Anderson Silva: 10-Fight Deal, 3 More Defenses and then GSP? (UFC Video)

January 9, 2013
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Anderson Silva vs Georges St-PierreUFC president Dana White is a happy man, and he’s a happy man with a plan.

He says Anderson Silva, at 37 years of age, has got a new 10-fight deal with the UFC, probably three or four more title defenses at middleweight, and then superfights with the likes of Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones on the horizon.

Check out what else Dana White had to say recently about the UFC middleweight champion…

  • Cuntlick

    Here we go again. I’m tired of hearing this fight and I won’t believe in it until the contracts are signed. It’s like chasing a girl, she kept giving me a date but won’t let me guck her

    • Mike mckinney

      At least we know why you seem so frustrated….

  • Darin

    Where’s the guy who is obsessed with Chris Weidman? I can’t believe he hasn’t posted here yet.

    • lol… I can understand about sticking up for a fighter. I do it all the time for several fighters but that guy is an obsessed fan. But my problem with him is that he never has anything intelligent to say about Weidman to defend him. If someone could have a respectable and witty debate that would be nice. But nope.

  • Sir_Roy

    I’m an unabashed GSP fan. As much as I’d love to see this ‘super’ fight, it’s almost more of a morbidly insatiable curiosity at this point than anything else … if Silva is as good as I’m finally starting to believe he is, we fans just threw poor Georges to the lions.

    But hey, at least he’ll have a ton of cash to ease the bruised ego (and bruised everything else) on his way to retirement.

    Additionally, a fight with Georges could 100% confirm and cement Silva is indeed the GOAT pending on how he handles him. It could do just the opposite. He has more to lose than GSP IMHO.

  • Jonathan

    I won’t count gsp out on this one, gsp has his takedowns and he can MAYBE grind silva for five rounds and not get submitted like chael sonnen did. Plus gsp won’t talk trash and MAYBE he will come out the good guy here.

  • subidoo

    I like both Silva and GSP, but I don’t want this fight to happen. I agree with Sir_Roy on the matter of it being a curiosity. But really, why tarnish GSP’s reputation as being the best by having him get beat by Silva? Why tarnish Silva’s reputation as being the best by having him beat by GSP? Hell, maybe he’ll then fight Jones. Crap, what then? have Silva fight Benson Henderson? I say let’s not have these super fights. Let them rule their respective weight classes. Otherwise, if GSP or JJ or Silva lose to one another, then people will say “he was good, but not as good as so and so because he lost to them” F— that! Let them all be the best in one of the best eras of mma.