Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Field Media Questions as UFC 183 Nears (Audio)

January 23, 2015
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Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz are both returning after more than a year out of the Octagon, they’ll square off in the UFC 183 main event. Listen in as they field questions from the media in the lead-up to their fight in Las Vegas.

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  • lowlb

    I smoked a joint and nick totally makes sense.
    If he come to the table and he is the best he can be, then that’s the best Nick Diaz that comes to the table …is the best NIck Diaz your gonna see that’s what Nick brings into this fight.. Know what I’m saying. And then we’ll see.

  • cheflacsto

    Anyway Nick can beat Anderson.? The only way I see it is if Anderson is hesitant because of the leg. If he feels comfortable with the leg, and is in the right frame of mind mentally when he gets in there this could be a very tough night for Nick.

    • rob

      Silva doesn’t appear to react well physically when he gets hit above the neck in that he goes to sleep so its my thinking that his time is up and he should consider retirement. If this fight is fought in 5 rounds this will only make it more difficult on Silva as Diaz will surely put a pace on him.

      • cheflacsto

        Well technically he went to sleep one time, and probably a second against Weidman but recovered fairly quickly. I don’t think Diaz hits as hard as Weidman so I don’t see that happening. You may be right about the pace of 5 rounds, but Silva has been preparing for 5 round fights for a long time.

  • Guest

    Anderson Silva will make his comeback and be the first man to KO Nick Diaz.

    • conor

      Nicks already been ko’d. Check it out on YouTube

      • deepgrim

        hes had a doctors stoppage, isnt a real tko

        • Timothy Malone

          He is probably referring to the first loss of Diaz’s career. Jeremy Jackson got a legit TKO in the first minute

          • deepgrim

            hadnt seen that myself

  • Sarge

    I’m just gonna see how it goes. Hopefully its wont be another Diaz/Condit.

  • Joseph Pilarski

    loads of new information i learned there

  • elpJen

    Diaz is a patsy for the rehabbed contender. No excitement here. No excitement ever with a Diaz fight. UFC can make better match-ups. This is a MacGregor Siver set-up. No matter how much Joe Rogan shouts, its not going to be an brawl or all-hell-breaks-loose contest. Its going to be pitty patt by Dias until Silva bitch slaps him into submission in the second round.

  • TheCerealKiller

    This card sucks.