An Emotional BJ Penn Retires from MMA (TUF 19 Finale Press Conference Video)

July 7, 2014
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An emotional BJ Penn addressed the press at the post-fight press conference receiving a rare standing ovation from the press. BJ talks about his decision to retire and the fight against Frankie Edgar after their TUF 19 Finale bout at the Mandalay Bay.

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  • tizatmoney

    Respect to Dana for saying that about his legacy! #salute #classact

    • claudale

      Dana was just happy he retired (without pissing everyone off and announcing it for him). Dana talked about BJ retiring during the fight.

      BJ, like so many other fighters, was gone for the UFC for a while and that’s because he and Dana had issues with each other.

      The reason the UFC wants people retiring is so they are stuck in a contract, unable to be lured by other organizations to fight. If they come out of retirement, they still have a contract.

      The UFC can drop any of these guys – they have a clause in the contract that says the UFC gets out of it if the fighter loses even once.

      • tizatmoney

        never knew that…thnks for the info

  • BYH

    When BJ stopped and put his head down, I almost lost it with him. Always hard to watch an Athlete realize in front of you that his physical career is really over.

  • asd

    Weidman just beat Machida in a super competetive MW title fight.
    Now guess what, BJ Penn – the natural featherweight – fought Machida, with no camp, with no preperation whatsoever, on short notice, out of shape and overweight… and he beat him up. He almost won that fight.

    There is no other like him.
    BJ, you’ve had your wars, have no more. Thank you and bless ya.

  • Shawn Kenyon

    I think we should give respect to the pioneers, which BJ was. I think his comments were very honest and he was classy in defeat. Contrary to what BJ said about heart and hunger,,, Did he lack that coming in? I mean, he said he wanted to see if he could still compete at this level so he must have had a burning inside of him, no? Secondly, he mentioned having all the techniques and so on, if you’re reading this, Yes! It’s very easy to criticize from our lounge chairs in our living rooms, but with that being said,,, I think I would come into the fight like a Kamakazi, meaning I would treat it like a fight, not a sport, try to get to Edgar early and rough him up. And lastly, I have a little more extensive knowledge of bjj being a practitioner for 12 years, I can’t understand Bj employing the same ground tactics from his guard. He never tried to set up a sub or anything. Why not try some rubber guard and look for triangles or an arm bar? Idk…. Love and respect BJ

  • Ed Breimann

    Went out on his shield indubitably.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    wish there were more fighters like him…never held guys down..always went for the finish. Would move up or down a weight class to fight whoever whenever. My favorite fight was when he destroyed Diego…its the most 1 sided title fight I had ever seen. 5 rounds of complete striking domination and then the finish with the flurry. Much respect.

    • Lucas Freire

      Nasssssssssssty cut!

  • Yeah

    Boo hoo, you little homo.

  • Manuel Lopez

    1. It takes balls to be so brutally honest in defeat like BJ was in this interview. I can’t help but wonder if he will regret later on, being so damn hard on himself. That hunger to fight again might pop up later on.

    2. As mentioned… the BJ Penn fight I enjoyed the most was when he destroyed Diego Sanchez.

    3. I can’t argue with what BJ Penn says about his last fight. But I also think he just did the wrong things. His weight cut didn’t look healthy and contrary to what Dolce says, NO, that is not the weight class for Penn to compete in. He looked pale, weak, off, uneasy, and just plain distracted. His coaches also told him to stand straight to generate more power… really? against a wrestler like Frankie? Just completely the wrong coaching, wrong game plan, wrong weight class.

    4 Also, I am a firm believer that when you are going to compete you cannot surround yourself with (negative vibes and) people that are pushing you to hang up your boots, in effect telling you that you don’t have it anymore. I believe that DW plays a huge factor into making these guys doubt themselves and forcefully retire. He did it with Chuck Liddell too. I just think that telling a fighter to retire and stop fighting is like telling a man to stop liking women. Just … let fighters find out you know… by themselves.