Anderson Silva Gets His Dream Face-Off (video)

April 11, 2017

(Courtesy of MMAFightingonSBN)

Though officials yet to name a new UFC 212 opponent for Anderson Silva after Kelvin Gastelum was pulled for a potential anti-doping violation, Silva was at Tuesday’s kick-off press conference, where he squared off with his dream opponent.

TRENDING > Kelvin Gastelum Fails Drug Test, Bout with Anderson Silva Off

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  • Stephen Ford

    This isn’t news smfh

  • william

    Silvia hasn’t been the same since doping violation.

    • taylor sherwood

      Nah man he lost his confidence after his Weidman fights. The first one shook him a little; and after breaking his leg in half in the second fight he has never looked the same.

      • mrblue

        Silva’s also off the steriods now,.

      • Alan A.

        I think had he decided to not clown around with his hands down in the first fight, he probly would have beaten Weideman. He gave Weideman a free shot at his jaw the first fight. He’s never been the same.

        • Charles Shapley

          Nah Silvia would’ve still lost, weidman was way stronger n pounding him pretty good..

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  • hunter williams

    Weidman took his Mojo like Holm took Rousey’s……

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