Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen Nearly Come to Blows at UFC 148 Presser (Video)

July 3, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen at the UFC 148 Press ConferenceUFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen nearly came to blows when they squared off for promotional photos at Tuesday’s UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II pre-fight press conference at Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.

The two had contentious words when fielding questions from both the press and fans, but the situation nearly reached a boiling point when they lined up face-to-face for photo ops.

Check out the video of Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen’s faceoff at the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference…

  • joan

    Haha. Look at Chaels face. He is just realizing that s**t is getting real. He look scared. That bitch.

    • jonnypatrick

      You must be delusional! He has Silva exactly where he wants him, have you forgot that Chael has been asking for this for the last 2 years? I’m pretty sure he has realized it’s real. Chael always plays games, do you actually think that Silva would be able to push Chael around? Not hardly, Chael can & will man handle Silva at will.

      • TKD

        I’ll have whatever jonnypatrick is having. It must be nice to be that delusional.

        • I agree…Sonnen wouldn’t look him in the eye…that says alot. He did have a look of worry about him…I think we are going to see the Chris Lebman/Rich Franklin version of Silva…but this time he’s pissed off and thats scary!!

          • A lot of fighters dont look at the eye of their opponent until fight day. I dont look at other people’s eyes, it only derails self restraint. Like The Korean Zombie- he didnt look at Poirier, yet still won.

          • fsunoles09

            go look at any of his stare downs bro, i cant think of the time he looked his opponent in the eyes but im sure he aint scared bro he a pro fighter hah

          • MrAdidas

            Dude that says absolutely NOTHING, Jon Jones never looks his oponents in the eyes, so I guess that makes him “scared”?!? I doubt that, ask Evans, Lyoto, Rua etc. FYI: Sonnen did look Silva in the eyes, but didnt when he/Sonnen went side on. Watch the video again & pause it at 24sec, you can see Sonnen sorta “grinning” a lil, almost like hes thinking, got you where I want you, which is … angry/not himself. Though Silva might be doing this to get in Sonnens head, who knows?!? The only two people who know will mostlikely never tell us the truth anyway.

            As for Sonnen being scared?!? The guy said all the same shit b4 their 1st fight & (shockingly) backed it up, I doubt Sonnen is scared, actually I know Sonnen isnt scared. He fought the MW KING & embaressed him for 23.5 mins, so why would Sonnen be scared?!? I think Silva might be a lil worried, considering what happened the last time they fought. Should be a fun fight & it’s only 3 days away. CANNOT WAIT!!!


    • mrsister

      Saying Chael is scared is pretty dumb. You want him to be scared so that is what you chose to see. But I don’t think you even see that because I don’t know how you could. He didn’t look the slightest bit scared to me. He wasn’t scared to get in the cage with him in 2010 but is now scared to be at a press conference with him. Pretty ridiculous. This is no indication on how this fight will play out. It’s fun to watch but that’s the extent of it.

    • ultimatebrosky

      when sum 1 gets all up in ur $hi+ and invades ur personal space then its on….u dont get up in a grown mans face without some kind of altercation…chael talks all his talk but when silva came at him talking he didnt want to look or say 1 word with that big @$$ mouth he has…where I’m from if some1 steps to u like that and u take it ur a punk… chael only talks crap when he knows he can’t be hurt…I don’t think he’s “in his head ” but I do think he punked out

      • jonnypatrick

        Dude, it’s a regulated sport. If Anderson did that on the nasty streets of West Linn, OR he would have gotten his a$$ whooped yesterday by the gangsta Chael P Sonnen! But on a serious note Chael accomplished what he set out to do yesterday. He got in his head and made Silva show his true colors. If Chael would have put Silva on his a$$ yesterday, they wouldn’t be fighthing this weekend.

      • MrAdidas

        Dude it’s called keeping your cool, which Silva did not do. I believe Sonnen has Silva right where he wants him, in regards to the head games. Silva is not being himself & like many fighters say, that is a distraction. Silva should only be focusing about one thing & thats the fight on Saturday & NOT the shit Sonnen has been saying for 2.5 half years.

        These guys are pros, Sonnen showed that he can hype a fight when it’s time & he showed that he can take whatever Silva has to say or try to do at a presser. Sonnen did all his talking, now its time for business & to focus on the fight, something Silva seems to be lacking … for the 1st time while in the UFC.

        Though, maybe Silva is trying to get in Sonnens head by pretending to be angry & very “emotional”, guess time will tell.

