Anderson Silva and Jon Jones Nominated for Best Fighter ESPY; Can Either Beat Floyd Mayweather?

June 28, 2013
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Anderson Silva vs Jon JonesUFC champions Anderson Silva and Jon Jones have been nominated for ESPN’s prestigious ESPY Award for “Best Fighter” for the second consecutive year.

But can either of them edge out last year’s winner, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is also nominated again this year?

Rounding out the 2013 nominees are Mayweather’s fellow boxers Danny Garcia and Canelo Alvarez.

This is the third time each for Silva and Jones to be nominated for the award. Jones has been nominated three years in a row, while Silva was nominated for the award in 2009, 2012, and 2013.

Silva (33-4) has not lost in the Octagon since making his UFC debut in 2006. He has won 16 consecutive UFC bouts, has held the middleweight championship since late 2006, and set numerous other records.

He defeated Stephan Bonnar and Chael Sonnen last year, but hasn’t fought yet in 2013. Silva is slated to defend his belt against Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6 in Las Vegas.

Jones (18-1) has just one blemish on his record, a highly debated disqualification loss to Matt Hamill in late 2009. He has since won nine consecutive bouts, including victories over the likes of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, and Chael Sonnen.

The 2013 ESPY nominees were announced Thursday. Voting is available at until July 17 at 9 p.m. ET, at which time the awards will be handed out on ESPN.

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  • LiggerNipps666

    this is the dumbest question ever

  • Brandon K

    I am a huge fan of MMA, but I consider boxing a true fighting sport. MMA is a bit messy and requires less technical skill than boxing…Floyd would dominate both Anderson and Jones in the ring even at their weights.

    • Werdoomb

      MMA requires less technical boxing skills than boxing, less technical kickboxing skills than kickboxing, less technical wrestling skills than wrestling, and less technical BJJ skills than BJJ.

      You just made the dumbest argument ever.

      So a soccer play should not be nominated since soccer doesn’t require the technical running skills that sprinters have.


      • Brandon K

        MMA requires less technical skills than all those sports huh? Firstly that is wrong, I simply made a point to distinguish boxing and MMA fighters..but MMA doesn’t “require less” anything, that point of yours is you blatantly not reading and simply retorting. I was simply stating that as a fighter Floyd is the most dominant force in his arena in where fighting has remained for over a century (professionally). I believe MMA is a place where someone gets clipped by a toe or a finger on the temple and BAM they are doubt these are brave men and their conditioning is on par with Olympians but still boxing is a true fair fighting sport. And in addition to your last statement, just stfu and go home.

        • Lordiogo

          his statement is dumb:
          “MMA is a bit messy and requires less technical skill than boxing”

          What you mean by that ? MMA has BJJ technical skills, boxing does not. MMA has kickboxing skills, boxing has not.. and MMA also has boxing skills! How come it requires less technical skills than boxing ? To be clear, MMA needs much more technical skills than boxing since you need to understand all those other combat sports . Boxing you just need boxing.

          • Martin Bass

            I much fairer assertion would have been that Boxing requires more refined technical skill. That’s still debatable but at least it’s not ridiculous like saying that boxing requires more technical skill.

        • Rob R

          lol dumbest reply of the century for any topic

    • Chris M

      r u kidding me what happens when floyd gets leg kicked or taken down then what? clearly money would b on jones or silva enless it was a straight boxing match!

      • Tony C

        Agree. Floyd wins in a Boxing match
        Floyd loses in a MMA match
        Floyd loses in a BJJ match
        Floyd loses in a Wrestling match
        Floyd loses in a Kickboxing match
        Floyd loses in a Thai Boxing match

        And Best Fighter ESPY will probably go to….!

        Floyd Mayweather…

        Hopefully, I’m wrong.

        • Chris M

          you hit the nail on the head! floyd cant compare to an elirte mma fighter!

          • Baller31

            At MMA. His chosen sport is boxing, why would he even want to? Newsflash…Jon Jones would lose to Lebron James in one on one hoops.

          • Chris M

            bc its still the sport of fighting! its like if ur good at only shooting 3s then u wanna play lebron ur going to get destroyed! boxing only one aspect of fighting just like shootin 3s one aspect of basketball! easy terms for you!

