Anderson Silva Also Fails UFC 183 Fight Night Drug Test

February 17, 2015
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The Nevada Athletic Commission on Tuesday confirmed that Anderson Silva has failed a second drug test, his UFC 183 post-fight screen.

Silva’s post-fight drug test showed that he again tested positive for steroids, as well as anti-anxiety medication.

The steroid he tested positive for was Drostolanone, which is one of the anabolic steroid metabolites he tested positive for in a Jan. 9 out-of-competition drug test (the other was Androstane). He also tested positive for the anti-anxiety medications Oxazepam and Temazepam, which is used to treat sleep deprivation.

The anti-anxiety medication is not banned, but must be revealed on the medical questionnaire that all fighters are required to submit prior to a fight.

Anderson SilvaWhat makes the second positive for Drostolanone so damning is that Silva had undergone a second out-of-competition drug test on Jan. 19 that did not reveal any banned substances. In his comments to, Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett felt that indicated he may have used the steroid after the two out-of-competition tests, but within close proximity to his Jan. 31 bout with Nick Diaz, which he won.

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“I can’t speak for the [NAC] Chairman nor can I speak for the commissioners,” Bennett told “But something I find particularly concerning is that [Silva] tested positive on Jan. 9 and then he tested negative on Jan. 19. If he took this orally, it only stays in your system 5-to-7 days.

“So, obviously, he used it sometime around Jan. 9 and then he used it shortly before the night of the fight. Whether the commission finds this egregious — that he tested positive twice out of three times — is up to them. I certainly find it concerning and unacceptable. It gives an unfair advantage to the person on that. God forbid, a serious injury were to occur to an opponent when someone is on something.”

For his part, Silva has denied taking any banned substances to give him an edge.

“I have not taken any performance enhancing drugs. My stance on drugs is, and will always be, the same. I’m an advocate for a clean sport,” he said in a statement to

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Although the promotion removed Silva as a The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 4 coach at the behest of the NAC, the promotion and company president Dana White have voiced support for Silva. White, however, has since admitted that Silva testing positive “really screwed me up for a few days.”

Silva’s case is to receive an initial briefing before the Nevada Athletic Commission during a Tuesday afternoon meeting.

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  • uncle

    Robo-Silva already had advantage with the steel rod in his leg

    • TheCerealKiller

      It’s Titanium and it in no way gives you an advantage. The steroids on the other hand…

      • Guest

        The Cereal Killer, since youre thex pert on this, why not try this, grab a tibia bone and a titanium metal rod and hit them against each other….I am no expert but last time I checked, metal is stronger than bone…yes TITANIUM is considered a metal…

        • TheCerealKiller

          I do it for a living. You have no idea what you are guesting about. Remember my extra cheese next time.

          You are moron. They didn’t coat his bone with titanium, it put down the middle to hold it together while it heals. Once it heals, it doesn’t make any difference that it’s there. The bone is still on the outside …
          Why am I bother to educate a fcuking moron.

        • Gestmom

          No, Anderson did not fight with a titanium rod glued to his shins.
          That’s simply not how the procedure works.

  • mmafanguy

    Very sad day for mma or at least to Silva legacy. But I think their is a lot of PEDs user and i’m not sure they ever going to get rid of the problem I hope they will but it will take a lot more random testing.

  • Drock420

    I wonder what Dana & the UFC decide to do with him. He should prolly retire, he’s not getting any younger.

  • Bigmac

    I think Chris Weidman destroyed Silva. 1. Wasn’t scared of him. 2. Knocked him out cold while he was monkeying around like a moron. 3. Checked Silva’s vicious leg kick and consequently snapped the shin bone in half. 4. Put so much doubt into Silva’s head, Silva had to cheat for an extra edge.
    I would like to think Rich Franklin is having a good laugh over this. He was embarrassed by Silva indeed but not as bad as Weidman humiliated ‘The Spider”. Anderson Silva needs to fade away into obscurity, He is like ARod, Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire. A really good CHEATER.

