are you dense? There is only one reason to throw a fight. Money.

  • silva says

    Okokok i believe you. So what hes saying is, weidmans win is not a fluke

    • t

      EXACTLY!!!! silva rolling eyes in head before hitting ground, something only slowmotion cameras can pick up and head hitting ground and not flinching once from gnp, would be a performance worthy of ten oscars. All on the first take at that. Its a miracle

  • solo

    “Im not a F*****’ POLITICIAN, im an athlete.” And yea, i added f******. RESPECT AS!!!

    • mom

      Whew, he used capital letters and explicit language

    • didnt your uncle cain velasquez teach you some manners

  • dgs

    Anyone who thinks Anderson threw the fight is a complete moron. Anderson got beat because he was acting like a clown, plain and simple. I’m a huge Silva fan, and I never thought for a second the fight was fixed.

    If Anderson fights in the second fight the way he did the first, then he deserves to get KO’d a second time. I’m sure if that happens the moron conspiracy theorists will come out in droves, once again. And if Anderson fights like a clown the second time around, he will get beat again for sure. Chris is not on Anderson’s level, but he showed he is certainly good enough to capitalize when Anderson acts like a clown.

    • Lol

      It all about fixing fights, Believe it or not this world is f’d up… Sports can be corrupted. Just like boxing. Your an idiot dgs. Thinking it not possible… Do you know how many people bet on that fight? Weidman is the biggest underdog ever. Something like that… you can win big money. Because its just “Impossible” I wouldn’t be surpise if dana white betted himself

      Super fights are a dam joke because no matter what its going to happen eventually. You are gullible to believe it won’t happen. It because it what true fans want. People are willing to see, win, loose or draw…. it a sport everyone will lose eventually

      I look at it this way… Silva payday even when he lost it was 600,000.. Wiedman winning was about over 20,000… Tell me that a joke.

      I’m not an anderson silva fan at all, Kind of glad he supposedly “Got knocked out”. The events of the UFC i never watch so i could care less..Watching it at a friend house save me money.. Cause most of the fights are boring as hell. I’m more of an MMA fan, I watch many different events not just the UFC

      • smitto

        Weidman is the biggest underdog ever. Something like that…

        thats just not true. silva was a near 3 to one fav. there was no big money to gain. if he would have threwn a fight okami or even bonnar comes to mind. everyone was exited about weidman, cos he was believed to have a good chance to beat him. thats why silva didnt get the usual odds.

        Silva was a near 3 to 1 favorite)
        Silva was a near 3 to 1 favorite)
        Silva was a near 3 to 1 favorite)

        • Justin Ernst

          I thought that the odds were more like -180 for silva.

      • hills

        How dern yu.? Yu makeng them acusashens.? Yu dont no wat yu sayeng. Weidman is americas champ and i am happy . Wy wood yu not wantn america champ.? Yu mus bee won uv them libs. Filld with hate fer there own and killn babies thru abortion

        • Marcus Miles

          im cracking up on how you type or speak. Effing creative.

      • Baller31

        Actually, Weidman was not a big underdog at all. Every other fighter Silva has faced, except for maybe Henderson, was a bigger underdog. There goes that theory. You’re the idiot if you think that fight was fixed. If you have ever seen a fixed fight, like a few of tyson’s fights after he got out of prison, then you know that a fixed fight does not involve getting violently ko’d.

      • mma watcher since 2004

        I’m happy too bro, now you’ll see a
        Focused anderson. And a real fight in
        The rematch. He was not focused, I
        Really don’t think weidman can beat silva
        If he’s focused. So let weidman enjoy
        The rental of the ufc belt. I’m not taking
        Nothing from weidman. Its just I think
        He did get lucky because that man never
        Had his head on in that fight. Now you’ll
        See that devastating silva, I’m glad he lost. now your going to see a focused fighter. He was getting bored and too
        Comfortable in the ring.

      • Justin Ernst

        Listen. I don’t think it was fixed. I don’t think it’s impossible that fights get fixed. But your rationale of Weidman being the biggest underdog ever is completely off. If I’m not mistaken, the odds were the closest of any Silva fight in many many years.

  • nonfiction

    anyone who thinks weidman is already the best jst bcoz he dfeated silva should remember matt Serra beatng GSP n thre frst fight!!! goodluck on the rematch Chris

  • Mike

    It’s plain to see what happened in this fight. Anderson stood feet planted on the ground in front of a guy who was swinging his hands. Anyone could see it coming a mile off (apart from Silva). It’s the ones you don’t see that finish you, and it did. Not to mention the brutal punch on the floor which bounced his head off the mat.

    • mma specialist

      C’mon people u really think that guy could
      Beat anderson if he decides to actually
      Fight. Don’t worry you’ll see him fight in the
      Rematch. And I think he didn’t want to fight
      Jon jones if he’d won. Something to think
      About people.

  • kbroesq

    This has nothing to do with the story, but what the heck is wrong with Brazilians!? You could be watching their version of Frontline, and there’d probably be a stripper with boob tassels, and a guy dressed up like a hedgehog in the background. .

    Also, how about some English subtitles. As one of my favorite (if not the favorite) fighters, I’d like to hear what Anderson has to say too.

    • Mateus Fraga

      but the ones that should put on subtitles are the site’s managers not brazilians!

      • Kbroesq

        Ohh my comment about subtitles wasn’t aimed at Brazilians. I may be American, but I’m not so arrogant to think that Brazilians need to subtitle their own shows in English.

        But, if it wasn’t clear, MMA Weekly – possibly add some subtitles if you refer to a video that is the main focal point of the story!

        • Mateus Fraga

          ooh, I actually considered that possibility, sorry man… heheehe

  • Weidman Sucks

    Weidman sucks…overrated! I have better BJJ and Muay Thai than him and would easily beat him

    • Uraballsucker

      Silvia’s angry that you took your mouth off of his nuts long enough to type this crap

  • GuwapoUno

    Credit chris for beating an old bored champ who was undefeated for 7 Years.. And just like that its now as if silva is just one of ’em ordinary no special fighters.. So sad.. Well obviously that is how you see it if ur an american…. Congrats champ chris! You made matt serra happy

    • mma specialist

      Weidman is just renting that belt buddy
      Don’t worry u non believers you’ll see
      The rematch. I really think that anderson
      Never came out focused, what happens
      When he come out and feels his apponent
      Out Fight done you’ll see. I’ve been watching
      Mma since 2004 I know this s***. That can’t
      Beat anderson, he beat himself by not being
      Focuse. Well that sums it up ya’ll goodbye.

  • Justin Ernst

    That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. The music they had playing….soooo emotional. I’m calling this interview a fix. But seriously. The fight wasn’t fixed. He just behaved like a complete jackass. It wasn’t a fight. It was a clown show because of his behavior. Props to Weidman for being good enough to catch him while he was clowning him, but it wasn’t a real fight. Silva robbed him of a real fight and he robbed the fans of a real fight. I for one, am not interested in watching him again just to see if maybe he won’t act like that. He’s the most capable fighter ever, but I have wasted too much money on the fights where he acts like he did against Weidman. I’m not watching just to see someone get knocked out. I want to see a legitimate contest between 2 fighters who are doing their best to win. And don’t give me that garbage about him needing to do that to implement his game plan. He could fight intelligently and win.