          • Baller31

            The article questions who’s the best fighter. Boxers, mma, kickboxers, all fighters. They can only be judged in their respective sports, if you are going to judge Mayweather on his mma then you need to judge Jones on his boxing, which is idiotic. Can you understand that? Simply, Mayweather is more dominant in boxing at this point than either Silva or Jones have been in MMA.

          • Chris M

            i understand where your coming from butyea thats fine mayweather is better boxer then jones what about wrestling , jitz , kickboxing overall as an athlete and in shape jones will take every other category in the sport of fighting! why boxers shouldnt even be mentioned! boxing is dying its like sayin ray allen is better then lebron bc hes a better 3 point shooter!

          • Paul H

            It is true that boxing is considered fighting but the real question we should be asking is if it should be. Should boxing simply be considered one aspect of professional fighting, not the complete act of fighting? Or should it be considered the complete act of fighting? In my opinion, it shouldn’t be. For me, the best fighter in the world is the one who steps into the cage in a sport where every single style of fighting is allowed. If you have sports A and B (mma and boxing, respectively), and B is in A, but A is not in B, then I’ll take the champion of A over B any day, regardless of how dominant the B champion is. If the B champion truly believes he’s the best fighter he should show that his fighting style is the best and will beat any other fighting styles by becoming a champion in A.

        • Brandon K

          Floyd doesn’t need elbows and knees to knock somebody out…mma is ridiculous. I watch that s*** for blood, but on the real if Roy Nelson can contend I just laugh it off…

          • TheKaveman

            Sorry man, but your posts are so asinine it’s irritating. “Floyd doesn’t need elbows and knees
            to knock somebody out”. Right, because Floyd can’t use knees or elbows
            effectively enough to KNOCK someone out. He can’t kick and/or grapple,
            and yet you are trying to claim that boxing requires more technical
            prowess. Ridiculous. I’ll concede that Floyd is superior to every MMA
            fighter in regards to boxing, but that’s it. He has one trick.

          • tyrone

            Roy would wipe that smile off your face ten out of ten times

          • Chris M

            ur a bird mma is real fighting let me know if you get in a fight if someone only throws fists! get educated in fighting boxing one aspect of fighting mma is everything

          • Chris M

            roy nelson would eat mayweather

    • Cptmats

      “MMA is a bit messy and requires less technical skill than boxing…”

      I agree completely ! MMA fighters train boxing BJJ wrestling Thai boxing judo …….

      Boxers train one thing only ! All day every day !

      Although I don’t think I’ve ever seen a boxer with Silva’s natural accuracy and timing, I would bet on him against anyone, boxing or mma but he’s the exception !

    • Anon D

      A HUGE fan of MMA? Do you even know what that means? You’re obviously a moron that thinks too highly of himself. Well… someone has to. Maybe Floyd should get into a kicking match with any one of them and see what happens. Or better yet, just a grappling match! Boxing’s a true fighting sport. Is that why they hug each other and wait for a ref to break them off?

    • tyrone

      Floyd backed down from sean sherk when dana offered him to floyd.floyd would’ve been beat to a pulp

      • Baller31

        yeah right…floyd’s a boxer…in a boxing match sherk wouldn’t last 30 seconds

  • Stephen Quadros

    Who has Floyd finished this year?

  • dd

    floyd made 50 millions this much did these 2 make?

    • WhattheF

      What the f**k do their earnings have to do with their skills as a FIGHTER?

  • Benn

    So they are comparing an undefeated welterweight boxer, with two larger MMA (UFC undefeated fighters) Dumb. P4P in boxing Floyd Wins in MMA we will have to see Jones get challenged more as Silva is P4P now. Stupid question. Apples and Oranges.

  • Bill Farnsworth

    This is a dumb question, but its an easy one too. Floyd is a great fighter with excellent defensive skills and elite speed, that being said he does not have knockout power, which is the only thing that would give him a chance against bigger men who can take him to the ground and basically destroy him.

    • Marcus Miles

      i guess you havnt followed Money Mey for very long Bill. If you did, you would understand that Floyd has Plenty of KO power. When you go for the KO in boxing you take chances. If your out classing a fighter in every round but your opponent isn’t hurt and can still KO you, why take the chance and leave yourself open while you head hunt. Floyd has plenty of power, but he is smart and states why he fights the way he does. Over half of his win have been by way of KO. He KOed Ricky Hatton when hatton was number 2 in the division and undefeated at 33-0. Boxing isn’t MMA.