      • macgrubber

        No1 cares where your from bro. Ill trace your IP and find where you are and get in your face and we will see how tough you are

  • jonnypatrick

    Hahaha, it appears that Chael is in his head! I love it, Chael is either gonna get knocked the fu*k out in the 1st or he is gonna put a serious beat down on Silva like last time but only come out the victor in this one.

    • pooby

      Nah. Chael will get knocked the fu*k out in the 1st, or the 2nd, or the 3rd, or the 4th, or the 5th. It just depends on when Anderson feels like putting him out of his misery. Anderson may drag it out, but the fight will be ALL Anderson.

      Chael does look intimidated and I don’t think it’s an act.

      • MrAdidas

        Chael looked the same as he did in 2010, where do you guys get this?!? The guy talked so much crap & backed it up the 1st time & embaressed Silva for 23.5 mins, b4 Sonnen got lazy. Sonnen basicallys does the same EXACT thing 2 yrs later, but this time he has the edge in regards to giving Silva the biggest beating of his life, yet you think Sonnens scared?!? WTF?

        I’m pretty sure Sonnen knew he had to fight Silva the 1st time (after disrespecting him for so many months) & I”m pretty certain Sonnen knew he had to fight Silva again come July 7th, so explain to me how Sonnen is scared?!? I dont get it?

        Silva might KTFO out of Sonnen, but I’m not buying the fact that Sonnen is “scared”. If anything, I think Silva may be a lil worried about being taken down, maybe. Depends on how good his TD defense is. We’ll all find out in 3 days … SO PUMPED!!!

  • BlackWolf_8

    I would be really surprise if this fight goes beyond 2 rounds. And Silva antics are useless, you know u gonna beat the guy; why trying to act like a bully.xD

    • jonnypatrick

      He isn’t trying to act like a bully, he is trying to act like he isn’t scared. They can say all they want about Chael not deserving a rematch, they are scared that Silva is going to lose his belt. Chael whooped his a$$ last time and Silva was lucky to win the fight. I realize Chael would have been stripped of the fight, but Chael beat him on their feet and mopped the floor with him on the mat.

  • Did you see the look on Chaels face?? No roids for you this time. You’re gonna fight clean and get knocked out.

    • TKD

      Hahahahaha!! Well said! Sonnen is going to get knocked the f*ck OUT!!!

    • You do know he’s taking the same stuff as last time, right?

    • MrAdidas

      BAHAHAHAHA you fool, he’s aloud to take the same “stuff” he took the last time. You Silva nut huggers need to educate yourselves a lil more about the FACTS. FACT: Sonnen was aloud & still is aloud to take whatever treatment he was suspended for after his 1st fight vs. Silva. FACT: The reason Sonnen got suspended was b/c he did not FILE THE PROPER PAPER WORK for his treatment, and NOT b/c he was doing something illegal. How many times do we/NON Silva nut huggers have to tell you NUT HUGGING Silva fans that Sonnen will be the same Sonnen this time, as he was when he fought Silva the 1st time? FACT: Silva fans like to tell themselves “fairy tales” so that they can feel & sleep better at night, for why Silva got EMBARESSED for 23.5 mins to Sonnen.

      It’s called MMA, and people have an off day, an off fight – “IT” happens, deal with it. Just stop trying to make up excuses for why your boy got OWNED in the 1st fight.

      • yellowmonkey

        I don’t think he got owned or embarrassed in that fight. He WON the fight. If Sonnen was so dominate why couldn’t he finish?

        I don’t recall Silva crying for help that night, he never needed a ref to save him from serious injury. He didn’t even look that beat up after.

        • TKD

          yellowmonkey, don’t argue with MrAdidas. He is having a difficult time trying to come up with sensible arguments while jerking off to Chael all day long. Go easy on him.

  • adriana

    I think that “scared” look is part of Chael’s act to hype this fight. So much of what comes out of his mouth is not to be believed. Except that part about him knowing he can win. He does believe that. and I am inclined to believe that as well.

    • jonnypatrick

      Amen to that!

  • Fan

    No Chael was cleared for TRT. He will be on steroids again for this one….I think Silva will finish it quick this time. If Sonnen comes out like he did against Bisping he won’t make it out of the first…hoping for a good fight though!!

    • jonnypatrick

      Mir was on TRT when he fought JDS and it didn’t make him superior to JDS. Last time I checked JDS was still the champ, so enough with all that BS.

      • TKD

        No, TRT is BS. Chael being a cheater and a big mouth is what’s real here!

        Chael is going to finally get his mouth shut on Saturday. Then what is next for the as*wipe?

