Anderson Silva Confirms “I Back” for UFC 168 Rematch with Chris Weidman (video)

July 13, 2013
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Anderson-Silva-UFC-162-weigh-2-478x270UFC president Dana White on a Saturday edition of ESPN’s SportsCenter announced the rematch between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva for UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas, with a co-main event featuring Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate.

Part of ESPN’s coverage included a message from the former champion, Anderson Silva, who proclaimed, “I back, trust me, I back.”

Check out Anderson Silva’s ESPN message proclaiming that he is back and ready for a UFC 168 rematch with middleweight champion Chris Weidman…

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  • Cope

    Is it me or did that kinda look like it was recorded weeks ago?I aint sayin, I’m just sayin…

    • solo

      Why do you think so?

      • Cope

        Silva had two large contusions on his face post fight. Those don’t just go away in a day or two. in my experiences it takes around a week to heal up from noticeable swelling like he had. BTW- Silva will win in impressive fashion.

        • solo

          it could be. i hope too he wins impressively

  • ?Sustainable?

    Can the real Anderson Silva please stand up?

  • juniorbra

    I hope you are back to win, not to get KO again…lol

  • Canadian MMA Fan

    Love Anderson Silva.

  • Soulf

    He will be back, and realize he cannot clown around a guy like Weidman and win impressively… right?

    s**t, I´m not sure about anything anymore after 162. If Hendricks wins against GSP, then I might have to just start watch tennis or something…

  • tyrone

    Weidman off for over a year and had shoulder surgery and wasnt able to train nearly as long as silva, whom trained for four months he said. Weidman will remove any doubters in rematch. Weidman the champion now and will ko silva again. He believed he could whoop silva first fight and now he knows he can whoop silva in rematch.weidman dominated every facet of first fight.

    • Alex

      You do realize the entire time they were standing until that punch landed Anderson was kicking his ass. Check the fight metric on how many strikes Weidman actually landed prior to that punch. He was also unable to get the takedown after the 1st time (same thing happened to Sonnen).

      • Manuel Lopez

        Kicking his ass? You’re delusional. Weidman won the first round and AS was doing nothing significant in the 2nd. In fact AS’ shinanigans were in big part because nothing else he tried was working. And CW took NO DAMAGE in that fight at all!!!!!

        • Juniorbra

          I don’t think you saw the same fight bro, CW start off good, but AS start to dominate the fight and also act like a idiot, and CW show him that inside the octagon is not a circus! I think this next fight we will really see who is the real winner! Because always will be the question what if AS doesn’t act stupid?? Plus in my opinion CW look a little confuse when all the crap start, but he proved the he know how to come out the situation . Can wait to see the rematch.

          • Baller31

            Anderson did not land any kicks or punches that even fazed Weidman, did not have any takedowns, and did nothing impressive on the ground except for escape while Weidman was trying a risky submission. Overall i saw nothing in Silva’s performance that would lessen Weidman’s confidence going into the rematch.

          • LOL. Go count the legs kick and then r-read your statement.

          • Baller31

            Done, and i stand by my statement. Silva’s standup did absolutely no damage at all to Weidman, who outlanded Silva in both strikes and significant strikes. Check the fight metrics.

        • Go count the leg kicks and the jabs and stop being so biased, fool.

          • Manuel Lopez

            I’m not being biased. I’m stating facts, truth. Those kicks weren’t doing anything! Did you see the Barbosa fight? THOSE were leg kicks. Weidman was the better man that day, he (again) took NO DAMAGE!!! Am I lying? Silva was losing already before he got his lights turned off. My god, stop the denial.

          • South.NZ.MMA

            I have Ten year old’s in Gym that would make you cry on first switch kick to the shin..

          • Manuel Lopez

            Is that a threat? Lol. What are you, 12 years old? If you really have a gym and teach kids I worry. You sound like a fucken bully! I train and I know injuries and hits, taken plenty.

          • South.NZ.MMA

   threat just real facts if you know what leg kicks feel like i’m pretty sure Chris felt those kicks from Anderson..I’m no trainer I’m a student of the MMA 7 years of training says you no jack about real leg kicks : )

          • Manuel Lopez

            7 years? Damn you should be a pro by now. Good luck. My view stands…Weidman took NO DAMAGE! Did you see the fight, the kid with the gold belt on his waist, holding the American flag up high? Yep that was the new champ…the leg kicker was unconscious on the floor! You keep arguing FACTS .

      • South.NZ.MMA

        Yes after first take down silver seemed more confidant..started to find Chris timing and striking range.. became very careless in his tactic to draw in Chris.. getting caught in the process.. Lost fairly, but in my opinion Chris needs to win rematch to Validate his new place as Champion.

  • Tony

    What a class act, more than I can say for the current champ. All the young champs r classless punks, its refreshing seeing an “old man” show how to take an a$$whoopin. I know its a bloodsport and all, but a man should carry respect in victory and in defeat, its part of a real mans constitution.

    • Manuel Lopez

      What has CW done that makes you think he’s not a class act?

      • The fact that after the ref stopped the fight, he was yelling “F you you disrespectful pr!ck” as Silva lay on the ground.

        • Baller31

          Maybe Silva shouldn’t have been laying on the ground…

        • Manuel Lopez

          Oh pls! Lol. Weidman hadn’t even held the belt as champ yet.

    • Baller31

      Weidman has shown himself to be far classier both inside and outside of the octagon than silva is or has been.

  • Sensei_jr

    Sensei Seagal has assured me that he cleared his agenda for December 28th in order to be in Anderson’s corner. For those of you hoping to give 1 of his straight to video movies as a Christmas gift work on a plan B. I also heard from a reliable source that Sensei Seagal has been taking a Portuguese immersion class. Do not be surprised that if in key moments of the fight you hear “Estribo dianteiro”,for those not familiar with foreign languages it means “front kick” (at least according to dictionary dot com it does).

  • Hope he wins by submission next time….

  • Tony

    I just got this feeling, really can’t put my finger on it. I don’t know any of these guys personally, so I could definitely be wrong. Time will tell for sure, just something about CW, RR, JBJ, they all kinda seem manufactured/ cut from the same cloth type ” champs”
    I guess sometimes these guys seem to good to be true.

  • jhoffa

    great strategy to double his and the UFC”s money

  • TheCerealKiller

    Why do we have to wait six months? Too long. Neither took a lot of damage. An immediate rematch should take place as soon as possible!

    • Baller31

      Agreed..but I think they’re looking at which weekend will be the most profitable

  • Pfp king

    Silva got caught. It happens. I highly doubt silva will allow it to happen again, at least not by Weidman. Not taking anything away from Weidman he won the fight. There’s no denying it, he however did not dominate the fight. He didn’t control Anderson, & had he stayed on Anderson when on the ground he would have inflicted 0 damage in that first round. The g&p & wonky submission was all he could do to not turn it into a boring litter patter sonnen fight. Anderson got in is head, that’s why he stood with him. And he landed the perfect punch. Now Anderson is motivated, trust

  • South.NZ.MMA

    Anderson’s gonna come down with fire and brimstone on the New Champion! Win or Lose its gonna be a fight to remember!

  • Eugenius

    Truthfully I think that in his mind Anderson did it on purpose and when he fights in December and wins I think he will ask for a super fight. Plus he has 10 fights left so I think he will destroy people after he wins his belt back. I believe Anderson fixed the fight with himself and did not tell anyone. He is the greatest of all time and all of you need to consider he is 38 years young and no one can tell me there is another 38 year old person dominating like the SPIDER!!!!!!!!