    • uncle

      Barry Bonds never failed a test

  • Darin

    There’s a good possibility that Silva fought clean the whole time he was champ, that it was the crushing losses to Weidman that lead him astray. His desire to make a comeback combined with his fear of losing or getting hurt.

    Regardless, an example needs to be made. Even the GOAT should be $hit-canned for this and banned from the UFC HOF.

    • michaelchimique

      he could have been clean that is true, the thing that makes it questioned is, this was the first time he was tested out of competition and they popped him for steroids. makes you wonder how many more tests he would have failed if they actually did them throughout that time.

      • Kris-tyahn

        You NAILED the nail right on the top of the head. It’s possible Silva only used PED’s for the 1st time b/c of his broken leg injury and/or b/c of his two losses to Weidman. BUT, it’s ironic that the first time Silva gets tested “out of competition”/while training for a fight, he tests positive for multiple PED’s and banned substances.
        Regardless, we’ll never know, and Silva will NEVER admit that he’s used PED’s in the past while Champion for obvious reasons. His legacy has already taken a pretty significant hit, and it will forever be “questioned” how many other times has he used PED’s as champ or when he fought at LHW?
        This failed drug test will also drop him for the #1 P4P fighter ever, I always thouht & still do think GSP is without a oubt the #1 P4P fighter ever. The quality of opponents he fought, in the best division (at times 2nd best division), he almost always fought bigger fighters than himself, beat guys where they were the strongest at, made fighters who were on the top 10-15 P4P list look average. BJ Penn, (Hughes & Sherk if you go back that long were on that list, their records spoke for itself when they fought GSP), Fitch, Condit, Shields, Diaz were all on the P4P list when they were about to fight GSP, and then they would be quickly removed after they lost to him. Don’t think Hendricks was on it when he fought GSP, but I’m not certain.
        Silva will ALWAYS have the ***asterix*** located next to his name, if these tests are “legit” and not a mistake like, in the case of what happened to Cung Lee. Silva’s reputation, legacy, records etc. will all take a HUGE blow. Imagine had he retired after the 2nd Wedman fight, he would have never EVER expected/known Silva to be a “cheater,” in regards to PED use. He seen himwipe vaseline off his face and rub it on his shoulders and arms before he fought Maia & Leites.
        Time will tell, and if he did use, I’m sure it wasn’t the 1st time, but who knows. I’m sure Silva and his fans/the BUTT HURT nut hugging fans (not all Silva fans) sure do wish he had retired after he snapped his leg in half. Maybe that was a sign from Jebus to Silva, time to walk away, and he didn’t so now his legacy is all but ruined! (presumably)

        • michaelchimique

          the difference between this and Cung Le is that this is being done by a Legitimate Testing facility. what happened with Cung was there was not athletic commission where they fought, so the UFC acted as it’s own Governing body. they went through a testing facility that wasn’t the best and even though it’s more than likely Cung Le cheated, they didn’t properly handle the samples and therefor he got off on a technicality.
          Silva failed 3 out of 4 Drug tests and two of them were for Steroids.
          in my opinion if he truly only did them because of his leg, then he shouldn’t have come back. all he did was tarnish his legacy because none of us know if he did it his entire career.

  • Oobatz

    Does he seriously not understand that intent is not problem here, it’s the ingestion regardless of purpose and intent?

    How can any manager let their fighter not disclose everything they were prescribed to take, banned or otherwise. If I was a manager, I would require the fighters to document if they had a glass of milk that was fortified with Calcium and Vitamin D. A pro fighters career is short enough, being suspended, why take the chance on something that would take away 1/8 of the average pro fighters career?

  • Axl Bender

    I doubt Silva can beat Diaz clean, That’s one Id like to see if Silva is ever allowed to compete again. I think Diaz would knock him out.