Anderson Silva Doesn’t Want to Be the Best, He Wants to Be the Best Ever

April 16, 2011
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Anderson SilvaThe sport of mixed martial arts is still very young when compared to other major sports like football, basketball or baseball.

But even in those sports it didn’t take long for legends like Ruth, Graham and Russell to emerge. MMA is no different. Current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has put together an ongoing streak that may never be matched, or at least not for a very long time.

That streak includes an undefeated mark since joining the UFC in 2006, several title defenses, and even moving up a weight class to test himself.

It’s for that very reason that 36-year-old Anderson Silva’s goal, as he winds down his career, is not just to be remembered as one of the best. He wants to be remembered as the greatest of all time.

“Anderson always wants to fight the best, and fight the best potential opponents that’s going to cement his legacy in this sport,” Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, said in an interview with MMAWeekly Radio.

“What he’s done is going to be very difficult for anybody ever to repeat… eight title defenses, 13 consecutive wins in the UFC. I think the way the sport is evolving and how much better these athletes and all these fighters are getting, I think for you to roll off 13 wins consecutively in the UFC is something almost next to impossible.”

Silva’s reign of terror has been nothing short of remarkable.

In those 13 wins, Silva has finished 11 of his opponents with either strikes or submissions. In nine of those victories, the fight never made it past the second round.

Silva is often touted as the top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet by UFC president Dana White, and his manager believes that he’s not only on his way to being considered the greatest of all time, he might already be there.

“I really truly believe in my heart that Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter of all time,” Soares commented.

The numbers make it hard to argue.

Silva has defeated every top contender the UFC has thrown at him, and put most of them away in devastating fashion. Even when he went up to 205 pounds, Silva was able to absolutely obliterate former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin in less than a round.

The next task that Silva hopes to conquer will be to defeat the last fighter that put a blemish on his record. Yushin Okami, while winning via disqualification for an illegal up-kick, still technically holds a win over Silva and that’s something that just doesn’t sit well with the Brazilian.

He’ll look to settle that score on Aug. 27 at UFC Rio.

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  • Frye557

    Phil Baroni took that title years ago.

  • BigGuy

    I will assume you are joking about Phil Baroni! Baroni is a joke!

    Anyway, Anderson is a great fighter, whether you like him or not.

    • Frye557

      Yes I was referencing Baroni’s line “I’m the best EVAAA!”

  • TooGood

    Then why is he ducking Jon Jones already? Saying they’re friends and training partners just to curtail any possible talk of a super fight in the future. That’s called ducking, and to me, IMHO the GOAT (whoever that is) ducks no one, or he’s not the GOAT. Jones grew up in my hometown, Endicott, NY. Pardon me if i’m wrong but isn’t that a hell of a long way from Brazil? Point is how could they be friends? True friends? They haven’t known each other long enough. AS may like JJ but that don’t mean they have a bond and would be considered “friends” IMO. Especially not in this business. I wonder if JJ wasn’t such a threat if AS would still say he won’t fight him. He’s fought people he’s trained with before so what makes this so different? Because Anderson is scared JJ will hand him that W and AS’s streak would die. IMO this is one of the biggest bitch moves ever coming from the so-called #1 p4p fighter on the planet. He’s got no problem fighting GSP because he holds all of the advantages size-wise against him. He doesn’t with JJ and because of that he’s afraid.

  • shereko

    TooGood, I’m sorry but JJ is awesome, thats a fact… and Anderson is phenomenal. But, JJ hasn’t even defended his title one time… how can you put him in the same class already and say he’s ducking him? I believe the GSP vs Anderson superfight is ahead on that list ahead of JJ. Yes, he’s good but, use your head not your heart, just because you’re a fan and he’s from your “hometown” you’re being very biased. I’m from close to where Lesnar is from, I’m not saying Brock should fight Anderson… be real. Lets see JJ defend a couple times, which I think he will but, let it play out before you crown him god. Ditching him? WTF dude… he wants GSP because everyone has them 1 and 2… and Anderson has said a lot of guys are his friends. He still fights them. You don’t think JJ is a big 205’er? Give the guy props dude quit being such a homer for your guy.

  • TooGood

    Listen TROLL, Im not biased at all, and for your info I can’t stand JJ, and AS has been one of my favorites of all time. I’m calling it like I see it. Anderson has emphatically stated that in no way will he fight JJ, and for no good reason other that, “we are friends” WTF is that?? He knows soon enough everyone will want that fight. He isn’t stupid. Also, anderson is a HUGE MW. So your the fucking homer fella, talking shit to someone you don’t know through the keyboard is, oh yeah, keyboard warrior status. Pussy shit, so mind your own if you have nothing to say but, “quit being a homer for your guy”. You don’t know me so STFU.