    • MaritalArtist

      The last time I was this excited was right before the opening bell rang with confit vs Diaz. You know what I’m taking about!?!? I wish i had ringside seats, but all i could afford is halfway Up the nosebleeds. Can’t wait …..

  • Win lose or draw this is one for the ages, man it will be the best PPV UFC has put on in a long time. I love all that pre fight intensity.

    I really hope Sonnen wins but Silva is soo damn pissed.

    • adriana

      yannick- agreed! I am stoked for Saturday! I am rooting for Chael, but will be fine either way. I just want to see an epic battle.

  • JesseShredderMalloy

    Chael is in Anderson’s head. Anderson looked upset and mad that entire time pretty much. Hes gonna come out over emotional and get countered and beaten by the man, Chael Sonnen. and those ranting about TRT, his levels have to be at normal to be cleared, hes typically below level without them, no unfair advantage will be given. CHAEL all the way.

    • shereko

      He’s typically below? So he’s less than a 1:1 ratio? This I gotta see… So the 14:1 he was at on the last fight was to keep him “normal”? Normal for what? A Wolverine? He’s being granted a 6:1… lol “the man” Chael Sonnen, for someone to be “the man” do they have to get beat that many times? I guess by more of the definition of the phrase “the man” would be Anderson since he hasn’t lost in UFC ever…

    • B-rok

      6:1 is not normal. I know mma fans aren’t geniuses, but if you are buying the fecal matter sonnen is spewing you are on another level! He said he’d die without trt. Victor Conte said “Sonnen repeatedly says things about trt that make no sense”.

  • jenkins1997

    Silva looks nervous!

  • joan

    What can be next for silva after he rape chael sonnen whit his fists?

    • MrAdidas

      You mean besides figthing/defending his title in the WORST division in all of MMA & vs. smaller fighters with a shorter reach advantage?!? Uhmmm, what about moving up to his NORMAL weight class (LHW) & fight people who are just as strong if not stronger than him, fight poeple his own size or possibly bigger & fight people who might have the reach advantage?!?

      NOOO, I didnt think so. Silva is very happy to fight in the weakest/WORST division in the UFC & in all of MMA, he’s also “very happy” to fight people who he’s bigger than, who he’s stronger than & where he ALWAYS has the reach advantage. Figthing at LHW would mean much better competition & Silva wouldnt ALWAYS have the advantages he ALWAYS enjoys at MW. Not to mention the LHW division has ALOT of world class wrestlers, which happens to be Silva’s kryptonite.

  • Fan

    Sorry Jonny,
    Didn’t mean to strike a nerve but facts are facts Chael uses, it’s that simple not BS, it’s reality….Can’t compare Mir/Dosantos…Are you saying TRT is not an advantage? Why is it teated for then?

    • TKD

      Go easy on the Sonnen fans. They are “special”.

      • MaritalArtist

        Thanks! I feel special. 😉

    • jonnypatrick

      The thing to do is reply to my remark. I was simply using Mir as an example. He had the TRT treatment and it didn’t give him an unfair advantage in his fight with JDS. It obviously helps or he wouldn’t do it, but what I’m saying is that Chael doesn’t need it to whoop Silvas ass he just chooses to do so because he can

    • MrAdidas

      You cant necessarily say TRT is an “advantage” b/c its on the banned list, b/c MaryJ is also a banned substance, but noone not even fighters consider that an advantage.

      • B-rok

        yes you can say trt is an advantage. If he wasn’t taking trt he probably wouldn’t be in the ufc. The commissions may allow it, but so did baseball. Its still an advantage. If Sonnen really needed trt his levels wouldn’t be 6:1. If you want to learn about trt read some articles or tweets from victor conte.

  • shereko

    LOL Very true TKD… and very good point Fan, its an absolute advantage, it makes you a better you, but it doesn’t make you superman. Chael is/was selling the fight, but when you cross a line and its not showmanship for someone else… he knows he can’t go back and is just a little scared, he doesn’t believe all his own hype. Hey Jonnypatrick, I’ll be on here Sunday morning to post that you’re the man and I completely agree with you and that you’re a brilliant man, worthy of god like status, and I know nothing… IF Chael wins… will you do the same WHEN Anderson wins??? Think about it….

