An Emotional Tito Ortiz Says Goodbye (UFC 148 Post Fight)

July 8, 2012
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Tito OrtizLAS VEGAS — Never one to discount his emotions or hide his feelings, an emotional Tito Ortiz reflected not only the final fight of his career — a loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 148 on Saturday night — but also took a trip down memory lane, recounting his career and offering an apology to Dana White.

Check out Tito Ortiz’s UFC 148 post-fight press conference comments...

  • Lesnardo

    Why is he apologizing to Dana White???

    I’ve never heard Dana apologize to Tito.

    Assuming that Tito is not genuinely sorry for his past beef with Dana, what does Tito have to gain from making an apology?

  • jonnypatrick

    All I hear is wah, wah, wah. If all of Forrest’s punhes were pitter patter why is your face fu*ked up and Forrest looks like he wasn’t even in a fight 2 hours earlier? STFU Tito you whinning little punk, every loss you have an exuse, good riddance. He was a beast 10 years ago before the sport evolved, but you can’t live in the past.

    • Lesnardo

      Tito is not only a horrible fighter but also a horrible human being.