Anderson Silva Abandons Olympic Bid, as Commission Hearing Lingers

June 10, 2015

No matter the outcome of his drug testing issues with the Nevada Athletic Commission, it won’t affect Anderson Silva’s participation in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

It won’t affect his participation because Silva won’t be there, at least not as an athlete, according to manager Jorge Guimaraes.

“This issue of the Olympics has already been decided. Anderson won’t participate in the Olympics,” Guimaraes told Portal do Vale Tudo.

Anderson SilvaA black belt in Taekwondo, Silva previously said he wanted to try for a spot on the Brazilian Olympic team, so that he might compete in the Olympics on his home turf in 2016.

“The worst that can happen is I don’t make it, but I will try. I will devote myself. There is nothing impossible and that sometimes bothers people,” said Silva in April.

There was no mention of why there was a change of heart, but Silva is still embroiled in controversy over two failed drug tests surrounding his UFC 183 victory over Nick Diaz in January in Las Vegas. He twice tested positive for steroids, and also failed to disclose two medications on his pre-fight paperwork. The two medications were not banned substances, but failing to disclose them is considered a violation of Nevada regulations.

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Although he is currently under a temporary suspension pending a full disciplinary hearing before the Nevada Athletic Commission, Silva’s hearing continues to be delayed. His team has requested several continuances. The most recent continuance pulls him from the agenda for the commission’s June meeting, with the likely target being August.

“He is now waiting for the verdict of the Athletic Commission, which should be coming out soon,” said Guimaraes, who did not address the continuances. “We’re waiting to see if there’s going to be punishment and how long it will be.”

Although Silva has removed himself from Olympic consideration, Guimaraes said that he has and will continue to train.

“Anderson is a guy who won’t stop training, ever. He is staying active.”

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