Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Off of Nevada Commission’s Agenda

March 19, 2015
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Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz had been expected to go before the Nevada Athletic Commission at its regularly scheduled March meeting, which has been set for Monday, March 23, in Las Vegas.

The meeting will go on as planned, minus Silva and Diaz.

Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz UFC 183 kickDiaz is currently listed on the agenda for the March 23 meeting, but NAC executive director Bob Bennett told on Thursday that Silva and Diaz each requested and was granted a continuance, meaning that both would likely go before the commission at its April meeting.

Silva and Diaz both face disciplinary hearings before the commission stemming from failed drug tests related to the UFC 183 headlining bout, which took place on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas.

Silva faces the commission following two failed drug tests. The first time he tested positive was in a Jan. 9 out-of-competition drug test, where his results revealed anabolic steroid metabolites for Drostanolone and Androstane.

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After testing clean in a Jan. 19 out-of-competition test, Silva then again tested positive for Drostanolone, in addition to Oxazepam and Temazepam, two benzodiazepine class drugs commonly used to treat anxiety-related insomnia in his fight-night drug test.

Silva has never before tested positive for banned substances during his near-twenty-year career.

Diaz is required to go before the commission for testing positive for marijuana metabolites in his fight-night drug test.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    This is becoming a joke. Diaz has no defence. Just hand him his third strike ban and be done with him. He gave a clean sample 3 days before the fight and then spit in the face of the sport by getting high as a kite right after. The fact that he couldn’t go 3 days without smoking weed is huge problem.

    • DaGooru

      Love that last sentence!!!

      • TheCerealKiller

        Exactly! How can you even sign him to another fight knowing he will do it again?

    • robc

      So what? Do we really now care when guys smoke weed? Don’t get me wrong I don’t smoke myself but it’s his body and his choice. The bigger issue here is twofold.

      1. Was there enough THC in his system to deaden or dull pain? No not in this case. He had metabolites in his system in excess of the allowable amount, very similar to the other time he got dinged. In the fight with Gomi his levels were much higher.

      2. Is weed a performance enhancing drug? Again no. Other than acting as a potential pain deadening agent (assuming there was enough in the fighters system at fight time to matter), it provides no benefit to a fighter in competition.

      So yes ban a guy for using a drug that he has a medical exemption for in his home state and that has been legalized in a number of states.

      This is not a performance enhancing steroid we are talking about here (such as the several that Silva was dinged with…). The fact that the NSAC continues on the warpath for weed is frankly pointless.

      Diaz has never attempted to deny or defend his use of weed. He has stated he uses to treat his ADHD (and weed is medically used for this purpose, hence his medical exemption). Unlike many many fighters that have been dinged for all manner of “actual” performance enhancing drugs, Diaz has tested clean for everything else in every test that has been done on him. Not to mention he has never been on “theraputic” TRT like Sonnen, Dan Henderson etc…

      If the fans don’t care that he smokes weed (again as long as there are not high levels at fight time), then why should this joke of a commision?

      • TheCerealKiller

        You missed the point. All he had to do is go 3 days without smoking weed, or don’t be a fighter. Besides, ADHD isn’t something that is bad if not “treated” with weed.

      • JMH

        Weed ain’t gonna Improve performance but it could improve durability as it’s used as a “painkiller” somewhat similar to taking a few tramadol before a fight, might make you last that extra minute or pull you through a submission, then it becomes unfair.

    • justin

      How can you stand there with a straight face (presumably) and actually even comment on someone getting caught for weed while the other guy used performance enhancing steroids? I don’t care if some pisses hot for weed a dozen times. It doesn’t matter. It’s a stupid rule that gives him no advantage.

      • TheCerealKiller

        You can’t use your opinion to sidestep the rules. Anderson has a nine month, I believe for first time, suspension coming. He has no defense either. Diaz wants to go down as some kind of martor for weed, give his wish. It’s exactly the same if you pissed hot for alcohol, cocaine, meth, etc. It can’t be in your system on fight day. It doesn’t really matter since he already retired again.

  • cheflacsto

    Nate looks to be done on this one, and its his third strike. Like the cereal killer said 3 days and then do your business. Anderson may be done as well, at his age depending on how long he gets suspended?

    • justin

      Why? What happened with Nate? Did he get busted too?

      • cheflacsto

        No, I meant Nick

  • nickcruz

    Make example of the cheater.Diaz makes fights.Silva cheated his way to the top just like armstrong.