    • macpat707

      Wow, so you know nothing about nothing .. i never used this word, never found quite the person it fit … until now.. you are definitely a Homer

    • shereko

      Ok, NOTGOODNUFF… first names not Shrek, so get some hooked on phonics… 2nd where was I disrespectful of you? Because I disagreed? Man dude, you got some rage issues. Show me the article/youtube/whatever that shows him saying that? Also, what does that have to do with JJ deserving that shot? So you can disagree with me and say “Pussy shit” and its a public forum you post on there it is my, yours, your damn grandma’s business you uneducated moron, you voided your previous points because you’re clearly not sane. Ask anyone on here who made a better point, and what you going to do tough guy? LOL Ohh even though there was a slim chance you could take me, that proves absolutely nothing to your point… except improves my point that you’re not intelligent. Also, point out where I was being a homer for “my guy”? I said the money and the “people” want to see GSP vs Silva first… wow some people are highly unintelligent and let their emotions run wild and get the best of them. Sounds like you could use a little beat down but, I’m guessing your mouth has gotten you a few of those. Good luck in being a more intelligent, well rounded person in the future… ohh and dummy if you were going for insulting my name the “Troll” is an Ogre and its spelled Shrek. So STFU.

  • Kuch

    TooGood is a troll, plain and simple. The simplest way to get rid of a troll is to not feed it.

  • shereko

    Very true Kuch!! Sometimes though some things are so out of whack its hard not to say something back. Simple reasoning doesn’t work makes you want to throw up your hands.

  • MrAdidas

    1st of all people, we need to chill out. TooGood: I agree with some of the things you said, Silva (IMO) is scared to move up to LHW & especially scared to fight Jon Jones. I dont know where you seen or read that Silva wouldnt fight JJ bc they are friends, b/c thats not “true” they dont even really know each other & they have never trained with one another EVER, JJ trains with Greg Jackson/GSP/Carwin/Marquardt etc. You are also correct that Silva wants to stay @ MW b/c he has the size, strength & rweach advantage over EVERY MW fighter, b4 the fight even starts & not to mention that the MW division is by far the WORST division in all of the UFC, so its not really surprising that Silva is winning all of his fights b/c he hasnt really fought any real top competition. EX: how many top 10 P4P fighters has Silva ever fought? last time I checked it was 0.

    Facts/numbers show what Silva has done is very impressive, no doubt, but I think hes taking the “easy”/cowards way out by not fighting great fighters. I believe Silva is the UFC’s Fedor, afraid to fight better competition b/c if he losses then all of the HYPE is ruined, but the way I see it is……. if Silva losses to a lesser fighter in the MW division then he will definately lose alot of that hype/allure, sorta like what happened to Fedor, but had Fedor fought in the UFC & lost to Brock, Carwin, Cain he’d still have alot of hype to him, b/c he jsut lost to one of the best HW’s in the world, but now he lsot to Werdum who the UFC let go & who Dos Santos KTFO, so now Fedor looks like he couldnt handle the best HW’s the UFC has/had to offer. I think the same could be said for Silva is he lost to Rua, Evans or Join Jones, thers no shame in losing to any of those guys @ LHW (all current or former champs), but if Silva losses to Okami (though he shouldnt even make it out of the 2nd round), then Silvas reputation & everything he did up to then will all but be, forgotten!!!

    The main reason Silva would fight GSP, isnt jsut b/c they are considred #1 & #2, its b/c GSP is a small WW & Silva would easily have all the advantages (size, strength & reach) over GSP b4 they even steped in the Octagon. I would personally rather see Silva fight someone his own size @ LHW, where neither fighter would have much of the size, strength & reach advantage, compared to Silva Vs GSP where GSP would be giving up alot b4 the fight even began.

    P.S Play nice kids!! =)

  • shereko

    Have to say his fights are more exciting than GSP’s have been and GSP hasn’t exactly finished as many as he should, so when you talk about the “Fedor” of a division, Kos, Hardy weren’t exactly impressive victories, I’d say the fight AS had against Belfort and Griffen were a lot more fun to watch, even the win vs Sonnen was more fun to see him come back.

  • BigGuy

    Really, none of this makes sense to me. I think Anderson is one of the best in the world, but it is way past time that he move up already. The division he is in is hardly the best division in MMA, and the only way to prove you are the best is to challenge yourself. This guy is happy being the best in a mediocre weight class. If he moved up and beat some worthy opponents he would cement himself as probably the best ever. If he wins the title at 205, he is a lock for that distinction. I just honestly believe he is happy going on with the way things are, and that sux! He needs to stop being comfortable, and move up. If he doesn’t, it is a shame for everyone, including the UFC!