Anderson Silva Breaks Silence on Testing Positive for Steroids

February 4, 2015
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Twenty-four hours after the news broke that he tested positive for steroids, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva broke his silence.

Silva tested positive for Drostanolone and Androstane in an out-of-competition drug test administered on Jan. 9, three weeks prior to his UFC 183 headlining bout with Nick Diaz. Silva won the bout via unanimous decision.

The results of the test weren’t reported to the Nevada Athletic Commission until Tuesday, Feb. 3, but they quickly became public.

The UFC immediately issued a statement about the matter, but Silva had remained quiet until his management sent the following statement denying any wrongdoing to on Wednesday.

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Anderson Silva“I’ve been competing in this sport for a very long time. This is my nineteenth fight in the UFC. I have been thoroughly tested many times and have never had a positive drug test,” said Silva.

“I have not taken any performance enhancing drugs. My stance on drugs is, and will always be, the same. I’m an advocate for a clean sport,” he continued.

“I’m consulting with my advisors right now to explore all of my options and intend to fight this allegation and clear my name. I will not make any further comments until my team advises me to do so.”

Silva has the option of requesting the B sample from his drug test be processed, which could put the initial A sample result in question or it could verify it. Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett told on Wednesday afternoon that Silva’s camp had not yet made such a request.

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Currently, Silva is under a temporary suspension, at least until he has a hearing before the Nevada Athletic Commission.

He could address the commission at its Feb. 17 meeting, but does not have to address the commission that soon. He has twenty days from the written notice of his positive drug test in which to respond. So he is within his rights to respond after the Feb. 17 date.

If that happens, the soonest Silva would go before the commission for a full hearing would be at the commission’s regular meeting in March, which has yet to be scheduled.

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  • steve boone

    Talent beyond compare but to agree to White’s 20 fight contract agreement at his age, they should’ve tested him for crack ! The “Dana” is in the details……

    • OnlyTruthMatter

      He could’ve signed a 100 fight contract–the idea is just to ensure that he can’t fight for a competing organization such as Bellator until he fulfills his current UFC contract. Obviously he’ll be retired first.

  • Darin

    Silva’s “statement” is hilarious. It sounds nothing like him, but it does sound a lot like something a lawyer would write.

  • Guest

    silva testing positive is just as dumb as cung le testing positive for hgh.

  • Donald Gialanella

    I’m reminded of Lance Armstrong’s vehement denial of drug usage…until he admitted he had taken gobs of hGH, testosterone, EPO and Corticosteroids!!

  • David

    “Twenty-four hours after the news broke that he tested positive for steroids, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva broke his silence.”

    24 hrs later is breaking silence? Really? Jesus, give this guy a chance to collect his thoughts. Did you guys have to spin the story this way?

  • Nightmare135lbs

    So then how does he explain the “masking” agents. Why would you mask something you’re unaware of?

  • kevin

    Only one possible explanation…roid browny. Gotta watch out for yourself at those mma parties

  • Get2DaChoppa

    I’m a huge baseball fan and if I’ve learned anything its “never say never”. Anyone and everyone is capable of using PED’s, even the sports greatest and most respected. As I’ve stated in other posts it doesn’t really matter to me if all the guys are using, and to be honest with the amount of money that’s out there I really can’t blame professional athletes for using.

  • Aaron Gustaveson

    Request that B sample or STFU.

  • Dave

    Lmao I like Silva but he’s like a child when it comes to lying. He’s taking the innocent-me approach. The proper reaction to being accused of something is anger, not befuddlement. Like he wants to talk about it with you as it leads nowhere, its a big mystery. Lifted brows and shrugged shoulders, defensive body language. This is what kids do. Dude you snapped your leg in half like a pencil, it is the worst injury ever in the octagon, there is no way you should EVER be back in the ring and yet there you are… Of course you took all kinds of drugs to recover, who are you kidding lol?

    “Whaaaa…? I dunno’ what happened! S’ crazy right?!” Funny high-pitched defensive tone. Personally I could give a sh*t because I know they all take PEDs one way or another. Do people even SEE whats right in front of their eyes?! Normal people do not resemble MMA fighters, they’re all on some experimental type of sh*t to make them more aggressive and focused. I’d go as far as to say his leg broke because of a long career of pharmaceutical cocktails taking a toll on his body. Silva has been pushed to the limits.