    • jonnypatrick

      Shereko, I am man that is the first to admit when he is wrong. If you would have actually read my first response I said Chael may get knocked out in the first round, it is a fight. 1 winner and 1 loser

      • natpaukar7

        I commend you for saying this because I personally as in my own opinion…believe that anderson will not even have a slight problem with chael…similar to leben vs silva in his debut but longer to drag the pain on….but if…on the off chance it is not a pure domination on silva’s behalf by round 2 then Chael may have his number…or third scenario…anderson does the exact same thing just to prove a point and submits him with even less time left than their first fight…I honestly in my heart believe anderson is that good…no disrespect to chael fans… everyone has opinions…

        however; please if anyone has an opinion i have a rather bold theory…I don’t think Anderson ever had trouble with Chael but was just acting in their first fight and knew what he was going to do when he did it…because I watched the fight the other day and Joe Rogan says…to one of Chael’s knock downs..”Anderson Slipped, that punch did not land.” which leads me to believe he was acting or toying with Chael…and if you pay close attention…the only time Silva actually attempted a submission was when he landed it…he toyed with the idea of attempting one earlier but he never actually went after it fully.

        not saying its true…but it is possible IMO

        • RonnieV

          Your theory is completely ridiculous. Chael took him down several times, maybe he slipped once. Chael also executed some vicious ground & pound for several minutes of the fight. If I’m toying with a guy, I’m not going to let him repeatedly pound on my face. He did attempt at least one other unsuccessful submission during the fight. I give a slight advantage to Silva this fight, but if anyone thinks Sonnen is going down like Belfort they didn’t watch the last fight. Sonnen has a mental advantage on Silva, because he knows he dominated his opponent for 23 minutes the last time they fought.

          • gnodeb

            They both know that Sonnen can not finish Silva even if he is on top of him whole fight and they know that Silva can finish Sonnen in a second.
            How that can give Sonnen any mental advantage?

  • I think Anderson was paid to do the “hold me back bro hold me back” routine here. He isn’t the type to lose his cool.

    • khumbufalls

      He certainly looks like he wanted someone to hold him back. If he wants to start s*** , or have the balls to start it, go all the way Diaz style. After all the s*** Chael said about Silva’s family, Silva wants to shoulder brush. SMH.

  • lowlb

    Now, the weight drop for the weigh-ins.
    Chael looks big and Anderson looks a bit leaner.
    I think Chael is screwed. TRT is not his friend.
    Chael looked spent after the 2nd round with Bisping.
    You know Anderson has been training with wrestlers.
    I don’t see how Chael wins this fight. Unless Anderson does some serious clowning around and makes a big mistake. Which is possible…

  • khumbufalls

    I don’t think that’s “nearly comes to blows”. One thing Chael can say to further fuel Silva’s anger is how stupid this guy is and he’s just looking for a way out by brawling in the presser so he can get injured. Silva looks uncharacteristic of himself, this is really exciting. I see Chael pulling an upset by beat down.

    • johnnybooker

      It was a pretty brilliant move…he just ignores Silva, which only seems to make Silva madder. Chael looks at the crowd, smiles a few times…gamesmanship. And Silva might just be playing along, helping to sell this card. But Chael afraid? I didn’t see it. If he swings, and breaks a hand…White would never forgive him.

  • Maine2Alaska

    I LOVe IT. I think Silva is actualy going to lose fans in this or lose. Chael scared? I dont think so. What i do think is Silva is phsyched out. and that could screw with his performance. I Hope Sonnen gets this W.. what an upset that would be!!

  • greaseygranny

    Bas Rutten never once looked at an opponent in the eyes. Was he scared? BWAHAHAHAHAHA Although Chael is a raging penis wart, he’s just way to tenacious for Silva. If Silva doesn’t knock him out with the 1st, 2nd or 3rd strike at the start of every round, he’s losing. Simple as that. There’s a reason Silva turned down the fights with Sonnen and Henderson, even though he has beat them both. Both fighters oppose a threat.

    • TKD

      They may POSE a threat too…WTF!?!?

  • spidersilva

    This ‘right where he wants him’ ish is stupid. Silva has been top dog for years. He isnt gonna gonna come out throwing leonard garcia punches or anything like that. Cant wait for the post fight comments from the west linn gangsta!?!? wtf is that? Who gives him these ridiculous nicknames? His mom? Take ur beating and go home….for good

  • Whoever thinks sonnen goign win , put your money where your mouth is , its gonna be a nasty knockout…….

  • opposition13

    Silva’s reaction was unnecesary…he just proved Chael right…….I like both fighters but I’m ruling for Sonnen…

  • spidersilva

    Money is moving towards silva…come on sonnen lovers, get ur money in there. Getting almost 3 to 1 now. If u really beleived he would win u would drop some cash on it…big payoff