Amateur MMA Fighter Tyrone Mims Dies Following Bout in South Carolina

photo from Georgia Boy’s Grits-N-Glory

Tragedy struck in South Carolina after an amateur mixed martial artist died following a bout at an event in the state on Saturday night.

Tyrone Mims, 30, collapsed after his fight ended at “Fight Night at the Point 6” in Mount Pleasant, SC and was taken to the hospital.

According to several reports including one from, Mims was unresponsive after EMS workers gave the fighter chest compressions at the scene of the fight.

He was taken to a local hospital and further attempts to revive Mims were unsuccessful. Mims was pronounced dead at 9:27pm ET.

Mims was originally from Augusta, GA and was the second fight on the 14-bout card taking place in South Carolina. The event was actually being streamed online, but was taken down after the events surrounding Mims’ death.

“One of the fighters, who happened to be our own Tyrone “Teesta ” Mims, was fatally injured tonight, possibly as a result of his fight. The promoters and the South Carolina Fight Commission consulted with the fighters and all involved and decided as a result of the death of one of their own we should call off the rest of the fights. The promoters and the Athletic Commission did everything in their power according to protocol and this accident was beyond their control,” read a statement from Georgia Boy’s Grits and Glory via Facebook, who were streaming the event live online.

An autopsy will be performed on Mims on Monday.

This is the second death of an MMA fighter in South Carolina since the sport became legal there in 2009. In 2010, Michael Kirkham, 30, also died following his professional debut in the state.

Both events were regulated by the South Carolina State Athletic Commission.


  1. Geezus…poor guy. I hope the best for his friends and family as they try to move on from this tragedy. Nothing to confirm that this was related to the fight or not…coroner’s report will hopefully supply everyone that cares with answers. My second response to this was, “It’s an election year…” Boxing has a lot of old money, especially Vegas/Jersey casino money, and if you’re ever going to get an opportunity to slow down the MMA juggernaut that is supplanting you, putting some money in the right pockets to at least mention this is an “issue that needs” to be addressed” this could be a good starting point. Hope I’m just paranoid…

  2. Every sport has things like this happen. A baseball fielder could have a ball hit his head. He seems to be fine, goes home with a slight headache, dies in his sleep.

    Unfortunately, some will seize this as an opportunity to paint MMA as a dangerous sport.

    Also, once again, we get an article with a glaring absence of detail. It wasn’t even mentioned if he won or lost the fight for Christ’s sake. It would be assumed that he lost, perhaps by KO. But it would be nice if the reader didn’t need to make assumptions to fill in the details.

  3. I was at the event. He was dominating the opponent and all the sudden he was taken down and the ref called it shortly after. He did not appear to take much damage during the fight so I have to believe it was a pre-existing heart condition.

    • Based on how the fight went, I would be surprised if his death came directly from getting hit in the fight. As mentioned below, the training and preparation for MMA fights is grueling on the body (especially once you hit 30+ years of age). I can remember a basketball player from LMU named Hank Gathers droppiing dead in the middle of a game, due to a pre-existing heart conditon. If you have any kind of health conditions, sports that push your cardio can be very dangerous. I guess the autopsy will answer all though…

      Very sad day, thoughts go out to the family. Terrible way to lose someone

  4. Amateur or professional theses guys go true hell before a fight they train 6-7 times per week sometimes 2-3 times per day, then there is the huge weight cut which is often unhealthy. At some point the body got to give, now i am not sure what happened and prefer to wait until the autopsy, this is a sure blow on MMA and a very sad ending for Tyrone Mimms.

  5. Whats up with South Carolina? Two deaths in 3 years?

  6. Brutal ,SAD

  7. There’s a lot of talk about how TRT should be banned because it confers an advantage. What about weight cutting? It’s an advantage and it’s extremely unhealthy, probably contributing to the death of those individuals who have died in MMA.

    • It wouldn’t be hard to change the weight classes to all catch weights at fight day. You get weighed one hour before the fight. Of course, all fight weights would have to be adjusted. Welterweights would prolly then have to be 180 or 185, etc.

  8. Such a shame, so young still too. I wish the best for his friends and family. Hopefully the fight itself had little or nothing to do with his death. Could have even been pre fight medicals didn’t catch something. NJSAC is the best. Maybe South Carolina should look into something. Not to play the blame game.

  9. That makes no sense,in PRIDE people were getting soccer kicked to the face and kneed at the top of the head and and i haven’t heard of any deaths (i may be wrong)

    • for real! Early UFC made me wonder how some of those guys survived… 15 elbows to the head, after buddy was already out cold. Now the sport is safer than it ever was.
      Respect to Tyrone’s family.

  10. One thing needs to change. No more day before weigh ins. You weigh in a few hours before the event. That’s it. Or you can only put on a few lbs after weighing in. This would let fighters focus on training, not weight cutting. The weight cut is just a throwback to boxing. The weight cutting is usually the worse thing the fighter goes through. If they are getting beat around to hard in training, then that is a gym problem.