  • Sporadik Styles

    Easily should goto Bones Jones or Anderson. Mayweather can’t finish and only picks fights he knows he’ll win. The way crooked boxing promoting works should forfeit him from this award. If he didn’t purposely dodge Manny over the years I wouldn’t have to say it but its true.

    • Baller31

      You do realize Silva just fought Bonnar, and Jones just fought Sonnen. You really going to criticize Mayweather’s opponents???

      • Sporadik Styles

        Yes I am. They fought Sonnen and Bonner because they’ve either cleared the division or there is no one else to fight because they’re so dominant.

  • Anthony Lopez

    Boxing is the sport of punching. MMA is the sport of fighting. The end

  • Timothy Malone

    Silva deserves it over Jones for all the records he has shattered in the UFC.


    I don’t understand how you guys think would have a chance against Jones or Silva in a boxing match? Boxing or not Floyd won’t stand a chance against them. They are far too big. How in the world would Floyd reach Jones and Silva. Not only that, they are amazing strikers themselves. Boxing or MMA Floyd loses because of the big big big size disadvantage.

    • Baller31

      They are amazing MMA strikers. Very big difference. Neither one has speed, footwork, or head movement comparable to Mayweather. Their mma striking is great, but even very average boxers such as KJ Noons or Nick Diaz have great success in MMA with their striking. I do think JDS could crossover and do ok, especially with how weak the heavyweight division in boxing is at the moment.

      • Clizzark

        Noons has had great success? When? He’s 1-5 in his last 6 fights. His striking hasn’t looked that good. Hell, he’s probably looked his best fighting Diaz.

        Diaz relies on a combination of things. Cardio, volume striking, chin, great BJJ, and cardio. Did I mention cardio? His defensive striking is awful, but that doesn’t matter to him. He wins through endurance. Just look at the Penn fight. Diaz was soundly outstruck in the 1st round, but then Penn gassed and that’s when Diaz poured it on and took control.

        • Baller31

          Yeah, he has been successful. Noons has a contract in the biggest MMA promotion in the world, and Diaz is ranked 6th in his weight class, relying mainly on his boxing. All fighters in mma or boxing rely on their cardio…duh. Name an MMA fighter who has crossed over to boxing and is even in the top 20 in the world? And no, diaz was not outstruck by BJ in any round. Round one Diaz outlanded Penn 49 to 39 in total strikes, and 33 to 20 in significant strikes. An elite boxer with a ground game, or even really good takedown defense, would do really well in MMA. Liddell was just an average striker, with powerful punches, and a great takedown defense—essentially no other ground game–and look how well he did.

          • Clizzark

            OK, so you have little idea what you’re talking about just as I thought. Penn was the one who outlanded Diaz in the 1st, also.

          • Baller31

            Let me give you a link for fight stats…although if you actually watched the fight if was very clear Diaz dominated the first round.


            That’s from the official statistics provider to the UFC. LAWYERED!!!!!

          • Clizzark

            Are you trolling me or are you hallucinating? Diaz dominated the first round? The hell? Everyone scored it for Penn. I’ll give you a link, but I’m not sure what in the hell you’re going to see, but let’s try anyways:

            Notice all 3 judges gave the 1st round to Penn? Notice everyone scored the fight 29-28 or 29-27? Are you mistaking the 1st round for something else?

          • Baller31

            S***! You’re right!

          • Clizzark


          • Clizzark

            triple post

          • Clizzark

            triple post

  • Baller31

    The FACT is that Mayweather, as much as i don’t like his style, is and has been more dominant in his sport than either Silva or Jones. He is 44-0. Neither Silva nor Jones has a record that comes close.

  • diazfan209

    Money Mayweather gets my vote simply because he’s agreed to take on Canelo…… Anderson only agrees to fight nobody’s & Jones defends his title against dudes two weight classes under him…. respect goes to Floyd on this one.

    • Chris M

      how does silva fight nobodys wehn hes beat a bunch of ex champs moron! mayweathetr chooses his fights tooo bird

  • Paul

    Well to be honest if may weather fought jones in a straight boxing match may weather would get dominated simply because how the f*** would mayweather even come close to hitting jones 6’4 with a 84 inch reach. I am not saying jones is a better boxer than mayweather but for the idiots who say Floyd can beat jones in a straight boxing match are indeed idiots