Anderson Silva Always Respects His Opponents, Plans Same Approach in Chris Weidman Rematch

September 27, 2013
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Anderson Silva LOS ANGELES – During the UFC 168 World Tour stop in Los Angeles, Anderson Silva spoke about his upcoming rematch against Chris Weidman. The two will step into the Octagon again on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.

The former champ explained that throughout his career he’s never disrespected his opponents and nothing about his approach to fighting Weidman will change, regardless of how the first time went.

Check out’s footage right here!

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  • Kris-tyahn

    The Maia, Leites and Weidman fights weren’t disrespectful?!? What about when Weidman wanted to touch gloves before the fight and Silva turned his back and walked away?! I guess that’s a class act by a Champ, right? Especially since Weidman was respectful the entire time leading up to the fight! Whatever makes you sleep at night Silva!

    • macarrech

      Exactly my thoughts.

    • Dragon Kid

      He didn’t turn and walk from Weidman, he bowed to him first before he walked away.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Yeah, wow, how classy! But he sure didnt touch Weidmans gloves when Weidman had his gloves up. So how classy is that?!

        • Dragon Kid

          not everyone has to touch gloves before a fight u know. its optional and like I said he bowed to him so he acknowledged him. he hugged Weidman at the end of the first round and they touched gloves at the beginning of the second so I dunno why ur mad for.

    • KC52

      Why do fighters have to be so respectful? I know the whole world has gone ultra PC but this is cage fighting for gods sake! There’s nothing respectful about it. That being said the only thing disrespectful that I think Silva does is when he puts on a half-assed, awkward, almost joking performance for people that paid way too much to see him.

  • Justin E.

    Respect??? He keep using that word. I do not thinkimeans what he thinkimeans.

    • macarrech

      I’m a big fan of Silva, but I don’t think he is known to be respectful. Maybe this wake up call will inject some humbleness in his persona.

    • MuayThaiFood


    • lowlb

      well regarding words that mean nothing, what is “thinkimeans?”

  • Marc Livingood

    I think he should be an example he is a great champion and humble in defeat unlike jon jones. I still think weidman will win the same way but that is just because he is as tall and long with youth and skill and power on his side.

    • TheCerealKiller

      What are you talking about? Jones has never lost! He was disqualified once. Nobody knows how he’ll act in defeat.

      • Ian Price

        He lost last weekend! Don’t believe the scorecard. 40 years from now I’ll bump into Bones at the supermarket and I’ll still tell him “nice 1st Gus fight you were gifted, son!” It was close, but I had round 2 and round 5 for Gus. That’s 49-46 for Gus.

        • TheCerealKiller

          “I had round 2 and round 5 for Gus.” – Good thing we are not both judges, because Jones would have won a split decision.

        • Sir_Roy

          Round 5 for Gus … really???

          • ronbo

            I had Gus 1 and 2 for sure. 3 Leans towards JJ and 4 and 5 JJ. 3 Tho could have went either way. One thing is for suI’m ….im a Gus fan from here on out!!!

        • Kris-tyahn

          49-46 GUS, maybe u should go back to grade school and take Math. Also, u make Cecil People’s look like judge of the year…. Bahahahaha! Anyone with half a brain and semi knowledge about MMA, know Gus had ZERO chance of winning round 5. U must smoke the same shit Diaz smokes, if u actually think Gus even stood a chance in round 5. I guess it was when Gus walked straight towards Jones with his head down and both arms by his side and then put both hands on his hits gasping for oxygen. Ohhh yeah, GUS was strong in round 5!!! Bahahahahah

  • fred

    Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

    • uncle

      I hope he is just talking because the same approach, will probably be the same outcome
      besides the fact this same approach made
      him a legend.. but with this fight, he should
      have more awareness and be ..the ultimate
      killing machine

  • fred

    andy looks like a kid who’s hand was caught in the cookie jar. Andy? was you disrespecting your opponent?
    “No ma!!”.

  • Pat Garret

    Silva, disrespects everybody he faces! Seems the spider has “turn over a new leaf!”

    • DamianCross

      I …see what you did there? I think?

  • KevStinx

    LOL, lucky

  • trhahryjry

    yur all morons silva doesnt need to show respect to all his opponents, wediman is like 10 years younger, he should show more respect to silva, Weidmann just got on to the scene, no one works harder than silva and if you listen to his comments before and after fights he is extremly respectfull to all his opponents during weigh ins and figths he plays these game sto get into the opponents head. Silva is extrenmly down to earth even te doesnt really have to eb because his abilities are really out of this world. But yur all f****** idiots and dont understanding fighting not to mention martial arts, yur probably all fat f**** that watch mma for entertainment the same way you watch monday night footbal, while drinking beer. Silva is a legened weidmann isnt weidmann should show him much mroe respect than the other way around.

    • Ian Price

      I just don’t agree with you. Yes, we should show our elders some respect, but it’s not like Silva is 75.

      • fred

        A lot of brazilians think that anderson got what he deserved for being disrespectull. A lot of brazilians like weidman because he is humble.

    • justin e

      He doesnt “need” to show respect, no. But we would all apreciate it if he would stop acting like he is respectful when it couldnt be further from the truth.

    • Big Tuna

      He learned how to respect all opponents in his last fight!!!

      Sometimes learning is forced upon us.

    • ronbo

      I knew I’d see at least one fkn retard comment on here. Your boi is gonna get his ass kicked again. With the respect or not.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Ugh hiw did Weidmab disrespect him?! He gave Silve compliments and said he was the best fighter in the world and great for MMA. Man, Weidman… What a dick, for giving Silva compliments and respect, and even went to touch gloves.

      Me thinks u still butt hurt a “kid with 9 pro fights” KTFO out of Silva, like the jackass he is. But not just KO’d him, but did it standing and Weidmans strength is Wrestling…. OUCH!!!

    • silvas daddy

      Weidman is a legend ’cause he beat a legend every second of the fight, manhandling silva quite easily. I would have to say, that when weidman kod silva, weidman was at that time, the most famous man in the WORLD!!!


    Silva is bluffing,,, he’s gonna come out super agressive like he did against Sonnen 2,,, no dancing around,,, no gestures

    • Ian Price

      Then he’ll probably get taken down and submitted.

      • DamianCross

        ^ Exactly this, although nobody wants to admit it.

      • Kris-tyahn

        YUP! Submitted or TKO’d from GnP!

  • Big Tuna

    He never respects opponents which is why he got KTFO

  • Pete

    Pretty obvious he tries to punk out his opponents….get in there heads….make fun of them…he has been successful….until Weidman

  • Respectful compared to how Chael Sonnen treated him maybe. But I just read an article on BJ Penn’s site where Silva claimed the Weidman knockout was nothing but lucky. I mean we can all agree to disagree but maybe in Andersons head he’s calling it how it is and is not taking things to another level where he feels he’s disrespecting the new champ.

    • lowlb

      Freddie Roach said something similar. AS was screwing around the 2nd round. If he does it again, he deserves the loss. He won’t do it again though..

      • I’m sure he’ll be aggressive but will not be taunting Weidman this time.

        • fred

          if anderson is winning fight easily he may go into showboat mode.

          • With Leites and Maia it was bad enough. But hey went overboard when doing it with Bonnar and Wediaman. The wasn’t something you do in practice, he was just acting like an idiot and he paid big time. I feel bad for Weidman b/c he deserved to fight Silva in the most serious manner, not SIlva goofing around. I love Anderson but he talks about respect but it wasn’t like he was being aggressive and putting his hands down to lore him him he was 100% acting like an idiot.

  • onehitwonder

    i think he better change his approach.