Anderson Silva Cleared to Take Another Major Step Towards UFC Return

June 22, 2014
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Anderson SilvaFormer UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva on Friday will take another major step towards his eventual return to the Octagon.

Silva took to Twitter Friday morning to announce Dr. Márcio Tannure cleared him to return to sparring for the first time since breaking his leg in a bout with current champion Chris Weidman at UFC 168 in December.

Tannure is the medical director for the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission.

Silva has recovered quickly from the gruesome injury that left most people cringing when it happened. Within a few weeks, he was walking without crutches, and then a short time later began individual workouts and even bag work.

UFC president Dana White has been hoping that Silva would return to the Octagon by the end of the year, but “the Spider” has been consistently saying that he intends to return in early 2015. He has been angling for a fight with Nick Diaz upon his return, hoping to coax the enigmatic fighter out of retirement.

Silva hasn’t fought since losing back-to-back bouts to Weidman, spending the past several months making a steady recovery from the injury.

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  • lowlb

    I wonder if they will take the titanium rod out
    of his leg. I would assume brutal leg kicks possible
    with a titanium reinforced shin.
    The rod can cause problems too.

    • Matt

      If i remember correctly, the doctor said it is staying in.

    • So would it be like Edson Barboza’s kicks?
      And a bit slower now that there is a titanium rod in there right?

      • lowlb

        Not slower but I think he can kick with confidence that
        his leg will NOT break maybe more… Anderson is
        a cyborg now.. He still can be out wrestled..

    • TheCerealKiller

      I wish you had a clue what you were talking about. I work for DePuy Synthes and I can tell you that you are wrong.

      • Ian Price

        Then please explain Silva’s situation. I was under the impression it would be removed after the the healing process was complete

  • Mike mckinney

    People are funny. The rod won’t make his kicks do anymore damage.

    • lowlb

      You’re right and I may be the only one tripping..
      Just say’n If the same Weidman/Silva bone breaking event
      were to happen again and Silva had a titanium
      rod in his leg… He won’t ever break his lower
      Leg again throwing a leg kicks..

      • Mike mckinney

        That maybe true if his entire leg were now made of metel, but it’s a thin small rod next to bone.

        And for the other guy, if I gave you that rod, and that bone it would be much easier to bend and brake the rod. The strength of the rod is with pressure vertically. You can easily break it with side impact to the rod.

    • The milkman

      It actually will. When you throw akick or punch your bones bend cushining the impact a little and if there a metal rod with no give it makes a harder impact. Similar to the difference between a wooden baseball bat and a metal one, maybe not quite as extreme but it is different. Pubes!!!!

      • Ian Price

        Confused by the “pubes” addendum

  • Patrick Allen

    Titanium ain’t coming out. Titanium and bone osseo-integrate or grow together. It be like trying to get the adamantium out of Wolverine.

    • lowlb

      I ask because I had my titanium rod taken out. I broke
      My leg just above the boot, while skiing 2011. They pounded a t-rod down my tibia and put 2 screws at the top and 2 at the bottom.
      They thread the end of the rod.. In my situation they screwed
      a face plate to the rod and pound it up and out of my
      tibia after a year. Today it’s like the break never happened.
      AS’s break was much worse than mine. Perhaps they need to
      Keep the rod in. He won’t break that bone again. I’d rather see AS
      test his new cyborg leg on J Jones than Diaz. Titanium brings new
      meaning to leg kicks… In my opinion…

      • Danny boy

        I had part of my tibia bone destroyed and they had to fuse a titanium rod that will be in my lower leg for life so it depends on the extent of the injury

  • Ravi

    I dont think he will confidently throw that kick again.

    • lowlb

      We shall see

    • Ian Price

      He doesn’t need to. Anderson has many tools.

    • brad king

      i just hope he watches where his foot is heading when he whips a leg kick out.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Turn the page Anderson, you’re gonna lose all your fights now and ruin your legacy. Its over

    • TheCerealKiller

      Wow, really? You guys all rip GSP for leaving on top, but then rip Anderson for staying?

      Stay Anderson and fight the guys we all knew could never earn a title shot, but we want to see them kind of get one… Bisping.

      • Amen brother. I would go so far as to say that this might actually be the most entertaining iteration of Silva we’ve ever been treated to. He was getting arrogant and sloppy. Now he has to prove himself again as a contender. So many amazing fights await that would have otherwise never have happened due to the distance between himself as champion and their ranks in the division. With nothing to lose now, we’re in for some amazing fights with people we’ve wanted to see smashed in ways only Anderson can.

  • bigfatslob

    Anderson picks on an old retired welterweight while he’s a middle/light heavyweight….coward. Any fighter fighting him is going to be kicking the shit out of his shins 🙂

    • David Huenecke

      Nick was the strikeforce middleweight champ. So it’s not unusual for him to be challenged by a middleweight. Anderson will be the much bigger fighter.

      • Ian Price

        I don’t think he’ll be much bigger. Nick will probably weigh 190 and Anderson will probably weigh 200. And besides, the extra weight is usually important with wrestlers and top control. And we have yet to witness Anderson employ this approach (and he would be crazy, as Nick is an accomplished grappler with incredible cardio).

        • Lucas Freire

          Thing is Anderson at 200 is at his optimal fight weight. Diaz at 190 isn’t. He doesn’t have punching power at 170…what he’ll get against a natural 220’er?

    • George Sperry

      It’s Diaz that challenged Silva not the other way around.

      • Ian Price

        Hey don’t put this on Silva.

        • George Sperry

          I didn’t,bigfatslob did.

  • truthbtold

    I BACK

    • Manuel Lopez

      I break again. Is normal.