Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman Go Chin to Chin (UFC 162 Face-off Video)

July 4, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman faceoffFollowing Thursday’s UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman pre-fight press conference, the fighters in attendance squared off for photo opps for the media in attendance.

Main eventers Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman easily stole the show, going chin-to-chin as they faced off in front of a throng of media and fans at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

Check out the UFC 162 pre-fight face-offs…

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  • Lucas Freire

    Now I noticed a thing: Everybody complains about how Silva is a big guy in his division.

    But his 5 last title defenses(including this one) were against guys who had,have a run on LHW or are HUGE MW guys.

    PS: While searching what is Okami’s “off” weight, I got this: card-5-reasons-yushin-okami-will-upset-anderson-silva-in-rio

    1: Negligible Size Difference
    2: Working with Chael Sonnen
    3: Silva’s Jiu Jitsu vs Okami’s Wrestling
    4: Okami’s chin
    5: Is Anderson Silva overlookin Yushin Okami?

    I think we can relate 4 of these 5 points to this fight. And I remember what happened on Okami’s fight.

    • Going down

      Did you see when Silva up kicked Okami and he could still fight but said he couldn’t ?

      He’s going to take many blows he wished the ref would step in and say ,
      ( do you want to continue ?)

      • AMAMA

        Did you see that? Okami ate a wicked upkick and clearly was dazed. You can’t take that away from Okami; that was the type of strike that would easily change a fight if it was legal. He had the head lifted in the, ‘wtf just happened’ stance you often get when people are knocked out.

        Though, I think Weidman will lose, you shouldn’t disrespect Okami like that.

  • will

    closest weidman will ever be to the title.

    • Chicago

      Did u see how Chris’s face lit up when AS let him touch the belt. it was like a kid seeing Santa @ the mall.

  • tyrone

    Anderson showed fear by wearing glasses to hide the fear and doubt in his eyes. He may as well had wore a sign, “im afraid of weidman”

    • Mike mckinney

      He’s been afraid of quite a few guys then.

    • solo

      oh come on! i want to believe you’re not so dumb to actually believe that!

    • Marcus Miles

      Hoe does eye glasses show i fear? Do all people at the store who need corrective lenses wear them because they are scared of something? Come on Tyrone……

  • Ian Price

    He let Weidman hold the belt together with him! LOL That was touching. Probably the closest anyone has been to holding that MW belt since Franklin.

  • Manuel Lopez

    I like Weidman, he’s humble.